Updated Updated: August 12, 2020

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Betting: Where to Bet

One of Britain's most beloved shows is back on our televisions, and it comes as no surprise that people are looking for Strictly Come Dancing betting tips now it has hit our TV screens. Read More

The famous faces have been revealed and matched with their partners.

But which of them is worth a bet?

Stick around to learn more about placing novelty bets on the show and how you can develop a winning strategy.

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Strictly Come Dancing Betting Odds – Outright Winner 2019

Karim Zeroual5/12/55/1
Emma Barton6/15/26/1
Alex Scott (eliminated 10th)14/116/114/1
Kelvin Fletcher1/42/54/1
Catherine Tyldesley (eliminated 5th)16/18/188/1
Saffron Barker (eliminated 9th)20/120/120/1
Will Bayley (withdrew on 30 October 2019)80/120/120/1
Emma Weymouth (eliminated 6th)66/116/120/1
Dev Griffin (eliminated 3rd)20/120/120/1
Chris Ramsey (eliminated 11th)16/116/116/1
Michelle Visage (eliminated 8th)12/120/112
James Cracknell (eliminated 1st)50/150/150/1
Mike Bushell (eliminated 7th)100/166/180/1
Anneka Rice (elimindated 2nd)80/166/180/1
David James (eliminated 4th)200/166/180/1

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Quick Facts

  • When did it start? 7 September 2019 (launch) 21 September 2019 (first Live Show)
  • When does it end? Saturday, 14 December 2019
  • How many contestants are there? 15 celebrities paired with 15 professional dancers
  • When does it air? Saturdays at 7 p.m. on BBC One
  • What can you bet on? Outright Winner, Weekly Top Scorer, Weekly Lowest Scorer, Series Specials

William Hill Strictly Come Dancing – Specials Betting

william hill strictly come dancing odds
Betting on Specials – Strictly Come Dancing at William Hill

Strictly Come Dancing Week by Week Insights

  • What happened during the last Live Show?
  • Who performed best?
  • Who left?
  • Who to bet on?
  • …all this and more:

Learn More About Strictly Celebrities 2019

There are 15 celebrity contestants paired with 15 professional Strictly dancers taking part in this year’s edition. Betting odds have been decided and we can already see who is the Bookies favorite.

The Strictly Come Dancing line-up is always a good mix of ages and type of celebrity:

The Celebrities – Bookies Favourites

Karim Zeroual – 5/1

kerim zeroual

The 19-year-old children’s TV presenter is currently the bookies favorite and it seems he has performing arts background to his advantage.

Paired with: Amy Dowden

Emma Barton – 6/1 

emma barton

42 year-old Emma played Honey Mitchell in popular BBC One TV show EastEnders.

The actress has previous stage performing experience having a lead role Chicago the musical in 2009 as Roxie Hart.

Paired with: Anton Du Beke

Kelvin Fletcher – 1/4

Kelvin Fletcher

Kelvin Fletcher is a former Emmerdale actor & racing driver.

He’s been acting in Emmerdale for 20 years.

Paired with: Oti Mabuse

Catherine Tyldesley [eliminated]

Catherine Tyldesley

Soap actress Cathy is well known for her role as Eva Price in Coronation Street from 2011 until 2018.

She’s also a singer, which suggests musicality is one of her strengths .

Paired with: Johannes Radebe

Alex Scott [eliminated]

alex scott

Alex is one of the most well-known female English footballers, who represented Great Britain at the Olympics.

She played in defence for Arsenal and was a star of the English national football team – she’s now a pundit on Match of the Day and her popularity will make her an early favourite.

Paired with: Neil Jones

Saffron Barker [eliminated]

saffron berker

Saffron is a beauty and fashion influencer with over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She was also in a girl band called Born2Blush with school friends in 2014. Being popular online and having a large following could work well for Saffron if she can dance.

Paired with: AJ Pritchard

Dev Griffin [eliminated]

dev griffin

Dev is a fun and charismatic radio presenter that works on BBC Radio 1.

He’s said to be looking for love on the show and with the backing from his fellow BBC Radio 1 presenters mixed with already being a popular guy, 12/1 could be a very good bet.

Paired with: Dianne Bushwell

David James [eliminated]

david james

Retired goalkeeper David James was known as calamity James in his footballing career and wasn’t known for being graceful.

The goalkeeper played for the likes of Liverpool, West Ham and Man City across his 26 year career. David could be a great outside bet for the final at high odds.

Paired with: Nadiya Bychkova

The Rest of Celebrities

Will Bayley [withdrew]

will bayley

Emma Weymouth [eliminated]

emma weymouth

Chris Ramsey [eliminated]

chris ramsey

Michelle Visage [eliminated]

michelle visage

James Cracknell [eliminated]

james cracknell

Anneka Rice [eliminated]

anneka rice

Mike Bushell [eliminated]

mike bushnell

Strictly Come Dancing: A Quick Format Overview

strictly come dancing icon

If you have never watched Strictly Come Dancing before, then you are probably here to learn about how you could potentially make the most out of the Strictly Come Dancing 2019 betting season. We have a soft spot for the show and we would love for you to find yourself enjoying it as you are placing bets.

