Updated Updated: January 26, 2023

Online Sports Betting & Betting Sites in Canada

Canadian sports devotees rejoice! If you ever happen to flunk when looking for the perfect betting site, don’t worry. Canadian betting sites are a dime a dozen, and within this number hide some gems you may have never heard of. Read More

For that reason, today’s lesson is on the leading betting sites Canada provides ─ and class is in session! You’ll learn everything there is to know about recent law regulations regarding online sports betting in the Great White North. In addition, we’ll present you with a list of the best sites to test your luck at.

The online betting market can be befuddling, so we want to make your job easier for you. Simply scroll down to understand basic betting terminology as well as read yours truly’s favourite betting tips and tricks.

With our sports betting Canada guide, you’ll finally learn how to place bets and take advantage of predetermined odds. Whether you prefer desktop or mobile betting, we’ve got you covered with the best online bookies for both.

So, if you’re ready to pave your path to the most recent odds and best welcome bonuses ─ let’s jump right in!

How to Pick the Best Betting Site

Choosing between all the betting websites in Canada is not an easy task. After all, there are several factors to take into account.

Do not fret, though, as we’ll walk you through them step by step! So, let’s learn about the crucial characteristics that distinguish a superb Canadian sports betting site:

How profitable the odds are

It ever so happens that you sign up with a betting site only to discover they lack in the odds department. Poor odds can negatively impact your money-making chances.

Therefore, you must strive to find current, up-to-date, and competitive odds on the market. You can even compare multiple Canadian sites to one another to see how they compare and do a bit of ‘line shopping’.

betpal sport mascot

The presence of promotional offers

Finding Canadian betting sites with competitive odds is great, but discovering ones with the latest odds and bonus offers better! Before signing up with a site, ensure they offer some valuable promo offers to players. 

Usually, online sportsbooks give away free bets to first-time players. Some sites reward their most loyal members with similar prizes, too. Whichever the case, receiving some sort of incentive to keep placing bets can significantly improve your enjoyment at the bookie.

Whether the site is mobile-friendly

For a full-on enjoyable betting session, it’s crucial that a bookie offers a mobile app or a mobile website. If a Canadian sports betting website doesn’t provide just as stellar services on mobile, it’s not worth your time or money.

Top 3 Betting Sites in Canada 

For the finest sports betting Canada experience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 online bookies. All licensed and regulated, they ensure safe play and joyful betting sessions for all Canucks! Check them out below:


Bettilt sports
In-play betting

Bettilt is a Canadian-based online bookie founded in 2015. In a span of a few years, this betting site managed to top the charts on various sportsbook review pages. The casino plus betting combo lets users place bets and then spin the reels of slot machines.

The sportsbook section offers in-play betting as well as placing wagers on various popular leagues, such as the NFL and the NBA. Of course, the bookie also endorses all the Canadian classics like cricket and ice hockey.


PowerPlay sports

Power Play is one of the best betting sites Canada provides. Once you claim your bonus, you can proceed to place bets on long-anticipated sports events. The sportsbook section also boasts a ‘Popular Bets’ section where players can have a first-hand look into frequently placed bets. 

This feature can help you find the best odds at the site! In addition, if you ever feel like spinning the reels, the site also offers a great casino sector. Boasting games from top-notch creators like Pragmatic Play, you’ll never feel your excitement dwindle at this leading sportsbook.

Sons of Slots

sons of slots
Sons of Slots sports
sons of slots
Live betting

Don’t let the name fool you – the Son of Slots sportsbook comprises both an online casino and a betting site in one place. Offering a wide selection of reputable payment methods, players can make their pick from popular card issuers and e-wallets. 

The bookie also endorses all the top leagues, such as the NHL, the Premier League, and so forth. The odds are updated on a day-to-day basis, and bet placing is easy as pie. If you are someone who seeks a go-to Canadian sports betting site, Sons of Slots is a top pick!

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

As of August 2021, placing single bets is legal in Canada*. However, the term ‘legal’ shouldn’t be taken too loosely. This law merely means every province can separately decide the fate of online bookies.

