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Betting on Love Island

With the warm weather quickly approaching, we are probably
all dreaming of days spent relaxing under the sun on the beach and in the sea.
Who wouldn’t want to relax in a sun-kissed villa, indulging in treats and
drinking their worries away? Well, for the cast of one reality television show,
that concept is a reality.

But, all is not what it seems. For two months in the summer,
Love Island is at the forefront of British television. A group of young single
people get to relax in picturesque surrounds, but they also have to flirt like
their lives depend on it and work out just how many backhanded tactics they can
use to improve their chances of winning the competition.

Love Island

Life is a roller coaster in the Love Island villa, where a
bunch of attractive singles get to spend their time flirting in Majorca. Ten
contestants arrive to start with, and they have to immediately couple up with a
member of the opposite sex who they are attracted to. This initial meeting can
be quite awkward, and some people simply aren’t attracted to anyone on the

But, knowing what is at stake, most of them are happy to
couple up anyway. As more people arrive on the island, contestants can be
re-coupled and emotions can run high. When a new contestant arrives, the person
who is left single has to leave the island. This means that staying coupled up
is absolutely vital.

To throw another spanner into the works, the public has the
opportunity to play matchmaker too. They can vote for who gets to go on the
first date with the new contestant, something that could pull apart a couple
who are already together.

Why would people put themselves through this? Well, to put
it simply, the winning couple has the chance to win £50,000. Quite the incentive
for staying coupled up with someone.

Betting on Love Island

When we take a look at the intense world of Love Island
betting and some of the Love Island betting odds that we can see across the
board, we can see just how popular the storied Love Island can be. The odds
themselves are quite difficult to predict initially, and they have a tendency
to fluctuate throughout the summer.

Remember, you never know which new contestants are going to
enter the villa until they do, and you never know what knock-on effect their
entry will have on the current line-up of contestants. All you can really know
to expect is arguing, fighting and cliques with massive attitude problems that
you can’t help but keep watching.

You might have a favourite couple and they might look like
they can last the course of the series, but we have seen that scenario play out
multiple times over the past few series.

Betting Options

Whenever you place a bet, Love Island will be ready and
waiting to throw you quite the curveball. This is because you have to remember
that, when you make a bet on Love Island, you are quite literally betting on
human nature. Unfortunately, human nature is just as unpredictable as the
series is.

If you start to think about betting odds, Love Island gets a
little bit more complex and a little bit more twisted. It is hard for
bookmakers to give odds that are accurate when they know that you are going to
be betting on human nature. This means that you can stand to win quite a lot if
the bookmakers get it wrong.

Building a Love Island Strategy

You should try to build a Love Island betting 2019 strategy
around what we already know about human nature and the show. The game itself
revolves around who the winning couple will be, and you might be able to see
through some acts. We would highly advise that you take the following things
into consideration when you are building your strategy:

Fan Favourites

If a pair of people seem like they are in it for the long
haul, but they aren’t a firm favourite with fans, then you might find that they
don’t last too long on the show and get voted off quickly. Or, the public might
try to break them up by sending them on dates with newcomers.

We would highly advise that you take a look at social media.
You can look at the profiles of the contestants to see what sort of social
media following they have, and you can look at the trending topics on social
media to see which couple really does have the attention of the public and why
they do. Just because a couple is getting attention does not mean that they are
getting the type of attention that will lead to them staying on the show.

Placing Bets

If you have a look at the websites of some of Britain’s
favourite bookmakers, then you will quickly notice that the overall winner of
Love Island isn’t the only thing that you can bet on. You can also bet on who
the next couple to be eliminated will be.

This can be quite an easy bet to make, especially if
tensions are running high in the villa and newcomers are breaking up current

Love Island Betting Tips

There are a few things that you can take into consideration
to try and improve your chances of winning at Love Island. We would advise the

Take note of who the Love Island contestants are
and where they come from. See if you can get used to their personalities and
the way that they convey emotion. Some contestants will stay tight-lipped to
improve their chances of staying in the competition, but body language can
often give away more than people intend it to.

Make sure that you pay attention to who the
public’s favourites are. If the public decides that they have a favourite
couple, then they will often do everything that they can to ensure that that
couple stays together. Sometimes the emotions in the villa can sway onto the
public too, as it’s easy to feel sympathy for some of the contestants.

Make sure that you take a look at the betting
odds that are being offered by different bookmakers. Because of how difficult
it is to predict the outcome of human nature, a lot of bookmakers will be offering
different odds on different outcomes.

Try to look for any Love Island contestants who
seem to be causing problems in the villa. These contestants seem to go early
because they end up being hated by the people who are around them.

The 2019 Love Island Contestants

Love Island has truly started with a bang this year, and the
contestants are all bursting at the seams with personality. Having said that,
some do have nicer personalities than others and we can already spot a few
contestants we don’t think will last very long. This year’s contestants

Danny Williams

Models seem to creep into every season of Love Island, and
21-year-old Danny Williams from Hull is no exception. This ambitious man seems
to know what he’s looking for, but will he find it in the Love Island villa?

Lucie Donlan

Lucie Donlan is a 21-year-old surfer babe from Newquay who
has already found herself caught in quite the triangle. Will she be able to
weave her way out?

