Updated Updated: June 19, 2020

Next James Bond Actor Odds and Betting Sites

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Betting on the Next James Bond Actor

If you are thinking about implementing your own James Bond betting strategy over the coming weeks, then you will be happy to hear that most of Britain’s major bookmakers are currently offering a series of bets on who the selected actor (or actress) will be.

With the next James Bond, betting will be quite difficult because of the sheer number of candidates you could potentially bet on. There are rumours flying around left, right and centre, and there are a number of ideal actors and actresses who would be perfect for the coveted role.

Favourites for Next James Bond Actor and Odds

When you are looking for the next James Bond betting odds, you might be surprised to see just how close some of the odds are across the table. There are a few clear favourites, but there are also a few surprising names. Some of the main candidates who you could potentially bet on include:

Top 5 Favourites

Richard Madden7/110/110/16/1
Tom Hiddleson2/15/25/22/1
Idris Elba12/114/114/19/1
James Norton7/16/16/19/2
Tom Hardy11/111/111/17/1

Updated: 24th October 2020

Richard Madden
Odds: 7/1 with SkyBet

richard madden

A clear favourite among bookmakers, Richard Madden oozes everything that the British audience associates with James Bond, and his recent performance in Bodyguard left audiences captivated.

The actor himself has denied rumours that he will take on the famous role, but bookmakers would hardly expect him to state anything less even if the opposite were the case, so the odds are still well in his favour.

Tom Hiddleston
Odds: 2/1 with SkyBet

Tom Hiddleston

Whether or not Tom Hiddleston will be cast in the role of James Bond is debated across the internet, as his well-documented romance with Taylor Swift might have damaged the aura that he would bring to the character.

Still a front runner for the role, the god of mischief actor has long been a talking point as a potential replacement for Daniel Craig.

Idris Elba
Odds: 12/1 with SkyBet

Idris Elba

Now, whether or not you should bet on Idris Elba becoming the next James Bond is something that you should do at your own risk.

The actor himself has stated that the role isn’t for him, as he doesn’t want to be forever tied to a single character. This hasn’t stopped the bookmakers from jumping, as they still see him as a firm favourite for the role.

James Norton
Odds: 7/1 with SkyBet

James Norton

With a perfectly chiselled jaw, it’s easy to imagine James Norton playing the iconic role of James Bond.

Having said that, the way that James Norton has addressed the speculation is quite unique, as he as actually stated that he “would love to play a Bond villain”.

Tom Hardy
Odds: 11/1 with SkyBet

Tom Hardy

Perfectly encapsulating the rough rogue that James Bond has yet to truly be, Tom Hardy could bring a new side to the beloved character. Unlike some of the other actors who are featured in this list, Tom Hardy has refused to comment on whether or not he would like to be cast in the role as Daniel Craig steps down, adding to the speculation that surrounds him.

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Odds on Next James Bond Actor – The Rest of Candidates

Cillian Murphy
Odds: 12/1 with SkyBet

Famous for his jawline that could cut diamonds and his excellent Peaky Blinders portrayal, Cillian Murphy is in every essence the perfect James Bond. Add an Irish accent to the mixture, and you have someone who could draw attention back to the glory days of Pierce Brosnan and his eleven-year reign. But, with so many fantastic actors in the running, the odds are swinging both ways on this one.

Henry Cavill
Odds: 18/1 with SkyBet

The odds of Henry Cavill becoming the next James Bond seem to fluctuate quite frequently with the United Kingdom’s bookmakers. Given that he is stepping away from the DC Extended Universe and Superman, there is every possibility that he could step straight into another striking role.

Aidan Turner
Odds: 14/1 with SkyBet

Out of all of the British actors who are in the running to play James Bond, Aiden Turner is quite possibly the one who looks best in a tuxedo. Having been a real front-runner for several years now, there is every possibility that Aiden Turner will become the next James Bond, but his answers to related questions leave us with nothing but more questions.

Damian Lewis
Odds: 25/1 with SkyBet

Given that Damian Lewis has poked fun at the idea of playing James Bond, we’re not entirely convinced that this would be a smart bet to make. We do know that there is every possibility of Damian Lewis delving into the theatre, one of his many beloved mediums. Having said that, he might come out of the woodwork and surprise us.

Chris Hemsworth
Odds: 25/1 with SkyBet

Blending old-school charm with his delightful Australian accent, Chris Hemsworth is another actor who has thrown his own name into the James Bond ring, stating that he would love to play the adored character.

Michael Fassbender
Odds: 25/1 with SkyBet

Michael Fassbender is another phenomenal actor who has happily stated that he has no desire to play James Bond, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that we have seen that happen. We have no way of knowing what is currently going on behind the scenes, but it’s easy to imagine Michael Fassbender taking on the role if the right cards are laid on the table.