This world-famous celebrity dance contest has been mimicked
around the world, and it involves picking 15 novice dancers who are paired with professional dancers. Each week, they have to learn a new style of dance.

You will already know that a week isn’t a very long time, especially not when you have to learn a completely new style of dance. You could be doing the foxtrot one week and a Latin dance the next. Do you think that you could do that?

At the end of each dance, a panel of industry-leading judges with charming personalities offer their scores. These scores are then combined with the public vote and the two couples with the least votes have to take to the dance floor again.

They have to try to react on the feedback that they received from the judges the first time around, and the judges get to decide who stays and who goes.

Betting on Strictly Come Dancing

betpal mascot

Strictly Come Dancing is a true delight, but being able to bet on Strictly Come Dancing adds another layer to the storied television show. As we become attached to certain couples, the temptation to place a bet on them only increases.

If you want to make as much money as possible, then you should try to predict who the Strictly Come Dancing winner will be as quickly as you can. The quicker you make your prediction, the better your odds will be. You can place bets until the finale, but you won’t stand to earn as much as you otherwise could.

Building a Strictly Strategy

Building a strategy for betting on Strictly Come Dancing isn’t as easy as building a strategy for betting on a sporting event. You can’t compare the past results of novice dancers, nor can you really anticipate how the public are going to react to each individual.

We would recommend that you start looking for who the public’s favourite will be as early as possible. The public’s favourite is usually a recognisable celebrity who doesn’t suffer from two left feet. If there is one clear person who fits into this bracket, then that person should capture your attention.

If you are planning on betting for fun, then we would also recommend placing a bet with high odds on someone who could potentially be an underdog rising through the ranks. This bet might not pay off, but if it did you would probably stand to win a lot of money.

Before you place your bet, make sure that you take the following areas into consideration:

  • Public Opinion

Strictly Come Dancing might have a panel of judges, but it is the public that each celebrity really has to win over. The public will decide who the winner of the competition will be. If you bet on someone who doesn’t have the support of the public, then they probably won’t go very far.

If you want to get an idea of what the public thinks of an individual celebrity, then you should turn to news articles and social media.

Take a look at things like Instagram comments. How does the public audience interact with the celebrity?

Once the show starts, you can also take a look at trending topics on social media to see who the public are rooting for early in the competition. You should stay away from any celebrities that look like they are getting cosy with their professional partner, the public doesn’t like a married person that looks like they might cheat on their other half.

  • The Panel of Judges

The panel of judges on Strictly Come Dancing is made up of a team of specialists, each of whom knows their trade like the back of their hand. Their opinions are important, and the public will take them on board
whether they intend to or not.

We would highly recommend that you listen to what they have to say because their insight is important. They will be able to tell you how far a couple is coming along, where a celebrity is improving and where they are lagging behind. Remember that they also get to say who goes home, and sometimes competition favourites do end up in the bottom two.

  • As They Learn to Dance…

Strictly Come Dancing is exactly what it says on the tin, a dance competition. If a celebrity has two left feet, then they probably aren’t going to last as long as they otherwise would.

One of the biggest difficulties that celebrities are met by is the fact that they have just a week to learn a dance. This dance has to be choreographed with their professional dance partner, and some people take to some dances better than they take to others.

Because of this, dark horses can arise in the competition. There might be a celebrity who dances spectacularly in the first week, but they might not advance.

On the other hand, there could be a celebrity who you were on the fence about on the first week, but who continues to improve each week and really takes on board what the judges have to say. This type of consistency is where you should be placing your money as quickly as you can.

Place Free Bets to test out your Strictly Strategy skills!

The Past Editions

We can see just how varied the end results of Strictly Come Dancing can be when we take a look at the past few winners:

2018: Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton

English television presenter Stacey Dooley won the competition with her Strictly dance partner Kevin Clifton last year. She wasn’t the best dancer, but was very popular was the public and became the eighth contestant to be announced, and she showed continuous improvement as the weeks went past.

2017: Joe McFadden and Katya Jones

Joe McFadden and Katya Jones were firm favourites with the British public when they won the show in 2017, and their tin soldier-themed Charleston is still talked about.

2016: Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton

Ore Oduba swapped BBC Breakfast for the dance floor back in 2016, and he took the competition by storm. He took everything that the judges had to say on board and really threw himself into the role.

Dancing Shoes

There you have it, Strictly Come Dancing is gracing our screens again and we can  enjoy weeks and weeks of delightful performances.

Try to have as much fun as you can when you are placing bets on Strictly Come Dancing and who you think the winner will be.

You might even want to place a cheeky bet on your favourite if your favourite is slightly different from the celebrity who you think might win the competition.


Yes! You can place bets on Strictly Come Dancing up until the grand finale. We would recommend that you place your bets on who the winner will be as quickly as possible, as this will improve your chances of a big win.

If you would like to place bets in the meantime, then you might want to consider betting on which celebrities might be taking part in the autumn.

The UK bookies that offer betting on Strictly Come Dancing with attractive bonuses are: Betway, PaddyPower, William Hill and Betfred among others.

This is an incredibly difficult question that no one can really answer. Looking at past results, we can see that the winners tend to be fan favourites who really take on board what the judges have to say and adapt to their comments. People who aren’t favourites with the public don’t tend to go very far, but guessing who the public will love can be quite difficult.