Michael Griffiths

Who doesn’t want a firefighter on their arm? We know we do.
Michael Griffiths is a 27-year-old firefighter from Liverpool, and he seems to
have a knack for working his way around the villa already.

Curtis Pritchard

Latin dancers are known to set hearts on fire, but will
23-year-old Curtis Pritchard be able to do the same? His claim to fame is that
he’s on Dancing with the Stars Ireland and his brother is on Strictly Come
Dancing, but is he as charming as his brother is?

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury is a 20-year-old boxer from Manchester who is
best known for his brother, Tyson Fury.

Amber Gill

We know that all of the girls in the villa must be delighted
to have a beauty therapist around, and 21-year-old Amber Gill from Newcastle is
proving to be quite the cocky delight.

Sherif Lanre

Sherif Lanre is a 20-year-old chef and semi-professional rugby
player from London. This man seems to be causing quite a stir in the villa, and
what path he goes down is up for anyone to decide.

Anna Vakili

This delightful pharmacist is 28-year-old Anna Vakili from
London. The bronzed babe looks perfect for the sun-kissed shores of Majorca.

Molly-Mae Hague

From models to social media influencers, Molly-Mae Hague is
a 20-year-old from Hertfordshire. She seems to be paving her own way in the
villa, but we’re not sure how her path will carve out.

Anton Danyluk

24-year-old Anton Danyluk is a gym owner from Airdrie, and
you can tell just looking at him that he spends a lot of time there.

Joe Garratt

Setting the villa alight with laughter, Joe Garratt is a
22-year-old catering company from London. The bookmakers don’t seem to know
what to make of him just yet, do you?

Amy Hart

Bursting with personality, 26-year-old Amy Hart from
Worthing is every bit the adventure. This air hostess is looking for someone
who she can travel the world with. Will any of the Love Island men meet her

Yewande Biala

Bringing the brains to the group, 23-year-old Yewande Biala
is a scientist from Dublin. She’s looking for someone who she can have a normal
conversation with, and we’re hoping that she can find that on the island.

Honourable mention:
Callum Macleod

Callum Macleod was on the island, but he was the first
contestant to be dumped. This 28-year-old aircraft engineer from South Wales
simply wasn’t hitting the right notes in the villa!

Love Island Language

Love Island can be quite confusing for new viewers to watch,
as it contains a lot of regional slang that makes very little sense to some
people. Some of last year’s heaviest hitting words and this year’s new terms


This one was penned by Lucie Donlan, and it is used to
describe attractive men in the villa.

It Is What It Is

Sherif has a habit of using this phrase when he is rejected
by other women in the Love Island villa.


On Love Island, a grower is a person who really becomes more
confident as time passes. Essentially, they come out of their shell.


Muggy is a word used to describe someone who is being
generally disrespectful or rude to other people in the villa.

The term “mugged off” is slightly different, as it refers to
someone being taken for a fool.


Prangy is a word used to describe a state of anxiety. Most
of the contestants use it when they know that someone new is going to be
entering the villa imminently.


A Love Island contestant might call someone a snake when
they know that they are doing something shifty behind the scenes.

The History of Love Island

Love Island has quite a turbulent history, but its storied
popularity has remained consistent over the last several years. Caroline Flack
was first announced as the show’s host back in 2015, and the show was penned to
feature a group of normal people.

Capturing headlines annually, Love Island seems to showcase
both the best and the worst of the modern age. Who wouldn’t want the
opportunity to win that amount of money and find love? Unfortunately, Love
Island has been in the news recently for a series of horrible events, including
the sad deaths of two of its contestants. We’re looking forward to seeing how
Love Island react to that news and care for their contestants after this


2018: Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

In 2018, it was Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer who captured the
attention of the audience and won over their viewers. This match seemed perfect
on the show and everything seemed to be going well after, then the couple
called off their relationship in April 2019.

2017: Kem Cetinay and Amber Davis

This turbulent couple were definitely a pair to watch, known
for their heated arguments after Love Island finished.

2016: Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde

One of the few Love Island couples to still be in a
relationship, Nathan and Cara welcomed their first child into the world in
December 2017.


Where can I bet on Love Island?

Most British bookmakers are currently displaying a number of
different Love Island bets. We would advise that you shop around once you have
worked out what bet you are wanting to place; as different bookmakers are
displaying different odds.

What is the lie detector?

Unfortunately, Love Island makes contestants undergo a lie
detector test. This has caused plenty of break-ups in the villa in the past,
and it can be incredibly tense and uncomfortable to watch.

Who will win Love Island 2019?

This question is impossible to answer, even for the
bookmakers. The winner will more than likely be the couple who appear to be the
most genuine and who have the public on their side.

What odds are available on Love Island bets?

The odds that are available on Love Island bets fluctuate
throughout the summer, especially as new people are added to the villa and old
people leave. Remember that the bookmakers can never offer accurate odds because they are just as blind to the outcome of Love Island as we are.


If you can’t jet off to sun-kissed beaches and dazzling
shores just yet, then maybe you can sink a few evenings watching Love Island on
the sofa. If you have a favourite couple, then we would advise that you place
your bets early. The odds could start to shift as the weeks go on, and if your
favourite couple starts to look like winners you probably won’t be able to win
as much money as you would otherwise have won.

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