Updated Updated: May 5, 2020

Betting on BAFTA Awards

Betting on BAFTA 2020 is now closed

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BAFTA 2020 Betting Odds – Analysis, What to Bet On, Predictions

The BAFTA 2020 awards recognize the best of films and television. It includes British material as well as international pieces.

When nominations were announced Betfair and William Hill online bookies included Best Film and Outstanding British Film categories as betting material. Others, like Betway and 888.com, also included the best actor, actress, and director.

Best Film

This year, the nominees included the following movies (with odds from William Hill):

  • 1917: 1/3 – WINNER OF BAFTA 2020 ⭐
  • The Irishman: 10/1
  • Parasite: 9/2
  • Joker: 12/1
  • Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood: 5/1

Although the time of this writing is January 11th, bettors are already moving their preferences. Although every bookie handles its odds independently, the trends are already showing some patterns and a lack of them.

Before the Golden Globes Ceremony, the Joker film was the favourite. Due to the outstanding performance of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker, many people expected this movie to be the winner of the Golden Globes but it was not the case. This made betters doubt.

For the other movies, the situation is different as there is not a clear pattern yet. Thus, we have that at Betfair the odds for Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood are at 9/4 and both William Hill and 888.com have the odds at 4/1.

Then, it is Parasite with odds in Betfair in 3/1 and both William Hill and 888.com at 7/2. However, the film Joker seems to be in a similar place for 888.com and William Hill at 10/1 and 9/1 at Betfair.

 Outstanding British Film

In this category, the nominees are (with current odds from William Hill):

  • 1917: 1/10 – WINNER OF BAFTA 2020 ⭐
  • The Two Popes: 7/1
  • Rocketman: 7/1
  • Sorry We Missed You: 16/1
  • Bait: 25/1
  • For Sama: 16/1

For the film 1917, the odds are 11/50 in Betfair and 1/10 in William Hill and 888.com, which unveils that there is not a clear preference yet. Then, Rocketman and The Two Popes seem to be competing for the same place with 7/1 each in William Hills and 8/1 vs. 5/1 in Betfair.

For the movie Bait, there is also a big difference as in Bet fair the odds are set in 13/1 and William Hill has it in 25/1. For the film Sorry We Missed You, Betfair place the odds in 9/1 and William Hill has it in 16/1. All these numbers show that there is not a clear preference for other movies to win.

Best Actor, Actress, and Director

888.com also included bets for these categories and currently, their odds are as follows:

Best Leading Actor:

  • Joaquin Phoenix (Joker): 1/20 – WINNER OF BAFTA 2020 ⭐
  • Taron Egerton (Rocketman): 7/1
  • Adam Driver (Marriage Story): 10/1
  • Jonathan Price (The Two Popes): 20/1
  • Leonardo Di Caprio Once (Upon a Time…In Hollywood): 20/1

Best Leading Actress:

  • Rene Zellweger (Judy): 1/20 – WINNER OF BAFTA 2020 ⭐
  • Charlize Theron (Bombshell): 7/1
  • Scarlett Johansson (Marriage Story): 7/1
  • Saoirse Ronan (Little Women): 14/1
  • Jessie Buckley (Wild Rose): 25/1

Best Director:

  • Sam Mendez (1917): 3/10 – WINNER OF BAFTA 2020 ⭐
  • Bong Joon Ho (Parasite): 5/2
  • Martin Scorsese (The Irishman): 10/1
  • Quentin Tarantino: (Upon a Time…In Hollywood): 10/1
  • Todd Phillips (Joker): 20/1

As always, this year there were some surprising nominees and other nominations that were highly anticipated also entered the lists. Thus, this year there is plenty of excitement for the entire audience and plenty of options to place your bets!

Understanding BAFTA Betting Odds

Looking at BAFTA betting odds is easy, as a lot of British bookmakers will only give you the opportunity to bet on the outcome of each award. This means that you can see a standard betting layout, with the favourites to win always offering you the least opportunity to win big.

With the 2019 awards ceremony, we saw the likes of Bodyguard going for Best Drama Series with 10/11, Sandra Oh going for Leading Actress with 7/4 and Hugh Grant going for Leading Actor with 5/4. We would highly recommend that you pay attention to who the bookmakers are hedging their bets with and bet accordingly.

The BAFTA Awards – Overview

bafta award
The BAFTA award, designed by Mitzi Cunliffe

In the United Kingdom, we are all familiar with the work of BAFTA.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts hosts an annual awards ceremony and stand as an independent arts charity, celebrating all that the country has to offer both nationally and internationally.

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If we take a quick glance at the history of the awards ceremony, we can see that BAFTA betting 2019 was the most popular that it has ever been, and we expect that that growth will be reflected over the coming years.

If you are thinking about betting on the BAFTA awards, then this helpful guide should help you to place educated bets.

Quick Facts

  • The BAFTA film nominations were announced Jan. 7
  • Betting on BAFTA is now open
  • The 2020 BAFTAs award ceremony is set to take place Feb. 2

The BAFTA awards ceremony has been held in the United Kingdom for decades and British bookmakers have been offering the very best BAFTA odds for most of them. Naturally, the main aim of the independent arts charity is to further the advancement of home-grown talent and give artists the recognition that they deserve, whilst promoting the very best in film, games and television.

Like many of the most prestigious events and awards ceremonies in the United Kingdom, the BAFTA’ s are held in London. There are two different ceremonies throughout the course of the year, as the awards for both film and television are presented at different times of the year. This has only been happening since just before the turn of the millennia, and the awards were previously hosted at the same time.

