Published Published: July 2, 2019 Updated Updated: August 29, 2019

Betting on Britain’s Got Talent

General Information About Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is UK’s largest televised talent show which
premiered in June 2007 and is broadcasted on ITV. It is also one of the most
watched TV reality programmes in UK. In today’s fast-paced society, where some
TV shows are cancelled after a few seasons or even episodes, to be so
successful in the 13th year running is quite impressive.

In Britain’s Got Talent, everyone from UK, or anyone with the legal
permit to be in UK, can audition for the show. In order to audition,
contestants should have a talent that can impress a panel of judges, as well as
the public in the arena and in front of their TVs. These talents can range from
singing, dancing, magic, stand-up comedy, choirs, and animal acts among many

Contestants must perform their talent in front of the judges and
public to get through a series of elimination rounds. The format of the show is
as follows:

Auditions – contestants perform in front
of the judges. At the end of the performance, the judge’s vote and with a majority
vote of “Yes”, contestants move on to the next stage.

Deliberation Day – this is when the
judges go through all the contestants that successfully passed through the
auditions stage. With limited space in the live semi-finals, the judges have to
select the contestants they believe actually stand a chance to win. The others
will be eliminated from the show. 

Live Semi-Finals – contestants who
passed auditions and were put through by the judges in Deliberation Day, move
onto the live semi-finals. This is where the public starts to be directly
involved and get voting power. First of all, the contestants have to perform a
new routine of their talent act in front of the judges and a live audience. Of
all semi-finalists, only 10 can move into the final. The public picks half of these,
while the judges the other half.

Final – the format is similar to the
semi-finals only that the winner is determined entirely through the public’s
phone vote. The finalists must perform again a new routine of their act and
hope to win the most votes from the public.

The winner of Britain’s Got Talent wins a £250,000 and the
prestigious opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of
senior members of the British Royal Family, including the Queen herself.
Just as important as the cash prize and the chance to perform on Royal Variety
Performance is the actual exposure contestants get throughout the talent show.
Imagine a talented singer that may not win the final, or even get to it, but
along the way gets to perform in front of millions of people. This is a golden
chance to be heard by music producers all over the world who may approach them
with a contract if they like what they hear. Perhaps the most popular such
contestant, whose life was completely turned around by participating on
Britain’s Got Talent although not actually winning it, is Susan Boyle.

Britain’s Got Talent Current And Future Editions

Britain’s Got Talent is currently running
its 13th series which aired on April 6th, 2019. The series will come to an end
on 2nd of June with the Live Final. Over 10 million viewers tuned in last year
to watch the final, making Britain’s Got Talent one of the Most-Watched TV
Shows in UK for 2018.

The first episode of Britain’s Got Talent
13th season drew in a peak audience of nearly 10 million viewers. As you would
expect, it is the Live Final episode that draws in the largest audience and
that figure is likely to surpass last year’s.

The show’s longevity and continued success
are remarkable, to say the least. The overwhelming number of contestants that
audition year after year goes to confirm the show’s popularity. With that in
mind, Britain’s Got Talent is not going anywhere anytime soon. Why would it? It
is good for the show, the TV network, the audience and for the contestants

ITV has not yet released the airing dates
of Britain’s Got Talent’s 14th Season. However, the show itself has already
opened the application process to the public for 2020, thus confirming there
will be a series number 14 next year. As the show typically runs from late
spring until early summer each year, this format is expected to be in place for
future series. As such, it is likely Britain’s Got Talent 14th season will air
late March-early April and end late May-early June 2020.

How To Bet On Britain’s Got

Don’t tell me you didn’t know you could bet
on Britain’s Got Talent? You can bet on many things that are not-sports
Government elections

TV Shows

Awards like the Oscars

Who will host the next

What will be the name of the
next Royal baby?

Who will be the next Pope?
When will the world end?

“If you can think of it, you can bet on it.” – Joseph Del Duca

These type of bets are rightfully called
novelty and special bets. It is a huge market with too much interest and money
for bookies to pass it up. As such, almost all bookies have a special bets
section, making betting on Britain’s Got Talent pretty straightforward.

You can get on Britain’s Got Talent before
a new season starts or at any time during the season up to the live final. You
pick the name of the contestant/act that you think will win the talent show,
you will see the corresponding odds next to each contestant, you set your stake
and place the bet. To place a bet you have the three standard options:

In a betting shop – you can walk down to
your local Ladbrokes for example, take a betting slip and write down the
contestant’s name you think will win together with your stake. Then head over
to the cashier desk to pay, making sure not to lose the betting slip

Online – the most common way due to its
convenience and comfort. Make an account to a betting site that offers special
bets (hard to find one that doesn’t), deposit funds, select your contestant,
set the stake and click bet. An added benefit of betting on Britain’s Got
Talent online is that you don’t have to worry about losing your betting slip.

