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Betting on the Royal Family

As well as sporting competitions and
television game shows, real-world events can often be the subject of a betting
opportunity. In this way, the Royal Family is no different, as being in the
public eye almost constantly, the twists and turns of their lives and their
effect on the nation are often speculated on by the bookmakers. A wild variety
of topics for bets exist and along with them come some pretty wild odds, where
the discerning gambler can turn a profit.

The British royal family has a history
going back thousands of years, as barring a brief period following the English
Civil War, a monarch has sat on Britain’s throne since the withdrawal of the
Roman Empire across the channel. It was William the Conqueror’s seizure of the
throne and subsequent administration of the land that in many ways came to
define the British Isles throughout the following centuries and today. However,
the current Royal house is far removed from William’s bloodline.

After William, control passed to the
Plantagenet dynasty, who ruled until their defeat by the Tudors in the Wars of
the Roses. The Tudors ruled until the Stuarts took over the throne in the
1600s. Following this, the throne was held by the House of Hannover since the
time of George the First in the early Eighteenth Century before passing
eventually to Queen Victoria. At present, the monarch (Elizabeth the Second)
hails from the House of Windsor, who joined the royal line via the marriage of
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.


At present, the next person in line to
the throne is commonly considered to be Prince Charles, though due to his age,
there is a degree of uncertainty as to whether Prince William may step forward
and assume the mantle instead. After Prince William, his children is next in line, with a trail of minor royals standing after him in the line of


What Bets Can Be Placed?

Currently, available bets range from
trivial things such as the grades that the royal children will achieve at
school and which prince will go bald first, to more serious matters like
potential future marriages and births. Obviously, this falls more into the
category of celebrity gossip than knowledge of statecraft and the inner
workings of the aristocracy, so it may be prudent to do a fair bit of research
before committing funds.

Of course, there is also the age-old
question of succession, with many people placing bets on who the next monarch
will be. Opinion tends to shift between Prince Charles and Prince William being
the next person to sit on the throne after Queen Elizabeth and the odds tend to
shift just as much. Generally speaking, these bets tend to focus more on the
individual who will eventually get the job, rather than the exact year in which
the transition will take place. Some bookmakers will even offer odds on lower
orders of the line of succession, with where minor royals fall being up for

Most of the larger betting websites
(e.g. William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes) will offer the ability to bet on the
royal family, with many of the more obscure bets being covered and displaying
the odds in real time. However, to create a custom wager, it may be necessary
to go into an actual betting shop or contact the firm directly. Note that many
of the more outlandish bets have probably already been covered, so it is always
worth searching online for information before reaching out.


How Is Betting On The Royal Family Different To Betting On Sports?

Whilst the vast majority of gamblers are
intimately familiar with the process of sports betting and the associated risks
and rewards, they should keep in mind that betting on the royal family is a
very different game with its own set of potential pitfalls.

Firstly, betting on sports like football
takes into account a set of variables that are for the most part quantifiable. This
means that things like player performance, team cohesion, past rankings and the
quality of the pitch the match is being played on are all fairly simple to
measure. Whilst things such as the attitude of the supporters and the weather
can negatively affect one of the teams, in general, the variables are much
easier to measure and make a decision with.

When betting on the royal family,
however, the situation changes quite drastically. This is because many of the
available bets are based on social factors and interpersonal relationships.
Things such as marriages and partnerships can be hard to predict without having
direct knowledge of a couple’s private life, as information presented to the
public can be drastically different from what is actually going on behind closed
doors. Also, bets reliant on predicting things such as who will be a Prince’s
best man are subject to the changes in a friendship over time, which is also
hard to get an accurate picture of.

Then, there are the other large bets
such as when a baby will be born or what its gender is. These type of things
are purely down to random chance, and cannot be predicted with any degree of
pinpoint accuracy. Thus, engaging in betting on these subjects is really a pure
game of chance rather than a truly calculated bet where research and some ‘back
of envelope calculations’ can win a comfortable jackpot.

Lastly, there are things that rely on a
very close knowledge of the royal household, such as potential baby names and
choices of godparents. These matters require the gambler to have built up a
fairly comprehensive picture of the inner workings of the royal family and may
require some very in-depth research in order to determine with any degree of
certainty due to the individual tastes and attitudes that will be at work in
these situations.

