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Bet on Crufts 2020

Betting on Crufts brings the excitement level up at this already thrilling event. Read More

Fans of dogs and betting can be in their element when the Crufts dog competition rolls around once again in March. Here at Betpal, due to us literally being a dog, we are especially excited about the event.

This historic showcase of the most talented and beautiful dogs in the world is an event that is looked forward to by the dog community especially but also by anyone who loves to watch animals perform in a safe and friendly environment which is all about having fun.

Betpal provides you the latest odds, a betting guide and free bets!

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Maisie the Wire-haired Dachshund is the winner of Best in Show 2020 at Crufts 2020. Pictured with her owner Kim McCalmont (centre right) and presenter Peter Purvis (centre left).

Maisie the Wire-haired Dachshund is the winner of Best in Show 2020 at Crufts 2020. Pictured with her owner Kim McCalmont (centre right) and presenter Peter Purvis (centre left).

Crufts 2020 Odds

Current odds at Betfair

go terriers crufts 2020 with betpal dog mascot

Terrier is heading for the win according to Betfair.

  • Terrier 15/8
  • Toy 7/2
  • Hound 8/1
  • Utility 12/1
  • Gun 3/1
  • Working 6/1
  • Pastoral 10/1

Favourites to Win Crufts 2020

The most successful breed in history is the British Cocker Spaniel with 7 wins, but its last win was way back in 1996.

This year’s most fancied breed and the clear favourite to emerge top is Betpal’s mascot, a Terrier, with odds of 15/8. The breed is the second most successful in the history of the competition.

betpal dog mascot with thumbs up

Terrier’s last win came in 2017 when the West Highland White Terrier clinched the prize.

Betpal’s mascot, a beautiful white Terrier, expects to see its family clinch their first win since 2016, and close in on Gundog, and be two wins shy of becoming the most successful breed since 1928. 

Go Terriers!

Gundog as the Second Favourite

The Gundog is the second favourite according to Betfair, with odds of 3/1. The two favourite breeds have dominated the competition, winning 6 times in the last 11 awards – bagging 3 wins each, and are the top two most successful breeds in the competition’s history.

Following Gun closely is the last competition’s winner, Toy, seeking to retain the title with 7/2 odds.   

Working comes in as the fourth favourite with 6/1 odds, with the breed looking to register the first win since 2008. Hound follows with 8/1 odds, with the 2018 winner seeking to return to the top. Pastoral follows with 10/1 odds, aiming to win for the first time in fourteen years. Utility is the least favourite breed this year even after enjoying recent success and being the third most successful breed. The breed comes last with 12/1 odds.

Soldier And Dog He Rescued From War Zone Nominated For Award

The story of how Sean and his rescue dog Barrie saved each other's lives after war is so powerful that it's been nominated for an award… ❤️️🙌

Publicada por UNILAD en Jueves, 27 de febrero de 2020
Hornchurch soldier Sean and his Syrian rescue dog Barrie have been nominated finalists at Crufts

How are The Dogs Judged at Crufts?

The Crufts live finals of the annual show will take place in the Arena at the NEC Birmingham, and will involve a dog from each of the seven groups. They will be judged from factors like their:

Betting on Crufts

In the competition, there are many different ways by the participating dogs can win and of course, this means there are many by which to bet on the event. However, the most sought-after prize is the Best in Show. This is what many gamblers place most of the bets when the event is happening.

On this page, we provide all there is know about Crufts and more importantly, how to bet on Crufts. It is a nice alternative to your conventional betting for many reasons and only comes around once a year so you don’t want to miss out.

How to Bet on the Crufts

In theory, betting on Crufts is not as different from betting on any other events you might find at your favourite sportsbook, the only difference is where to look.

betfair crufts 2020 betting where to bet

To break it down more clearly there are a few sections on your sportsbook to check out and they may differ from one bookmaker to another.

The most commonly found sections for such events as Crufts will be either:

Betting Tips

While betting on Crufts is not much harder than betting on anything else, what is important is knowing the right way to go about placing bets on the event. This is why we have compiled some top tips on betting on Crufts that you might want to consider.

✅ Know Breeds and their Pasts

While there is no exact science to betting on dogs, there are some common traits in dogs that make them more susceptible to winning at Crufts.

There have been more winners from certain breeds in the past than others.