Over the phone/text– once popular and
the preferred choice, betting over the phone is slowly dying down due to the
expanding online betting market. Even so, it is available from most bookies and
you can normally choose between doing over the phone or by text. You will just
need your account details, stake amount and selected contestant.

Betting Tips And Strategy

If you want to bet on Britain’s Got Talent
just for fun, there’s not much for you to do other than pick a contestant and
the stake. The reasons for picking that particular contestant can be anything
at all. Some random examples for fun betting on the show can be that you may
know the contestant personally, you liked their act, you think they’re
attractive, you liked their name, and they were born where you were born. As
some level of luck will always be a part of betting, there is always a chance
you can win.

If you want to place a serious bet on
Britain’s Got Talent, with higher stakes and an intent to win, not just have
fun, then you need to have a strategy. Below are some tips to increase your
chances of winning when betting on Britain’s Got Talent.

  1. Know
    and understand the talent show
    – knowledge is power so the more of it the better. To form your strategy, learn and understand the show and its format. For example, do you know that in the best case scenario, contestants have 3 performances during the show?
    Audition stage, semi-finals, and final. At each stage, the contestant can
    be eliminated, so each performance is crucial.
  2. Don’t
    always bet on early favourites
    – this is a
    follow up of the above tip. If a contestant stuns the judges with an impeccable first audition, what about the next one? The standard and expectations are already set very high, so the following performance has to meet or exceed them. The pressure makes many such early favourites fail later in the show. Alternatively, the audience may consider someone is the obvious winner from the audition stage, that they may not take the time to vote when it matters the most, in the final. A great example of this would be Susan Boyle, who never actually won the show.
  3. Watch
    the contestants
    – it’s your money you’re
    betting so the least you can do is take the time to actually watch the
    auditions to learn about the contestant you are going to bet on.
  4. Listen
    to judges’ feedback
    – they are there for a
    reason. Maybe in my opinion, with no musical background, a contestant sings so beautifully that it’s worth placing on them to win the show. But then I hear Simon Cowell saying, “You sounded like three cats being dragged up the motorway”. I would definitely reconsider my choice.
  5. Social media – like
    it or not, today’s society is dependent on social media more than it should be. But it is a quick and reliable way to get some real-time,
    real-people’s perspectives on a contestant. Yet again, knowledge is power.
    The odds bookies give to each contestant are heavily influenced by the
    public’s opinion on that contestant.

Do note, following the above tips, cannot
realistically guarantee you will win when betting on Britain’s Got Talent. But
they can definitely improve your odds.

Britain’s Got Talent History And Winners

Did you know Britain’s Got Talent initial
release date was supposed to be in June 2005? It was planned to premier ahead
of America’s Got Talent which first aired in 2006. However, due to a
disagreement between the broadcaster ITV and the planned host Paul O’Grady, the
show was put on hold.

Everything worked out. Britain’s Got Talent
is wrapping up its 13th season then preparing for its 14th season to debut in
2020. The talent show has given the audience in UK and over the whole world,
some great talent and entertainment. Below are some of the previous editions’
winners and runner-ups.









Runner Up






The Lost Voice




Robert White






Tokio Myers




Issy Simpson






Richard Jones




Wayne Woodward






Jules & Matisse


Dog act


Jamie Raven










Lucy Kay




FAQs: Betting On Britain’s Got

you have to bet on who will win the show or are there any other choices?

It depends on the bookmaker as each sets
its own markets so the answer varies according to the bookie. Generally
speaking, you will definitely find the special bets on who will win the show
across most bookies, while you might have to dig around if you are looking for
other markets.

do bookmakers set the odds of a contestant to win the show?

Each contestant’s odds are heavily reliant
on the public’s perception of them. The public has a say on who will get
through to the final, and the public has the only say on determining the winner
in the final stage.

it worth betting on Britain’s Got Talent?

That is a matter of perspective and a
personal choice. It does add some extra excitement to watching the show. It
could make you some money, it could also lose you some. That’s gambling for

Britain’s Got Talent staged?

There has been some criticism that some
contestants already have a reputation and established careers somewhere else
before performing on Britain’s Got Talent. Whether it is true or not is
irrelevant to betting on who will win the show because it is the millions of
viewers who decide the winner. 

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