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Great British Bake Off 2019 Betting Sites

The Great British Bake Off 2019 began on Tuesday, August 27. This time it is 13 contestants taking to the tent.

great british bake off 2019 team
Great British Bake Off 2019 contestants – the youngest team yet

The early betting favourite is Alice, a 28-year-old geography teacher, who tops the odds at 11/2.

Alice28Geography TeacherEssex11/2
Amelia (left in week 3)24Sportswear DesignerYorkshire6/1
Michael26Theatre Manager/Fitness InstructorStratford7/1
David36Health AdvisorLondon15/2
Jamie (left in week 2)20Part-time WaiterSurrey8/1
Michelle35Print Shop AdministratorTenby10/1
Phil (left in week 4)56HGV DriverEssex10/1
Rosie28Veterinary SurgeonSomerset10/1
Steph28Shop AssistantChester10/1
Henry20University StudentDurham12/1
Priya34Marketing ConsultantLeicester12/1
Dan (left in week 1)32Support WorkerYorkshire14/1
Helena40Project ManagerLeeds14/1

great british bake off winner odds

Great British Bake Off – How Does it Work?

For those who donโ€™t know what the Great British Bake Off, the concept is very straightforward.

It essentially sees a group of amateur bakers battle it out by performing a series of three baking tasks:

  • a signature bake,
  • a technical challenge,
  • and a show-stopper.

Each week one contestant is removed and one is awarded the star baker of that week.

Welcome Jimmy

Finale Format

Over a series of weeks, different contestants are eliminated until they reach the final, where there are just three bakers left. In the finale, these three then go head to head to head for the chance to win the prize of the ultimate baker.

 If you have ever watched an episode of MasterChef, then the concept
is very familiar except that the concept revolves around baking as opposed to
full-blown cooking. Naturally, with this competition concept in mind, how bets
on Great British Bake Off work is clearly apparent.

Great British Bake Off 2019 – What Can You Bet On?

Naturally, you are now wondering how exactly can you bet on the Great British Bake Off? Well, like any competition, sports or on TV, you can bet on every element the shows offer. The first example is naturally the outright winner when the show reaches the finale, as well as will be the finalists in the competition.

Before this though, every week there will be two elements in which you can bet on:

  1. Who will be the next person to go out of the competition
  2. Who will be that weekโ€™s Star Baker

As there are three separate tasks each week as well, this means that there are three bets you can place during each show, for example, who will win that weekโ€™s showstopper challenge.

Other types of bets

These are the fundamentals of the show, but the show is very quirky in its nature and so is the betting. There may be, therefore, little bets based on inside jokes of the show. These may revolve around contestants or the presenters clothing, speech elements of the show (as innuendos are very popular), or the items that the contestants will be asked to bake.

As well as these in-competition bets, there are also other bets that revolve around other areas of the seriesโ€™ production. These were most prevalent back in 2017 when the show moved from the BBC to Channel 4.

A number of main elements of the show, such as its presenters and one of the judges, left the show in protest. During this time, there was a lot of betting action about who would be their replacements. If a cast member leaves again in the future, you can expect a resurgence in this style of betting.

Great British Bake Off 2019 jury

Betting Tips and Strategy

If you are a big fan of the show, then this is naturally going to be a big asset for placing bets on the Great British Bake Off.

This is because knowing the contestants and who the judges are favouring is going to help you a lot as ultimately, unlike some other shows you can bet on, such as Strictly Come Dancing or Britainโ€™s Got Talent, it all comes down to the judges.

  • With this in mind, paying attention to who is the Star Baker each week will give you a good insight to who is going to reach the final and ultimately, who is going to win.

  • Watching it can also help you notice who is the weakest baker or who hasnโ€™t the calibre and thus, will likely go out before long.

As mentioned, when it comes to the quirks of the show, this can also only be noted by actually watching the show for yourself.

