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Dancing on Ice UK | Betting on Dancing on Ice 2020

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Dancing on Ice Betting – Outright Winner Odds

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Perri Kiely2/12/12/12/12/17/4
Maura Higgins9/29/29/24/14/15/1
Joe Swash5/25/17/17/15/111/2
Ben Hanlin7/17/18/17/18/18/1
Ian H Watkins7/17/16/17/18/18/1
Libby Clegg10/110/112/112/110/110/1
Kevin Kilbane12/112/112/116/114/112/1
Trisha Goddard25/125/125/125/125/125/1
Lisa George20/120/118/120/125/117/1
Michael Barrymore14/114/120/125/125/120/1
Lucrezia Millarini33/133/140/125/133/133/1

Updated: November 18th, 2019

Dancing On Ice 2020 Betting – Potential Winners Overview

Here’s a full rundown of the hottest tipped contestants for the 2020 series of Dancing on Ice…

Maura Higgins

maura higgins
Maura Higgins

One of the stars of the most recent series of Love Island this past summer, Maura Higgins is set to be one of the twelve celebs battling it out on the ice.  She was a huge hit with viewers of Love Island over the summer, so it’s no surprise that she is set to star in the 2020 lineup. 

She’s quoted as saying – “I’ve skated once in my life for fun, so I’ve no experience at all. I’m up for the challenge. I’m more excited than scared. I’m competitive so I think that will drive me.”

Maybe it’s that excitement which has put her as the second favourite to win Dancing On Ice 2020 with Maura currently at 5/1 with Bet365 and Unibet, plus 6/1 with William Hill

Perri Kiely

Perri Kiely
Perri Kiely

Perri quickly became the odds-on favourite to take the crown as 2020 Dancing On Ice chap shortly after being announced. The diversity dancer certainly has the experience and skills to perform on stage, but will that translate onto the ice rink, we will have to wait and see. 

When asked about appearing on the reality show he said, “I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit nervous. I’ve had a couple of training sessions so far and I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. I can stand up on ice and skate about a bit, but technique, it’s difficult!”

He’s used to being the one who’s thrown into the air so appearing on the dancing show will be somewhat of a role reversal for the Britain’s Got Talent champion. “I would love to backflip on ice, imagine how sick that would be!” he added. Yikes!

His dancing experience and fitness see Perri as the pre-show favourite to win it. Bet365 and William Hill both have him at 2/1 to become the champ. Betway gives odds of 3/2 and Unibet at 7/4. 

Joe Swash

Joe Swash
Joe Swash

The former Coronation Street star and King of the Jungle in I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here, Joe Swash was the ninth celeb to be announced for Dancing On Ice 2020 much to the delight of the show’s fans. 

Appearing on the daytime chatfest Loose Women to confirm the news, Joe said, “I can’t even dance on a dance floor so Dancing on Ice is just a silly idea! I’ve done no exercise since the baby was born. Stacey thinks it’s funny. I’m going to learn how to skate and I’ll do it with a smile on my face.”

He is certain to have the fans behind him just like he did during his stint in the Jungle, but will that translate into being crowned King of the Ice too? 

Joe is currently the third favourite to win the series, possibly more because of his massive fan base than his dancing talents. Bet365 and Betway both give him odds of 13/2. Unibet is at 11/2 and William Hill currently offering him as a winner at 7/1. 

Ian ‘H’ Watkins

Ian 'H' Watkins
Ian ‘H’ Watkins

Fans of 90’s pop rejoice! Steps superstar ‘H’ is the fifth celebrity to have been confirmed for Dancing On Ice 2020. 

Appearing on morning ramble fest Good Morning Britain to confirm his place in the lineup, H said, “What am I doing? I have frantically been You Tubing James Jordan and Ray Quinn. I have kids now so it’s a skill I can learn and take my kids to the ice. It’s scary and exciting and now there’s no turning back. I know I’m going to be put through my paces and that’s the name of the game.”

Ian is obviously hoping that he time dancing around to the hits of Steps hasn’t been entirely lost and he’s currently the fourth favourite to win. William Hill gives the shortest odds at 6/1 whilst Betway have him at a lengthy 10/1.  

Full List of Participants

Dancing On Ice will feature its first same-sex couple in 2020.

CelebrityKnown forProfessional partner
Ben HanlinMagicianTBA
Caprice BourretModelTBA
Ian “H” WatkinsSteps singerMatt Evers
Joe SwashActorTBA
Kevin KilbaneFootballerTBA
Libby CleggParalympianTBA
Lisa GeorgeCoronation Street actressTBA
Lucrezia MillariniITV News presenterTBA
Maura HigginsLove Island starTBA
Michael BarrymoreComedian & TV presenterTBA
Perri KielyDiversity starTBA
Trisha GoddardQueen of Daytime ChatTBA

Quick Facts About Dancing on Ice

dancing on ice
  • Dancing on Ice comes back on January 5, 2020
  • List of contestants is confirmed
  • Betting on the winner is already open

Dancing On Ice has become one of the biggest staples of the reality game show genre and has become a major source of revenue for ITV. Millions are guaranteed to tune in for the duration of each series in order to find out which of a selection of celebrities will win the competition.

