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Eurovision Betting & Odds

Not only the contest itself but betting on Eurovision is insanely popular all over the world.? Read More

Every year, different countries from across Europe, as well as Israel and Australia, participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The event showcases musical act from across the participating countries, with each putting one musical act and one song in a bid to win over the hearts and musically mind of the other nation’s participating.

However, of course, as there is with any competition, there is also a betting element involved. There are always favourites to win long before the event starts, as well as plenty of space for betting elsewhere too.

While we will get into the full details of the event soon, let’s take a look at some of the odds for the winners already available right now.

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eurovision song contest

BBC Eurovision: Come Together – All Time Favourite Eurovision Song Vote Winner Betting Odds

ladbrokes free bets welcome offer

Odds at Ladbrokes:

  • Abba – Sweden 1974 @ 5/6
  • Loreen – Sweden 2012 @ 4/1
  • Katrina and the Waves – UK 1997 @ 14/1
  • Bucks Fizz – UK 1981 @ 16/1
  • Eleni Foureira – Cyprus 2018 @ 16/1
  • Alexander Rybak – Norway 2009 @ 20/1
  • Conchita Wurst – Austria 2014 @ 20/1
  • Verka Serduchka – Ukraine 2007 @ 20/1
  • Dana International – Israel 1998 £ 25/1
  • Lena – Germany 2010 @ 25/1

You can also bet at:

BBC Eurovision: Come Together – Instead of Eurovision This Year

If you thought that the Eurovision Song Contest is totally out of the picture this year, trust us, you couldn’t be more wrong. Thanks to Graham Norton we will have a chance to celebrate the beauty of music diversity this Saturday (16 May) on the BBC show – Eurovision: Come Together.

This one-off special from BBC Studios will allow all Brits to take part in live online voting, giving them an option to pick their favourite Eurovision song from a carefully selected shortlist. The list has been prepared by the extremely critical industry experts and fans including Radio 2’s Ken Bruce, Eurovision commentators Ryan Clark-Neal and Scott Mills, as well as former UK Eurovision contestants SuRie and Nicki French.

All viewers interested in showing their support to their favourite artists and favourite songs will be able to vote via the BBC website. The procedure is set to be quite straightforward – the voting will open once all performances have been aired on BBC One and it will come to an end once officially announced in the Saturday show.

Don’t expect a dry, dull show! As part of the programme, Graham Norton has worked with James Newman who selected to represent the UK during this year’s Eurovision edition in Rotterdam. Get ready to see hundreds of fans and former contestants recreating the best Eurovision classics of all times… straight from their homes. Also, the rumour says, Sonia will take on the Epic Sax Guy solo which we all remember (too well!) from the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Which song is going to come on top and which tune will not find enough appreciation? Place your bets and stream the show on Saturday 16 May on BBC One from 6.25 pm. Don’t forget to refresh the lyrics to join the party!

Eurostream 2020

eurostream schedule

Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is cancelled due to the current pandemic.

However, the competition has now been moved entirely online – a panel of expert will judge the contestants video-clips, all this streamed live for the public to enjoy!

Several major Eurovision websites have joined forces to organise an alternative 100% online edition of the Contest

What is Eurostream?

Eurostream will serve as a direct replacement to the Eurovision contest by offering a similar concept but via a live stream instead of on-stage. Hence where the competition will take its name from.

Eurostream has been organised by several major Eurovision websites who have joined forces to organise an alternative online edition of the contest.

How Will It Work?

Eurostream will take place 100% online where the three live shows will be streamed online – two semi-finals and one Grand Finale. The two draws will prelude the semi-finals which will dictate the running order of these events.  The competition itself will feature the same countries and the voting systems in place.

This means that 10 countries from each of the two semi-final broadcasts will advance to the Grand Finals and these will be based on a 50/50 split of voting between national juries made up of music professional and online public voting. Eurostream will also see qualifier announced in random order and detailed results will be released following the final – in identical fashion to the main contest.

Following on from the semis, these 20 qualifying teams will be entered into the Grand Finale line-up alongside the Big 5: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as the Netherlands who earn automatic qualification due to them winning last year. The voting system in place will also be the same here as it was for the finals, i.e. a 50% and 50% split between the jury and the public.

Eurostream has also promised a few surprises that are due to pop-up over the course of the streams so there seems to be more up their sleeve that you will have to tune in to the event if you are hoping to enjoy.

Eurovision – Overview of the Contest


The Eurovision Song Contest has been occurring annually for 64 years with the event that is scheduled for may due to be the 65th time the event has taken place – making it one of the longest-running tv events.

With each year that the event has happened it has increased in spectacle and size and today, there are some 50 countries that are eligible to participate in the competition.

Although today it is considered somewhat of a flamboyant affair that is not to be taken too seriously, originally it was conceived as a way by which to reconnect the war-torn European countries in a jovial manner.

Clearly, due to the longitude of the competition, this has shown to have been more than successful and in recent years, it has branched out to include more of the world, with countries like Australia being added.

How Does the Contest Proceed?