Aside from watching it, there are two other ways that can assist your bets on the Great British Bake Off:

1 The first is social media because, as mentioned, the show is massively popular, so even if you donโ€™t watch it people will be tweeting or Facebooking about it or memes may appear on Instagram that might be able to assist you.

2 The second is just looking at the Great British Bake Off betting odds, but again, this wonโ€™t give you the major insight into the inner-workings of the show.

Where Can You Bet?

To find the betting options you will have to look within your chosen betting sites sportsbook. Here you will find a list of different events.

Depending on the layout of your sports betting site, you will find either a section for โ€œSpecialsโ€ or โ€œTV Bettingโ€. Within one of these two categories, if your betting venue offers it, you will be able to find the options to bet on the Great British Bake Off.

Before you place your first bet on the Great British Bake Off though, you want to make sure that their betting selection is suitable enough to get an enjoyable experience out of betting on the show.

This means that alongside offering options for the winner, they have the options mentioned above, including Star Baker, who is going out and of course, the quirky bets the show throws up.

Of course, they wonโ€™t be there all year round and will only be added when the show is actually being broadcast on television. As such, stayed tuned for the show to come around again for your chance to place bets on the Great British Bake Off.

History of the Great British Bake Off  

The show kicked off back in 2010 and on its conception even the most avid and risky bettor would not have predicted that it would become such the television spectacle it is today.

It quickly evolved over its two seasons and moved from BBC Two to BBC One where it really took off and became a household tv name and watched by millions across the country.

Awards and recognition

During its nine-year history, it has picked up its fair share of awards, with the show and its cast winning Baftas, National TV awards and Rose Dโ€™ors.

As well as this, various other shows with a similar quaint approach have popped up as a result and international spin-offs have launched across the world. Not to mention, the various charity specials and the professional versions of the show.

Influence on the British culture

Its influence has been felt outside the television business too and has become a significant part of British culture with it being attributed to a new-wave baking fad within the UK by the general public.

Many of the showโ€™s winners have also managed to cement themselves a bigger presence in the public eye. Most notably, Nadiya Hussain, who now appears on various UK TV shows.

Its other eight winners over the time have been Edd Kimber, Joanne Wheatley, John Whaite, Frances Quinn, Nancy Birtwhistle, Candice Brown, Sophie Faldo, and Rahul Mandal.


Amusingly, despite the shows lighthearted nature and friendly approach to the competition, the show has thrown up a series of different controversies over its time.

These include fans being angered by perceived favouritism of judges to some contestants, overuse of innuendo (which has become a token of the show), and an incident of supposed sabotage known as โ€œbingateโ€.

All of which pales in comparison to its use move to Channel 4, which many were worried would ruin the show and saw several members leave the show. However, ultimately, it still remains a fan favourite.


Over the showโ€™s duration, this has varied. However, generally, it has ranged between 10-14.

Most recently, it has been set at 13 contestants in total.

Of course, this is reflective of the number of contestants.

Most commonly, there are around 10 or 11 episodes each series though, including the final.

Of course, this gives you plenty of room to place bets on the Great British Bake Off as the competition progresses.

No, not at all.

It is all based on the judgeโ€™s perception, as well as the look of the baked product.

As such, practically anyone will be able to watch the show and be able to place a bet on the Great British Bake off successfully with reasonable ease.

It depends on the country, but you should be able to, permitting you are at a casino with a large UK audience and there are no laws forbidding you doing so. Of course, watching the show is also an enjoyable part of the betting, not to mention a way to make predicting correctly easier. As such, if you want to bet, you will likely want to be able to watch the show TV which might be a bit more difficult. However, loads of country have different versions of the show, so even if you canโ€™t bet on the Great British Bake Off, you might be able to bet on your countryโ€™s equivalent.

This is hard to say but likely is because of its lighthearted nature, its accessibility to a wide range of audiences and its unpredictability. In an age where social reality television is very fake, its wholesome approach is very refreshing and relatable, making it the ideal break from a stressful world.

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