Format: Each week the competitors perform a figure skating routine along with their partner (who is a professional skater) and are then awarded a score by a panel of expert judges.

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The duo with the lowest score is eliminated and the others progress to the next round. Interspersed with the actual competition, is footage of the stars in training, documenting their ups and downs as they attempt to perfect their performances. In simple terms, think of it as essentially being Strictly Come Dancing but on ice.

Needless to say, with so many viewers watching and the tournament-like structure of the show, there is a fair amount of uncertainty and excitement surrounding the eventual outcome, much like traditional sporting events. But it may surprise some people to learn that you can actually bet on the outcome and potentially win big.

How To Bet On Dancing On Ice

Like many other contests, it’s possible to bet on the results of Dancing On Ice. This is most easily done by visiting a bookmakers website (such as Unibet, William Hill or Betfair etc), where the odds of each candidate winning will be updated regularly for customers to place their bets.

Interestingly, the Dancing On Ice 2019 betting odds were quite varied, with many contestants rising and falling as favourites throughout the course of the show. This can be based on things such as the way their training progress is portrayed on-screen and also how they performed in the previous week’s contest.

The most lucrative bets obviously come later in the season, as the potential performance gaps between the competitors widen and the odds become more pronounced as a result.

Though this does mean that weaker competitors will have to be luckier and luckier in order to progress to the final round and ensure that the gambler takes home a pot of winnings. However, as previous seasons have shown, unexpected contestants can sometimes prevail, meaning that betting on a surprise winner early on can also yield massive rewards.

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Previous Winners

Previous winners of recent seasons include Beth Tweddle (Olympic gymnast), Ray Quinn (singer) and Jake Quickenden (reality TV star).

Generally, the quality of each week’s performance is down to how well the celebrity and their professional partner can work together on the night and whilst in training, as well as their athletic ability. Although people in better shape will have a distinct advantage, it is by no means a guarantee that the professional athletes will secure the top position.

Tips And Strategies

1 Betting on athletes is a good idea to find a winner, especially if they have dancing or skating experience. For example, James Jordan won the 2018 series of Dancing On Ice, putting his massive amount of training and experience as a professional ballroom dancer to good work in each successive performance.

Interestingly, sportspeople such as Ryan Sidebottom and Perry Shakes-Drayton (cricketer and Olympian respectively) have not done so well, although unlikely skater Max Evans (rugby player) managed a podium finish in the 2018 season.

This means that customers should be careful not to blindly commit to investing in someone just because they have an athletic background and should instead carefully consider their strengths and weaknesses.

There are a lot of unlikely candidates that could make it through to the next round contrary to all expectations, allowing savvy gamblers to hedge their bets.

It should be kept in mind that many of the celebrities involved have had quite varied careers, meaning that prior experience with competitive sports or even prior basic training in something like ballet can give them an edge over other competitors who may struggle to meet the standards of fitness and confidence required to place highly week after week.

A basic look over each star’s career history should yield some illuminating information when it comes to their capabilities or limitations. Doing proper research before placing a bet will more often than not pay dividends.

2 Their professional figure skating partners will also have an effect on their likelihood to succeed (some haven’t made it too far in the past or have tended to be disqualified in the later rounds). For example, Daniel Whiston has skated to take top place in three previous series of the show, making him a strong candidate if his partner is decently skilled.

Similarly, Vanessa Bauer has performed well since joining the show in Series 10, attaining both a win and second place. Personality can be just as much an asset or detriment as raw ability though, as they will have to take an active role in training their partner to perform even the most basic of routines.

In order to maximize their chances of choosing a winner, gamblers should analyze the capabilities and record both the celebrity competitor and their professional partner, as the right combination of skill and athletic ability will often lead to a victory.

3 Gamblers should remember that in some situations, it’s a good idea to have set up an accumulator bet in order to maximize the potential winnings. It is usually wisest to choose to do this on a week-by-week basis to take advantage of changes in the balance between the teams.

accumulator betting

For example, if there is a couple that is blatantly flagging behind the pack and is almost certainly going to be disqualified due to better competition, injury, or poor past performance, then a gambler can bet against them whilst also betting on the success of the favourites.

This leads to greater rewards if both wagers succeed. But accumulators also come with an attendant level of risk due to the fact that if just one component bet loses, then all the winnings will be lost. Readers should use their own judgment before investing heavily in this type of bet, as it can quickly go awry due to unexpected results.


Yes, theoretically there are no restrictions on what can be wagered upon.

Dancing On Ice is no exception to this and many firms offer odds on the outcome of the show.

All the large gambling websites and bookmaker’s shops will be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission in order to stay in business.

Dancing on Ice comes back on January 5, 2020.

Yes, the list of contestants is confirmed and the bets on outright winner are already open.

Click here to see the full list of UK bookies (with odds) where you can bet on Dancing on Ice 2020.

Whilst, in theory, any and all wagers are on the table, some companies may judge certain bets to be in poor taste and decline them on moral grounds (typically relating to injury or other unfortunate circumstances).

The best option is for gamblers to call around and try and get confirmation from a few bookmakers before committing. This will also enable the customer to get the best odds possible.

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