Players can take part in entertainment betting in several ways, including:

  • Online – either on desktop or mobile, players can place bets on their favourite entertainment shows through an online betting site any day any time so long as the betting period is still open.
  • By call – players with betting accounts in the UK can ring a bookmaker and place their bets. The transactions will be made through their betting accounts.
  • Casinos – players can also head to their casinos or bookmaker’s betting shops and make their bet on a betting slip and keep the receipt. The player won’t necessarily have to open an account with the casino. 

Why Play Entertainment Betting?

Some people are passionate and fascinated by sports such as football, rugby, and other sports. Others are attracted by casino games such as Bingo, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and the rest. Some are highly entertained by betting in both sports and casino games. But then, there is a significant number of people who are not passionate about either of the two options, which are the major categories in gambling. 

Entertainment betting is, well, for all the above groups of people, but most importantly, for the last group who find no passion or possess no interest in betting on neither sporting events and casino games nor any other form of futures betting. They now have the chance to bet on their favourite shows and big events, making sure they are not locked out of the fun, and they also have the opportunity to grab some cash as they enjoy their favourite entertainment shows.

It’s not easy to predict the success or failure of a popular reality show, who will win a popular talent show or who will win a national award, so entertainment betting also needs some knowledge, same as the usual betting. What makes entertainment betting a great alternative to casino games and the other forms of betting is that it gives novice players a less volatile environment to learn the ropes of online betting.

What Can Players Bet On?

Players have been offered a vast spectrum of entertainment options to bet on, from award shows and reality shows to talent shows. Brief examples of some shows and their tips are:

1. The Oscars 

Commonly known as The Academy Awards, Oscar Awards is one of the most glamorous annual events to celebrate the best performance in the film industry. The 92nd Oscar Awards will be held on the 9th of February 2020. It’s never too early to predict the outcome, and with less than six months to go, the markets are having plenty of movement in the Best Picture category.

Word has it that  The Last Thing He Wanted, a political thriller starring Anne Hathaway and Willem Dafoe is the most favourite film to scoop the award. The average betting odds for the movie in some top online sportsbook is 6/1, followed closely by The Irishman at 3/1 and The Laundromat at 4/1. These odds are subject to fluctuate over the coming times, but players advised to watch and follow the changes in the film industry, and they can gather tips and possible intel on the likely winners in each category.

2. The WWE

WWE is a privately controlled American entertainment company that has three main types of TV shows, namely The Monday Night Raw, SmackDown and NXT, each with different championships under it. For example, the NXT has a separate championship for English players. 

There are over 500 wrestling events in a year, and unlike other sports, WWE is based purely on entertainment and thus is scripted, and winners are pre-determined. Players do not need to consider the skills or past performances of a player when betting since anyone can win. Instead, the trick is to follow the script pattern. The previous treatment of a player, past events, past surprise stunts pulled by the scriptwriters and other attributes gained from closely following the show, are what players should follow to grab huge winnings.

3. The XFactor

The XFactor is a British music competition TV series that showcases the best musicians in both the UK and Ireland. There is always massive interest at who will emerge the winner and big suspense on the elimination weekends. As the anticipation builds each week, viewers take part in betting to increase the excitement. Players who place their bets early in the season tend to land the most enticing odds.

Players should choose the participant they think will win the competition but this not necessarily the outstanding performer at the beginning of the season. The primary point to consider – a trick that most top bookmakers use – is not the voice or performance of a participant, but the public perception. This plays a huge role in determining who wins the competition because it is the public who vote to keep the competitors in the race. 

The public and bookmakers are always favouriting with the contestants who keep improving each week. Bettors should watch out the trends and be able to analyse the public favourites. The players should then look at the bookmaker’s valuation on these contestants and find a value bet to place. Contestants who have big odds and have less media attention and public support are least likely to win.    