Therefore, betting on the royal family
can sometimes be a matter of just blind luck for someone looking to earn some
decent winnings. For people crossing over from sports betting, though, there
are areas in which research and knowledge of the subject matter will pay
dividends – it is just a matter of patience and making a calm, reasoned
decision when the time comes to decide on an option to pick.

Betting Tips And Strategies

Due to the potentially confusing nature
of betting on the Royals, many punters can be left at a loss for how to
approach some of the wagers on offer. Whilst it is always a good idea to have
some good background knowledge and a clear idea of how much you are willing to
risk, there are some particular methods that a person can use in order to
maximize their chances of winning big when betting on the royal family.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind
is the need to oftentimes bet in advance. This is because many times,
information regarding things like official events will be released quite
rapidly in the weeks preceding an occasion such as a wedding or birth,
effectively nullifying any profits that might be made from speculating on
topics like the identity of a maid of
honour or the gender of a child. This means that
people who place their bets at the earliest opportunity will be able to take
advantage of any uncertainty and reap the largest profits before bookmakers
adjust their odds.

Obviously, it pays dividends to be at
least nominally conversant with the subject matter, as being able to tell your
Princes from your Princesses will come in handy when trying to make sense of
some of the offered wagers. Thankfully, it’s easy to keep up with the royals, and any events due to the massive amount of attention they receive in the
press. Check gossip columns and pieces by royal reporters on a regular basis in
order to make sure you are operating with the latest information. Also, there
are a huge number of blogs online that look at aspects of the royal family in
exhaustive detail, meaning that there is no shortage of material to help build
a clearer picture of the issues surrounding a potential bet. Everything from
interpersonal rivalries amongst the minor royals to the interior design
elements of the royal palaces and residences is examined, meaning that any
topic can be broken down and understood.

Another vital element of making a
successful bet is being sure to possess a solid knowledge of the history of the
royal family and its traditions. This is especially true when it comes to
official functions. Generally speaking, on occasions such as a wedding, a close
relation of each spouse will fill the role of best man or head bridesmaid, as
opposed to a friend of the couple. Additionally, godparents will usually be
kept within the family. The actual minutiae of who can attend certain functions
can also play a part in some bets. For example, when honours are presented, it
is usually done by either the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or Prince Charles,
with others taking over only when the most senior members of the family are


Bets And Odds In The Past

In the past, bookies have offered a wide
variety of opportunities to make money off events surrounding the royal family.
Some are fairly obvious, whilst others may come as a surprise.

Previously, big events had garnered some
pretty large gambling opportunities. The marriage of Prince William to Kate
Middleton, for example, had over one hundred million people watching live
across the world. In the wake of this, there was a huge amount of speculation
regarding the gender of their first child and who the godparents would be. Even
the name of a royal baby is fertile ground for bookies, though Prince George
had 2/1 odds in his
favour before the name was officially announced. Their third child, Prince
Louis (named after the famous Lord Louis Mountbatten), actually had odds of
33/1 against his name, meaning that a bet of £100 would have netted a payout of

The date of a child’s birth can also be
of great interest both to the public at large and to gamblers. As recently as
early 2019, there was much speculation that Megan Markle’s baby would be
delivered in late April, with a particular fixation on the idea that it would
come on St George’s day – the 23rd. In actuality, baby Archie was
delivered on 6th May, disappointing the superstitious but no doubt
delighting gamblers who had made the right call.

Also commonly the subject of wagers is
the Queen’s Speech following each general election. This not only announces who
will lead the new government but also outlines which of the political parties
will form it. Thus, there is sometimes a great deal of speculation surrounding
the speech, especially in close elections where a coalition government will
have to be formed. Another public address that can provide fodder for betting
is the content of the Queen’s Christmas Day message to the nation, where people
can try and guess the topics that will be covered.

More unlikely things can also be the
subject of bets. For example, in 2005, when Princes William and Harry attended
the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, there was some speculation regarding
their training. This covered things like whether they would pass the course or
not, to how highly they would place. Additionally, there was speculation over
which regiments they would join once they commissioned as officers. Given the
historic links going back multiple centuries between many elements the British
Army and the Royal family, it was by no means immediately obvious which organizations
they would join.

Although historically, the Royal family
had far more political power and could influence financial markets and
international trade with a single sentence, they are still very much at the
heart of the British political system. Gamblers with the right mix of talent and skill, research and keeping up with current affairs will
almost always lead to a
favourable result when betting on the Royal family.





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