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The concept of the competition is very simple:

Each country puts forward a song (which must include lyrics) that has usually been pre-decided based on each country’s own national preliminary voting stage.

What then follows is a series of promotion where people will become familiar with the songs before the big night. At the main event, each of the participating countries will perform their song.

When all the songs have been sung, the voting will begin. In the voting stage, each country has the chance to awards two sets of either, 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs.

One of these sets of points will be distributed reflective of the decision of a musical jury that each country appoints and the other will be distributed based on viewers from home voting for the song they like best.

Naturally, whoever wins at the end will then be allocated the winner. As well as the glory for the performer who won and the nation, they also win the rights to host the event the following year. If there is a tie, then those who earned a higher number of top scores will be awarded the prize.

How to Bet on Eurovision

Once you have chosen the sportsbook, navigate it and then locate Eurovision betting. Depending on the different betting sites, exactly where you will find this will vary.

special bets section at betfair

Click on the menu and find any of the following:

  • Specials Betting / Special Bets
  • Novelty Betting
  • TV/Specials Betting

Now you have found the sportsbook that has a good reputation and located the best odds, simply place your bet as you would do on any other sporting event.

Then, just wait for the main event in May and for the results to come in. If you have made the correct call then when the time comes and all the votes are done for, you can then head back to the sportsbook to claim those winnings.

Eurovision Betting Tips

While betting on a singing contest might sound like it is easy enough process, the Eurovision Song Contest has some different rules of thumb that you need to consider as opposed to most other special betting markets.

As such, we have put together a few solid tips for you to consider going into your bet.

Don’t Only Bet on the Winner

woman singing at eurovision

For the participants, the competition is all about winning but as a bettor, you might not want to take this avenue. This is because calling a winner is much tougher than you might think for several reasons – some of which we discuss in this list.

However, betting on the losers is much easier, usually as there is a much clearer trend. Countries like the United Kingdom, for example, nearly always come at the bottom of the pile each year so that is much safer.

Bet on a Few Outcomes

Betting on a few outcomes might be common practice for you as a bettor anyway but in the Eurovision Song Contest is definitely worthwhile as it is usually a very tough one to call.

This is why you should bet on a few results and pick a few winners rather than putting all your eggs in one musical basket. The winning song is often a close call and you should prepare for a two or even three-horse race.

Don’t Judge the Song

Just because you personally like a song, don’t let this fool you into betting on that nation as a result.

If you are betting on the Eurovision song contest, it isn’t about what acts sound like but what is a good crowd-pleaser. At the Eurovision song contest, the performance on a whole is often favoured so have a closer look at the theatrics as opposed to the musical content.

Also bear in mind that the public have a say in the competition and of course, the music changes a lot from person to person.

Follow the Journey to the Main Event

various heart-shaped country flags

The path to Eurovision goes on some weeks and months prior to the actual event and so making sure you pay attention to this in order to get a feel of how the big night will pan out.

Notably, it is often worth paying attention to press conferences but more importantly, this means paying attention to the regional qualifiers.

Only 5 of the nations, known as the big 5, are eligible to compete automatically every year with most others having to qualify prior. These qualifiers work as a mini version of the main event and so the most popular performers in this often do well at the main event.

Don’t Misjudge the Smaller Nations

Many of the big nations in Europe don’t perform very well in Eurovision, in fact, the complete opposite. The big 5 have come last in 8 of the latest 15 contests. Other smaller nations, generally do a lot better.

Ireland, for example, as the most successful nation ever in the competition. As such, geographical size contributes very little to the competition and it is usually about the most impressive act reflective of both the song and the performance – plus national loyalties too.

When is the Best Time to Bet on Eurovision?

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One of the best times to bet on Eurovision is directly after the semi-finals of the competition as this gives a massive insight into who are the acts to wager on based on their initial responses in the qualifying stage.

A good example of this was the Eurovision betting odds in 2019. The Netherlands were favourites after the semis and sure enough, they went on to win, with a similar thing happening the year before.

The second-best option is Eurovision live betting, where you bet while the show unfolds. Of course, this will see the Eurovision betting odds change significantly over time. As such, getting involved as early as possible is very important in Eurovision betting, particularly if you are betting on the top 5 or bottom 5, as these become clear very quickly most years.

Previous Winners

As we have already stated, the winners of the competition vary a lot from year to year and in total, there has been twenty-seven different countries who have won it over its 64-year history, with just 24 who have participated but not won.

The top 5 most successful countries are as follows:

  1. Ireland (7 wins)
  2. Sweden (6 wins)
  3. France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the UK (5 wins)
  4. Israel (four wins)
  5. Denmark and Norway (3 wins)

Will there be any teams claiming another title this year? It might be worth a bet.


You can bet on Eurovision at these recommended bookies:

The big 5 are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy – the biggest nations in Europe.

As shown above, they consist of some of the most successful historically but in fact, only Germany has won since the Big 5 was introduced.

Last year, Netherlands took home their fifth title thanks to Duncan Laurence’s song, Arcade.

It can do, as was the case with ABBA and Celine Dion, but not always.

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