4.  Britain’s Got Talent (BGT)

Britain’s Got Talent is a TV talent show that showcases many different talents that compete to get an opportunity to perform on the Royal Variety Show every year. Players can bet on their favourite acts to win or the acts that will proceed or be eliminated at different stages. 

The most common way of betting on BGT is betting on the act contestant who will make it to the last round and emerge the grand winner as voted by the public. Players should be keen enough to identify the public’s favourite contestant as they are the ones with the most significant chance to win. Bookmakers try to base their valuation around the same concepts.

Players can also bet on the judge who will press the Golden Buzzer first. If a judge presses the buzzer, an act is sent from the auditions right to the semi-finals. Each judge can only push this once meaning only five acts are promoted to the later stages. This can also be used to identify the outstanding performances that can quickly receive the public’s support, and players who place their bets on these acts at such early stages have the opportunity to land very lucrative odds. 

Other bets are betting on which performers will make it to the semi-final and the final rounds, which will make it to the live show and subsequently which acts receive the highest votes and proceed after each round. There are many diverse acts and thus, many markets to bet on. Players only need to make prior observations and make informed decisions before betting. 

5.  The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is a popular TV show that showcases talent in baking with an exciting and creative format. The show is based on amateur bakers battling to win the grand prize. It’s relatively easy for players to identify the potential winner in the competition even in the early stages, as compared to talent shows. 

Similar to other TV shows, the best betting market with the highest odds on this show is wagering on the contestant who a player thinks will be crowned the overall winner. All qualified contestants are paraded to the public as an introduction at the beginning of the show, but this is not the ideal moment to place a bet on any of them. Players should wait till they have an opportunity to gather some knowledge on the skills of the contestants so that they can assess the best possible winner.  

Players can also place bets the baker to be eliminated and the star baker both which are available weekly. Additionally, players can also bet on further options like the baker who wins the weekly signature, the technical and the showstopper challenge, also done weekly. The earlier a player makes their bet, the better odds they land since the competition is still wide.

6. Strictly Come Dancing

This years Strictly Come Dancing show begins on Saturday 7th of September, marking the beginning of the 15th season. The dancing competition TV show is one of the popular TV shows in the UK that runs from September through to December. The show pits professional dancers who are partnered up with celebrities to compete in different dancing styles.

There are several great betting options to choose from from the show, and the most common one that most punters will be waiting for is to place bets on the outright winner. This type of bet will have very high odds in the first few weeks of the competition before the contestants start being eliminated since the show is highly competitive.

The show is no different from other popular talent shows. Players can go on and bet on the next contestants to be eliminated at each round and who makes it to the final round. Furthermore, players can bet on a further unique option that allows bets on the gender of the ultimate winner. The public votes for the contestants who they’d like to proceed to the next week and bettors should watch out for the couple who are backed by the public since they are the most likely to win.     

7. BBC Sports Personality of the Year

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) holds the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony every December. Eight awards are given at the ceremony including The Team of the Year, Coach of the Year and The Young Sports Personality of the year, with the oldest and most coveted being the Sports Personality of the Year award, Won by the most outstanding sports person across all sports. The awards are only for British sportsmen and women or foreigners who reside in the UK and have participated in their sports for a significant period.

The top five candidates in this year’s race for the precious award are:

  • Raheem Sterling – Football
  • Dina Asher-Smith – Athletics
  • Lewis Hamilton – Formula One racing
  • Tyson Fury – Boxing
  • Joe Root – Cricket   

These and many more TV events offer bettors an extra option to grab some cash while also having fun. Entertainment betting has a slightly different aspect that spices it up, making it more exciting and fun. With the gambling industry rapidly developing, players can now enjoy these types of bets at the comfort of their couch through mobile or desktop sites. 

With that said, bettors should make an effort to gain more knowledge on the shows they intend to bet on. Some shows are real, while others are scripted or pre-determined. Lack of such prior knowledge could lead to losses. Once equipped with the necessary knowledge, nothing can hinder players from delving into a free world of entertainment with a wide variety. Who doesn’t love fun?!.  

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