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Betting on Brit Awards


The BRIT Awards are the most prestigious awards
for popular music in the UK. This annual awards ceremony takes place in
February and attracts upwards of four million viewers. It’s attended by a host
of well known names from the world of music, with various international acts
also putting in appearances. From Geri Spice and her Union Jack dress to Adele
getting cut off mid-speech and the final public appearance of Freddie Mercury,
the ceremony has had its fair share of noteworthy performances and memorable

The ceremony’s broadcast live on ITV and typically
lasts just over two-and-a-half hours. The show’s hosted by a well known
presenter or a duo of presenters, with famous faces handing out the awards and
performances from many of the top names in music. Next year will see the 40th
BRIT Awards take place. Keep on reading to find out more about the ceremony and
how betting on it works.

What You Can Bet On

There are a total of 12 current categories that
have been used in recent ceremonies. While the full line-up of categories for
the 2020 ceremony hasn’t yet been confirmed, it’s safe to say most, if not all,
of the current categories will be used. These are as follows:

            –           British Album of the Year

            –           British Single of the Year

            –           British Producer of the Year

            –           British Artist Video of the Year

            –           British Male Solo Artist

            –           British Female Solo Artist

            –           British Group

            –           British Breakthrough Act

            –           Critics’ Choice Award

            –           International Male Solo Artist

            –           International Female Solo Artist

            –           International Group

As well as the above, there are Special Achievement
Awards. These include the Global Success Award, the Outstanding Contribution to
Music Award and the British Icon Award. Each ceremony features at least one
Special Achievement Award.

When it comes to betting on the BRIT Awards,
you’re simply betting on the winners of the individual categories. The process
to determine the nominees in each category is quite lengthy. To qualify, an act
needs to have released music in the 14 months prior to the upcoming ceremony. A
list of all albums released in the qualifying period, as well as the top
thousand selling singles, is compiled with data supplied by the Official Charts
Company. The full list of eligible artists, albums and singles are presented to
the Voting Academy, which is made up of around a thousand people actively
working in the British music industry. Publishers, singers, producers, agents
and managers form the Academy; all winners of the previous year’s ceremony are
permitted to vote as well. Academy members use a secure voting website to make
their selections for each category. These votes are used to determine each
category’s the shortlist and, of course, the eventual winner.

However, there are a handful of awards that are
voted for by the public. The nominees are still determined by the Voting
Academy, but the final winner’s decided on the night by viewers at home. The
two awards whose winners are decided by the public are British Breakthrough Act
and British Artist Video of the Year.

Since 2014, ITV has aired a launch show called
‘The BRITs Are Coming’. This is broadcast the month before the main ceremony
takes place and reveals the artists, albums and singles that have been
nominated across all of the categories. During this hour-long show, the winner
of the Critics’ Choice Award is revealed; this is the only award whose winner
is revealed before the main ceremony.

Understanding BRIT Awards Betting

Awards betting odds tend to be in favour of the acts that have enjoyed
significant amounts of both critical and commercial success in recent years. In
fact, a lot of the time the ceremony tends to be rather predictable. Some acts
will receive nominations in multiple categories. Every year, there’s been at
least one act that has scooped more than one award.

For many categories, bookies will often have a
clear favourite, with the other nominees having noticeably worse odds of
scooping a win. If you’re familiar with contemporary British music, you should
be able to have a good guess at who’s going to win.

Should you decide to bet on the two publicly
voted categories (British Breakthrough Act and British Artist Video of the
Year), bear in mind it’s not a group of industry professionals who vote for
these. The winners of these two categories are usually the most popular and
relevant nominees. When placing your bet, think about which nominee is likely
to get more votes from the public. The bigger and more well known act is, the
more likely they are to win. For British Artist Video of the Year especially,
acts with large fan bases tend to fare well; you may well want to take in the
nominees’ social media presence when deciding who to bet on.

When Is The Best Time To Bet On The
BRIT Awards?

If you’re looking to bet on the BRIT Awards, you’ll have to wait until January. This is
when the nominees are formally revealed and betting officially opens. Most
categories have five nominees to choose from. However, the British Single of
the Year and British Artist Music Video of the Year categories both have ten
nominees. From the time the nominees are revealed, you’ll have around a month
or so to get your bets placed.

You should have no problems finding the UK online
sportsbooks and betting shops that offer betting markets for the BRIT Awards.
No matter what you’re betting on, it’s always good to compare what odds
different bookies have to offer. After all, you may well find a bookie that
offers better odds than the one you’re currently signed up to.

Generally speaking, you should get your bets
placed sooner rather than later. Odds for certain categories can shorten as the
event gets closer. If you place bets right before the ceremony, your pay-out
for winning may not be as large as it would have been if you’d placed your bets
a few weeks earlier. Plenty of UK bookies should start offering BRIT Awards betting opportunities as
soon as the nominees have been revealed.

Betting Tips

For betting on the BRIT Awards, the best tip is
simply to have a good knowledge of the British music scene. If you’re aware of
who the big artists are and what all the biggest singles and albums have been
in the past year, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions. If you have
no idea who or what the nominations are, you won’t be as likely to back the
winner. With the BRITS, it’s more often than not the more commercially successful
acts that end up winning. When deciding who or what to vote for, think about
which of the nominees have been the most popular and impactful over the last
year. Most of the winners are acts that have experienced significant amounts of
chart success, whether it’s with singles, albums or both.

Having said that, not every single category at
every ceremony has been predictable. As with any kind of awards ceremony,
there’s always the chance that a favourite will fail to win and that a nominee
with worse odds will end up winning instead. Some categories, such as British
Album of the Year and British Male/Female Solo Artist are nearly always
predictable; others, such as the public-voted British Artist Video of the Year
and the International categories can sometimes be harder to predict.

So if you’re keen to bet on the BRIT Awards,
make sure you’re familiar with the nominees and how much success they’ve had
over the past year. Also, think about which of the nominees people who actively
work in the music industry would likely vote for.

History Of The BRIT Awards and

The BRIT Awards can trace its history all the
way back to 1977. The very first edition of the ceremony was held to honour the
Queen’s Silver Jubilee and was in fact called ‘The BRITish Record Industry
BRITannia Awards’. The ceremony took place in October and was broadcast on ITV;
it was initially intended to be a one-off event.

In 1982, the British Phonographic Industry
(BPI) decided to relaunch the awards ceremony, but this time as an annual event.
The three ceremonies from 1982-1984 inclusive weren’t actually televised at
all. From 1985 to 1992, the ceremonies were broadcast by the BBC, with all
editions from 1993 onwards broadcast by ITV.

A name change came in 1989 when the ceremony
was rebranded as ‘The BRIT Awards’. There have been many other changes over the
years. For example, the line-up of categories has been altered a few times and
some years the show’s been pre-recorded, though from 2007 onwards it’s been
broadcast live. There have also been numerous hosts and different venues over
the years. Since 2011, the ceremony’s been held at The O2 Arena, with comedian
and actor Jack Whitehall having hosted the two most recent editions.

The ceremony’s biggest winner is Robbie
Williams, who’s collected a total of 18 BRIT Award statuettes to this day.
Thirteen of these have been in recognition of his solo career, while five were
awarded to him as part of Take That. Other successful acts include Adele and
Coldplay (nine awards each), Annie Lennox, Coldplay and Harry Styles (eight
awards each), and Arctic Monkeys, One Direction and Paul McCartney (seven
awards each).

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