Hosting the BAFTA’s

The BAFTA’ s are always hosted by a beloved British presenter or comedian. Stephen Fry left such an impression as the presenter that he held the role for more than a decade, making audiences full of British celebrities laugh with his quick comments.

Betting on the BAFTAs Guide

When you start to look at the world of BAFTA betting, you will quickly realise that British bookmakers quite literally have all of the angles covered. You can bet on the outcome of the awards that are being presented, including Best Director and Best Picture, or you can bet on national awards that showcase the very best in British film and television.

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✅ Quick TIP! If you take a look at the trends of the past few years, you will be able to see that the people who win the BAFTAs have a habit of then picking up awards at the Oscars. If you like to bet on these prestigious events, then you could use the outcome of the BAFTA’ s as a foundation for placing your bets on the Oscars.

Betting on BAFTA – Tips

As award season takes precedent and the nominees are announced, some of the people who you should hedge your bets with will be strikingly obvious. But, others won’t. Here are some of the things that we believe you should do to improve your chances:

✅Watch the Bookmakers

Remember the British bookmakers have the best minds in the business setting their odds. This means that they look at a number of different statistics when determining how likely it is that a celebrity or team will be taking an award home. If someone is really leading the way in terms of nominations and is standing as the current favourite, then it is quite likely that they will take the prestigious award home.

In 2019, the bookmakers got most of their predictions right:

  • Rami Malek took home the award for Best Actor for his performance as Freddie Mercury,
  • Olivia Colman took home Best Actress for her role in The Favourite,
  • Alfonso Cuaron took home Best Director for Roma.

One option that the bookmakers did get wrong was Best Film, as they hedged their bets on The Favourite and Roma took home the award.

✅Research Prestigious Awards Shows

Sometimes we can see trends when it comes to the actors, actresses, directors and teams who are taking home the most awards. For example, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water took home a number of awards in different categories during the 2018 awards season. If we can see that there is a clear favourite, then we can usually hedge our bets with these.

A Brief History of the BAFTAs

movie film

When the British Academy of Film and Television Arts was formed in 1947, no one would have guessed just how prestigious the BAFTAs would become. Originally a single ceremony, the BAFTAs were split into two at the end of the 1990′ s. The split involved both television and film awards being presented separately.

The Icon

The main icon of this lucrative awards ceremony would have to be the famous gold mask that pretty much everyone recognises. It was originally designed by Mitzi Cunliffe back in the 1950s, and the first ever bronze BAFTA was presented to Sir Charles Chaplin. It has since become an international symbol for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts that is recognised around the world.

The Awards

A number of different awards are handed out annually at the BAFTA’ s, and there are multiple categories that you can place your bets in. The outcomes of some of these categories are easier to spot than others, but the bookmakers are usually good at predicting the outcomes of awards ceremonies.

Some of the categories that you can bet on include:

🎬Best Film

One of the hardest categories to predict the outcome of the BAFTA’ s would have to be the Best Film category. This is because films of many different genres have gone on to win the lucrative award, including The King’s Speech and Gladiator.

Try to remember that international media is a massive hit at the BAFTA’ s, but some awards are strictly for British film and television.

🎬Best British Film

It just wouldn’t be the BAFTA’ s without a few awards that are strictly held for British film and television.

Some of our favourite winners in the past have included The Theory of Everything and Skyfall, as British film wouldn’t be British film without James Bond.

🎬Best Animated Film

One of the best things about animation as a category is the fact that it grows annually.

Each year, new technology is being developed that furthers the world of animation, and the bar is set higher and higher. In the past, films like Brave and Happy Feet have taken home this award.

🎬Best Drama Series

In the United Kingdom, new dramas are constantly being developed and a number of incredible performances have come from them. Dr Who, Sherlock and even Peaky Blinders have taken home this award in the past.

🎬Best Actor

A number of legendary actors have taken home this award, but actors including Jude Law and Alan Rickman have also been lucky enough to take home the coveted award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

This category is the harder of the two to predict, as an actor has to truly shine to make a lasting impression in a supporting role.

🎬Best Actress

We have a number of phenomenal home-grown female actresses who are known across the world, which explains why Judi Dench and Helen Mirren have gone on to win this award in the past.

International actresses, including Emma Stone and Julia Roberts have also won this award for their leading performances.

🎬Best Fellowship

Perhaps the most prestigious award that one can win, the delightful Academy Fellowship stands as a lifetime achievement award.

This award is coveted, and it is the highest honour that can be presented by the British Academy of Film and Television.

This award can be received across all film, television and games categories, and in the past it has been bestowed upon the likes of Michael Caine, David Attenborough and Judi Dench.

Betting on the BAFTAs – Summary

There you have it, betting on the BAFTA’ s in the United Kingdom is really easy to do and there are plenty of different categories that you can choose from, depending on your own preferences. The nominees will usually be announced at the very start of the year, giving you plenty of time to choose from your own favourites and to look at who the bookmakers are placing their bets on.

Remember that the BAFTA’ s film and television ceremonies are not televised live, but an edited version of the highlights from the BAFTA’ s can be watched after the events. Luckily, bookmakers will keep you up to date on what’s happening.


You can start to bet on the BAFTA’ s as soon as the nominees are announced. Different bookmakers will start to offer different deals, and we would highly recommend that you shop around.

The BAFTA nominees are announced in January, giving you plenty of time to start placing bets before the awards. In the run up to the nominations being announced, some bookmakers might let you bet on who the nominations will be.

The ceremony takes place at the beginning of February.

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