Tom Hughes
Odss: 25/1 with SkyBet

Among all of the James Bond rumours, Tom Hughes is perhaps one of the most recent. Already a critically acclaimed actor, Tom Hughes is said to have caught Barbara Broccoli’s attention with his impressive performance in The Game.

Ewan McGregor
Odds: 33/1 with SkyBet

Ewan McGregor is quite a unique addition to this list, as we know that he has previously turned down the role out of fear of being type-casted. Since then, he has stated that he would find the role “quite cool”, but whether or not his opportunity has passed is readily debated.

Jack Huston
Odds: 33/1 with SkyBet

Boardwalk Empire star, Jack Huston was originally believed to be a firm favourite for the role of James Bond, but the bookmakers no longer see him as a front-runner. Only time will tell us whether or not his odds improve.

Jamie Bell
Odds: 33/1 with SkyBet

Whether or not Jamie Bell will land the role of James Bond is down to you to decide, as the actor has been relatively forward in the past with regards to his disapproval of the inherent misogyny in the James Bond franchise. We would be interested in seeing how the film franchise would advance with Jamie Bell in the lead role.

Luke Evans
Odds: 33/1 with SkyBet

Best recognised for his titular role in Dracula Untold, and as the villain in Beauty and the Beast, Luke Evans looks as though he has been pulled from one of Fleming’s world-famous novels. In a GQ poll, he was voted as a favourite, but will the producers view the situation in the same way?

Fionn Whitehead
Odds: 40/1 with SkyBet

Whether or not Fionn Whitehead could be a potential contender for the prestigious role is down to you to decide. We don’t believe that this is where the money is, given Fionn’s age in comparison with some of the other storied actors who could take on the world.

Jack Lowden
Odds: 50/1 with SkyBet

Jack Lowden has the aura of James Bond around him, and the aesthetic nailed, but does he have the command of character? This self-designated “massive Scottish history buff” has been seen bringing some phenomenal characters to life, and getting the opportunity to see him bring James Bond to life in a new light might prove to be worthwhile.

Kit Harington
Odds: 50/1 with SkyBet

Kit Harington is another noteworthy mention, but it might be best to keep your money close to you on this one. The famous Game of Thrones actor has previously told interviewers that he will not consider the iconic role because he does not consider his career to be established enough. Maybe that will have changed since, as the actor has definitely carved his career path with Game of Thrones.

Scott Adkins
Odds: 50/1 with SkyBet

Scott Adkins name was first thrown into the running for James Bond in 2017. The British actor has acknowledged that he fits the James Bond stereotype, and that he feels he would be a good candidate for the role.

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james bond

The joys of betting on who will be cast to play James Bond are that we don’t really know who the secret agent will be when Daniel Craig leaves the desirable role at the end of his tenure in 2020. Naturally, everyone involved knows how to keep this secret well under wraps, and there’s no real way for us to know whether or not the bookmakers are looking in the right direction.

There are clearly a few firm favourites, including James Norton, Cillian Murphy and Idris Elba, but there is also every possibility that a female might be cast to take on the role. A lot of the actors and actresses who you can bet on have stated that they don’t want to take on the role or that they are not been considered for the role, but would they really be honest at this moment in time?

We would advise that you start by betting on your own favourite to win. That way, you’re taking your own opinion into account and no one else’s opinion. Then, start looking at who the bookmakers are viewing as front-runners and have a read through some of their recent interviews. Where do they stand on the idea of being James Bond? Have they said that they want to be considered? Have they refused to comment?

In the past, some of the actors who have been cast to take on the role have really left people feeling surprised, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens this time around. With another year to wait, who knows what might happen and what other actors could appear in the time between now and then?

Novelty & Special Bets

Novelty bets are quite unique because they don’t involve the predictable world of sport.

Most of the time, novelty bets involve the likes of political events, talent contests, award ceremonies, pop culture and even the genders of royal babies.

Bookmakers can quite literally offer anything they want to, and they all seem to be offering James Bond bets.

One of the novelties of these bets is the fact that they are often incredibly hard to determine. You can’t track the skill sets involved in a novelty bet like you can with a sporting bet, and there is always the chance that the novelty bet will show up an answer that wasn’t even an option in the first place.

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The top 5 favourites actor to be the next James Bond are:

  1. Richard Madden
  2. Tom Hiddleson
  3. Idris Elba
  4. James Norton
  5. Tom Hardy

There are hundreds of rumours flying around, interviews that leave us with more tantalising questions. Whoever gets cast in the iconic role will probably surprise all of us.


As you can see, there are plenty of actors (and a few actresses) who are currently in the running to be the next James Bond. Once Daniel Craig hangs up his tuxedo, who do you think will take on the famous role? Do you think it will be one of the bookmaker’s favourites, or do you have your own ideas in mind?

There are hundreds of rumours flying around, interviews that leave us with more tantalising questions and a plethora of actors with faces that encapsulate the role. It’s safe to say that whoever gets cast in the iconic role will probably surprise all of us.