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Betting on I’m a celebrity

General Info

Every year, a group of celebrities are flown over to Australia to live
in a jungle camp for a few weeks. While living on meagre rations, the famous
faces’ exploits and everyday actions are captured on TV and broadcast as part
of a certain show called I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! This
reality TV show just happens to be one of the biggest shows on UK television
right now. It’s certainly one of the biggest successes for parent channel ITV.
In fact its most recent series, which aired from November to December 2018,
earned the show its highest ratings ever, with an average of twelve million
people watching.

The show is a staple of British TV. It’s a huge hit not only thanks to
the humorous presenting duo Ant and Dec but also thanks to the diverse line-up
of celebrities that take part, from the well-known faces to the barely
recognisable has-beens and the keen wannabes. Then, of course, there’s what the
celebrities get up to in the jungle. For the celebrities taking part, it isn’t
just a walk a park. There are fearful Bushtucker Trials to take part in to win
meals for camp – these infamous trials are for many the highlight of the show
and have helped cement its reputation as one of the most entertaining shows on
TV. After all, who doesn’t want to see celebrities covered in insects and
having to eat grotesque animal parts?

If you’re looking to bet on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out
Of Here!
, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s no shortage of bets you
can place. With each new series, there’s a host of new famous faces ready to
rough it in the jungle and more than enough bets to keep you busy!

When Does The New Edition Start?

As of the time of writing, a start date for the 2019 series of I’m A
Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
hasn’t been announced yet. The last thirteen
series of the show have all started in the second week of November, so it’s
likely this year’s edition will start around this time as well. The show
typically runs from two-and-a-half to three weeks or so, with episodes aired

How to bet on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

One of the great things about a show like I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out
Of Here!
is that there are all sorts of betting options available.

First of all, there’s betting on who’s going to be heading into the
jungle. Throughout the year, you’ll see an occasional article listing a few
celebrities rumoured to be taking part in the upcoming series. Then, as autumn
comes around, speculation as to who the contestants are really starts to ramp
up in the media. You’ll see more frequent articles about who could possibly
taking part and betting opens up. Betting sites usually have all sorts of names
listed, from long-shots with really small odds who realistically would never
take part, to more likely possible contestants with fairly decent odds. Then
there are those with the best odds, who will have been heavily rumoured to be
taking part and are pretty much a dead-cert. Even before ITV officially
announces the line-up for the upcoming series, if you read enough online and
look at the odds, you can make a decent guess as to who’ll be taking part.

Even before the show starts, betting for the winner opens up. The odds
given usually factor things such as how well known the contestant is, how
relevant they are, whether they’ve been in the news recently, how big their
social media following is and how good of a reputation they have, among other
things. During the course of the show, the odds for the winner can change quite
significantly. Someone who wasn’t that well known can win people over with
their personality and win the show, while someone who’s got a huge following on
entering the show may not make good TV and win over the viewers too much.

As well as betting on the winner, you have the opportunity to bet on who’s
getting evicted. After two weeks or so, daily evictions start taking place. The
public vote for who they’d like to stay in the camp and whoever receives the
lowest number of votes is sent home – actually, they’re sent to a luxury hotel
to stay in until the end of the show! On occasion, a celebrity may earn
themselves immunity from the upcoming public vote. This only usually affects
the first public vote. The I’m A Celebrity eviction odds
typically take into account who the bookies think is going to do well in the
show. A celebrity with good odds of winning is, therefore, going to have low odds
of being evicted.

Then, of course, there’s the Bushtucker Trials. These are without a
doubt the highlight of the show. Each Bushtucker Trial sees one or more
celebrities take on a particularly challenging task to win meals for themselves
and their fellow celebrities. Some are more physical in nature, while others
are downright terrifying. These trials are famous in their own right.

To win meals for camp, celebrities have eaten kangaroo genitals, been
buried alive with thousands of creepy crawlies for comfort, tackling obstacles
on high wires and even burrowed their way through underground, water-filled
tunnels. Most of the time, the public votes for the celebrities they want to do
the trials. Whoever gets the most votes attempts the trial, which is either
pre-recorded or broadcast live.

There may also be additional, smaller bets you can place. Some bookies
let you bet on who, if any, will be the first of the celebrities to voluntarily
quit the show. For the 2018 series, co-host Ant McPartlin was absent; he’d
taken a year-long break from his presenting duties to attend rehab and recover
from an addiction. Once it was announced he wouldn’t be co-hosting for the
first time in the show’s history, betting opened up as to who his replacement
would be.

