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Betting on Masterchef: UK Bookies

How to Bet on MasterChef in the UK

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In order for us to be able to bet on MasterChef we first need to wait for the new season to start in the beginning of 2020.

Then we can see the qualifiers to get an overview of the competing participants, it is good to see straight from the start so that you know their skills and what they were using to get into the competition.

Maybe it was just bad luck, and you bet on someone who is out in the first round.

By keeping track of the contestants early on we get a good background before the elimination rounds are starting.

Is Betting on Masterchef Popular?

Last year in MasterChef Australia, the finals gained more attention in the betting than the actual Aussie Rules Football finals which is the most popular sport in Australia.

This says something about the attraction of this kind of betting, many people are sat in front of their TVs following this show step by step, so make sure you follow the action it has to offer.

Celebrity MasterChef 2019 Edition

Since the regular edition of MasterChef is not yet on our TV screens, have a look at Celebrity MasterChef where we can find famous faces. The 14th series of Celebrity MasterChef started on the 2 September and has come to the end on 11 October.

Who was in the Finale of Masterchef Celebrity 2019?

Previously we’ve seen winners like John Partridge, Angellica Bell, Alexis Conran and many more of your favorite celebs.

Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison

Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock

Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte

Greg Rutherford has been crowned winner of Celebrity Masterchef 2019. 

Greg Rutherford

MasterChef UK Format Overview – How They Compete

The format that the competition is taking place in has previously been changed a couple of times along with show adapting to its viewers.

1 The current format starts off with a qualification round. This is where all the home cooks can try to qualify for the program, the best cooks are chosen and make it through to the next round, normally they show this round before starting off the competition.

Back in 2010 more than 20,000 people applied for the show.

2 Once the cooks have been selected we can see a format where we have 5 shows a week for 8 weeks. Every week we have 4 heats and 1 quarterfinal, the winner of the quarterfinal advances to the semifinals.

This means that for every heat we have 1 winner who will advance to that week’s quarterfinal. By the end of every week we have 4 contestants competing for the spot in the semifinals. Thus 6 winners will make it to the semifinals (Sometimes more, sometimes less. Judges can give extra spots or remove spots if they wish).

The heats are made up as follows:

The market test: In this test participants have to choose their ingredients from the market in 15 minutes. And then in 1 hour and 10 minutes they have to make their dish. 1 winner will be selected and 3 sore losers will have to leave the show.

The calling card: Contestants have to create a completely new dish, and this in 75 minutes. They can choose whichever ingredients they like.

The invention test: Here they are given two separate boxes, one with sweet items, another one with savory. They have to decide which box to go for and make a dish with the ingredients in 75 minutes.

The impressions test: The competitors have to present a two course meal for previous MasterChef winners and finalists. They have to complete their main course in 60 minutes and 15 minutes after that a dessert has to be served.

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For the participants who make it through to the quarterfinals they have to make it through 2 tests:

The palate test. This is where MasterChef Torode starts with cooking a dish. The participants have to identify the ingredients in the dish cooked as well as remake it themselves to the best of their ability.

The choice test. Now it’s down to the skills. Participants have 80 minutes to create their best mind-blowing dish for the judges and a special celebrity guest.

3 After this is only down to skill, they keep competing in the semifinals with the 6 chosen chefs. They will have different tests to find 3 finalists. We consider the semifinals to be the most exciting week, only pure skill left, high-quality food and much excitement. This is where we start placing our bets for the winner of MasterChef.

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MasterChef 2020

The TV-show MasterChef has been a success on the TV-screen. The TV-show was re-launched back in 2005 and has grown ever since.

It has its national equivalents all throughout the world in countries like Australia, USA, Canada as well as in the UK.

As MasterChef 2019 just finished back in March we will have to wait until the next season is starting. This will start in the beginning of 2020 and will feature new contestants with new interesting food that will be made, make sure you do not miss the new season.

For the year 2019 we could find a completely female finale for the first time in MasterChef history.

In the end Irini Tzortzoglou came out as the winner with her Greek style 3 course winning menu. She wowed the experts and blew away the competition to win it. But unlike most previous winners she did not want to join or open a restaurant. She just wants to keep learning about the culinary beauties and how to perfect her Greek dishes.

Before the show, she was a retired banker, so her interest in competing was only for the love of the kitchen and food.

And who doesn’t love food? We know we do, and hopefully even though she will not open a restaurant to run, she will please lots of people with her lovely dishes.

Irini was a true friend and when winning she felt like sharing her trophy with the two other finalists because to her they were friends and cooked at the same high quality. Such a lovely person! Her plans to learn more about the Greek culinary details will be executed together with her mum, that is now of high age so they will spend their days together. Irini has hopes to make some kind of program addressing Greek lifestyle, we hope for everyone’s sake that she gets a show for herself so we can follow her in her quest in Greece with great excitement, all the food she could show us!

We can also find two more MasterChef shows which are the celebrity MasterChef as well as the children’s MasterChef called Junior MasterChef. They are very similar in how they are competing but with simpler tasks for the kids (and much nicer judges).

MasterChef Around the World

Countries with their own versions of MasterChef
Countries with their own versions of MasterChef

MasterChef has gained international fame and has shows in over 60 countries in the world. It has even been the cause of some controversy, such as back in 2018 when Zaleha Kadir Olpin cooked a Rendang chicken dish for the judges. As a native Asian it was a dish she had many times before in her home country, but still judges were complaining about the skin of the chicken not being crispy enough. Judge Wallace said that “I like the Rendang flavor, there’s a coconut sweetness.

However the skin isn’t crispy. It can’t be eaten and all the sauce is on the skin so I can’t eat it.”. Many native Malaysians and Indonesians, caused quite a stir, as they cook this dish on the daily basis and know that the skin should not be crispy . This because the dish is normally cooked as a stew meaning there will be no crispy skin. Things blew out of proportion, in fact, both the former and current Prime Ministers of Malaysia voiced their opinion about the crispy skin. Prime minister Mahatir Mohamed suggested that MasterChef judges confused Rendang chicken with KFC. 

 As we can see food is something that engages everyone and we hope to see more great cooking. In Australia MasterChef has gained popularity all around the country, it is a fact that the previous year’s MasterChef Australia final had more bets placed on than last years Australian Football final, this is quite crazy when you think about it, but that simply shows how food is a universal topic. We can easily say that MasterChef and their show has helped people to try making new dishes at home and has given loads of advice on how to make your cooking better. 

So you don’t only have the opportunity to win here, you can also learn loads about cooking, as we call it “a win-win situation”!

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Yes, you can bet on Masterchef at a number of UK bookies:

  • Unibet
  • WilliamHill
  • PaddyPower
  • Betfair
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