As such, it is worth knowing at least a little something about how breeds behave and then compare and contrast that against the history of that breed as it might just “lead” to a win. 

✅ Dog or Bitch

crufts dog jumping over an obstacle

When it comes to betting on the winner, an easy way to hedge your bets is to not bet on one breed but bet on whether it will be a dog or a bitch to win, aka a male or female dog.

This gives you a 50/50 chance of winning as opposed to having to bet on a breed – of which there are many more.

While the odds will be lower, you can use the Dog or Bitch as a means of insurance.

✅ Trust Your Own Opinion

woman with dog at crufts

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which dog looks like a potential winner, so trust your own instincts on which dog looks best in your own opinion.

You might be no dog expert but when it comes to Crufts, it is such an open event that there is no point in breaking it down into an exact science either.

If a dog looks good in your opinion, bet on it.

✅ Don’t Ignore the Other Parts of the Competition

While Best in Show is the top dog prize as it were, as we have shown the competition is broken up into different sections.

With this considered, you should only bet on the Best in Show prize as there are other elements to consider that will payout earlier than this top prize so you can diversify your betting in order to maximise your potential payouts when all is said and done.

Overview of the Contest

crufts historical image
betpal mascot pointing to the left

The first Crufts competition dates back all the way to the 19th Century with the first such event happening in 1891.

Since then, it has survived the test of the time and today,  the competition has grown to become the quintessential dog show not only in the UK but across the world and in fact, holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest competition of its kind.

A testament to this rapid growth is that when it first occurred there were 600 entrants but in more recent history that number has grown to 28,000 dogs competing in the competition every year.

Crufts was named after its founder, Charles Cruft, who worked as general manager for a dog biscuit manufacturer

In terms of viewership, that number consists of 160,000 people who attend the show in person and an estimated 4.5 million viewers who watch from home.

As such, these are some impressive numbers and so its reputation is huge. With this high-profile of the event is it is naturally no surprise that the competition is one that has caught the eye of would-be bettors looking to expand their betting portfolio and bet on something that is a little bit more niche. The possibility of this comes from the nature of Crufts itself.

When we talk about Crufts as an event and consider the betting factor, there is just one prize that is on everyone’s radar – Best in Show. This is what you would consider the top prize.

This first begins with qualifying via the Kennel Club’s (the organising body of Crufts) Championship where dogs finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd qualify the main event, i.e. Crufts. This is the main way by which dogs qualify but there are numerous other channels also, including winning certain awards at other Kennel Club affiliated event such as the Open or General show. Once this has been achieved and the dogs are at Crufts, then the competition really begins.

Naturally, by this point, you have some pretty good looking dogs competing and so by narrowing down the dogs will first participate in different rounds that are determined by:

With these classes including Veteran, Special Puppy, Special Junior, Yearling, Post Graduate, Mid Limit, Limit, and Open.

There is just one spot from each of these that can go on to the next round which will be determined by a head to head round.

Next up there will be a group round where a similar protocol is followed by the groups where that are 7 than defined as Toys, Gundogs, Utility, Hounds, Working, Pastoral, and Terriers.

Once the winner of these sub-sections have been completed the 7 winners move on to compete for Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show.

The winner will then win a replica of the Keddal Memorial Trophy, a small cash prize of £100 and of course, the bragging rights. All this considered, it is clear to see that while this is a dog show by name, in nature, it is quite a long and gruelling process with a high level of competition on show.

Previous Winners & Most Successful Breeds

As we have noted, there have been some breeds more successful at Crufts then others.

The most successful breed, for example, has been the English Cocker Spaniel.

This breed has seen 7 Best in Show winners in past shows.

Here are the last 13 years winners:

  • 2019   Papillon – Toy
  • 2018   Whippet – Hound
  • 2017   American Cocker Spaniel – Gundog
  • 2016   West Highland White Terrier – Terrier
  • 2015   Scottish Terrier – Terrier
  • 2014   Poodle (Standard) – Utility
  • 2013   Petit Basset – Hound
  • 2012   Lhasa Apso – Utility
  • 2011   Retriever (Flat-Coated) – Gundog
  • 2010   Hungarian Vizsla – Gundog
  • 2009   Sealyham Terrier – Terrier
  • 2008   Giant Schnauzer – Working
  • 2007   Tibetan Terrier – Utility
  • 2006   Australian Shepherd – Pastoral


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