The I’m A Celebrity presenter odds were pretty much in
Holly Willoughby’s favour from the start and she ended up standing in for Ant
while he was away. The upcoming nineteenth series will see Ant return to resume
his co-hosting duties alongside Dec.

If you’re keen to get involved with I’m A Celebrity betting,
there are several ways you can do this. The most convenient way to place wagers
is through a mobile sportsbook or a sportsbook app. With mobile betting, you
can keep up to date with all the latest bets and odds while you’re out and
about. Most online sportsbooks will have a mobile site that offers all the same
betting markets and options as the desktop site. Some offer an app you can
download on to your device, though most sportsbook apps are only compatible
with iOS and Android devices.

You can also visit brick-and-mortar bookies to place wagers on the show.
There are thousands of bookmakers up and down the country offering a multitude
of betting options. With the show being as popular as it is, you should find
that most bookmakers have it available as a betting market. Simply choose your
bet, fill out the betslip, hand over your wager and your bet is placed!

Betting Tips And Strategy

Let’s talk about betting on who’s going to win the show. This is the
show’s main bet and, as previously mentioned, it typically opens up before the
show starts and can fluctuate quite a lot as the show progresses. So what are
some tips and strategies that can help you pick out the eventual winner?

With the show having now aired eighteen series, a good strategy is to
look at the list of previous winners and see if there’s any sort of pattern or
common traits. Of the show’s eighteen winners, eleven have been men and seven women,
so you may wish to consider betting on a male contestant for this year’s

Several of the more recent winners have appeared on other reality TV
shows. In fact, the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth series all had ‘reality
stars’ as winners: series fifteen was won by Geordie Shore’s Vicky
Pattison; Scarlett Moffatt from Gogglebox won the sixteenth series; and
Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo from Made In Chelsea was the winner for the
seventeenth series. There are quite a few chart-topping singers among the list
of winners: Kerry Katona (series three), Matt Willis (series six), Dougie
Poynter (series eleven), Kian Egan (series thirteen).

Then there are sports figures. Several winners have been really
successful sportsmen: England cricketer Phil Tufnell was victorious in series
two; World Superbike race Carl ‘Foggy’ Fogarty won the fourteenth series, while
football manager Harry Redknapp was the winner of the most recent series.

Having said all that, there’s no set-in-stone way of determining the
winner. When ITV releases the line-up of this year’s contestants, there may
well be a bookies’ favourite from the start. However, thing can change and that’s
what makes betting on the show so exciting.

A Brief History Of Betting On I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Some years, there’s a bookies’ favourite whose odds remain in their
favour and who goes on to win the show outright. For the sixteenth series in
2016, for example, Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt was widely tipped to
win from the outset. As a show of just how popular she was, she won every
single public vote to remain in the camp. You may be surprised to learn that
from series fourteen onwards, the winner has topped the public vote to remain
in camp every single time.

In other words, they’re pretty much been the public’s favourite right
from the start and they’ve continued to appeal to the public the entire time
they’ve been in the jungle. It’s worth pointing out that the results of the
public votes don’t get revealed until after the winner’s been announced. So
even if a contestant topped the vote every time, their odds might have gone up
and down throughout time on the show.

Other years, the winner isn’t necessarily guaranteed from the get-go or
even as the show gets underway. For the twelfth series in 2012, Eastenders actress
Charlie Brooks was the eventual winner. However, she didn’t top the public vote
to stay in camp every time. Of the nine eviction votes prior to the final, she
only came out on top twice. Fellow contestant Ashley Roberts topped the public
vote no fewer than five times, yet she ended up coming in second place. Charlie
won with 50.56% of the public vote, while Ashley came a very close second with
49.44% – the closest final vote in the show’s history.


When should I bet on the winner?

The betting odds for I’m A Celebrity open up before the
show starts. The earlier you place your bet, the more money you’ll stand to win
should you have backed the winner. As the show progresses, more and more
celebrities are evicted and it becomes increasingly clearer who the
front runners are. But then again, as it becomes clearer who has a chance of
winning, the odds shorten and the pay-outs go down.

Are other bets worthwhile?

While the winner bet is the biggest one you can place on the show, other
bets can be worthwhile. The payouts probably won’t be as great, especially
since many of the show’s other bets are limited-time wagers, but they can still
be worth it.

Who should I place bets with?

This is all a matter of personal preference. You’ll find there’s a broad
choice of bookies offering betting markets for the show. Whether you’re betting
offline or online, you should choose somewhere that has all the betting options
you’re after, along with pretty good odds. Betting can be very competitive, so
it’s a good idea to compare several different bookies and see which one appeals
to you the most. 

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