According to the Canadian federal government, Canadian bettors spend around C$4 billion each year at offshore betting sites. Not only did this prevent industry growth within the country’s borders, but it was also impossible to tax this money.

✅ So, the federal government decided to legalize betting on single sports events. This is a huge step up from before when only parlay bets were legal.

Plus, the authorization of single bets will start raking in significant revenue that will be subject to taxation.

*Ontario: Starting from April 4, 2022, Ontario launched its new licensing regime, according to which only entities licensed in Ontario can offer gaming services to residents of Ontario.

Best Sports Betting App 

As the online gambling industry grows, so does the number of betting sites Canada has to offer. Popular sites such as LeoVegas now have mobile apps that integrate the best betting features one can find on a desktop.

leovegas app

LeoVegas is a casino and bookie combo with arguably the best odds in Canada. Having been an industry leader for so long, the site knows its way around the favourite Canadian sports and their odds. Bettors can place stakes on sports leagues like NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. In addition, the bookie will reward you with a generous welcome bonus for joining!

Casumo Casino is one of the best betting sites Canada offers. Thanks to its user-friendly design and flawless game graphics, the brand is favoured by many. And as per request from Casumo devotees, the bookie now offers an app for iOS and Android. Players can make their pick from the most popular Canadian sports: cricket, cycling, darts, ice hockey – the list goes on!

How to Bet Online – Glossary 

When placing your first bet, you may find yourself bewildered by all the different betting types and slang phrases. Therefore, we’ve put together this glossary with the most important terminology. Feel free to use this list as a reference when you encounter an unfamiliar word.

To get started, we’ll first explain the 3 types of odds:

  1. Fractional (British) odds – most often found at British betting sites, these odds are typically displayed like this: 5/1 (five to one). This odds format is the most popular among the 3. In this case, five-to-one odds means you’ll win C$6 for every C$1 you gamble, plus you’ll get the amount you wagered back.

  2. Decimal (European) odds – This odds format is most popular in Canada, as well as the majority of European countries. The odds are presented in decimals, and the smaller value represents the top dog:
    – Team 1: 5.00
    – Team 2: 3.00
    These odds mean that you’ll win the value displayed for every C$1 you bet.

  3. American (moneyline) odds – This type of odds is popular in the United States. The format calls for a top dog and an underdog accompanied by a plus (+) and minus (-) value, respectively. This is what a moneyline bet may look like:
    Team 1: +100
    Team 2: -100
    The number accompanied by a minus sign indicates how much you must wager to receive your payout (amount won plus initial stake). The number accompanied by a plus sign indicates how much you’ll win if you bet C$100.

Now that we’ve explained the various types of odds formats, we can get into other crucial terminology:

  • Accumulator/parlay – A bet that consists of multiple bets that, when won, accumulate more money. If one of these bets is lost, you lose the entire accumulator.
  • Against The Spread – A phrase for placing a bet on a point spread.
  • Bookmaker – The person or online bookie that places the odds for each game.
  • Bankroll – Your online bookie balance, a.k.a. money you’ve deposited into your account.
  • Betting unit – The size or worth of a bet.
  • Bonus – A promotion offered by online sportsbooks that can come in different shapes and sizes (welcome bonus, free bets, deposit matches, etc.).
  • Flat betting – Betting the same amount of money every time regardless of your bankroll size.
  • Handicapper – A person that predicts the winner of each game by taking into account team standings.
  • Kelly Criterion – A bankroll management strategy that helps bettors minimize losses and maximize winnings.
  • In-Play betting – Also called live betting, it means you place a bet at the game unfolds on your screen.
  • ROI – An acronym for Return On Investment, a.k.a. profit made off of a bet. Usually, this amount is calculated with the following formula: [(Total payout / Total amount bet) -1)] x 100.

Tips for Betting Online

Online betting is no rocket science. However, all experienced bettors have a go-to tactic for winning a stake. Whether following the Kelly Criterion model or practising flat betting, you will encounter a cold streak if you don’t develop your own strategy. 

Here are some tips to get you on your way to developing the ultimate winning tactic:

  1. Keep track of every bet – We recommend creating an Excel sheet or downloading one off of the internet where you’ll write all your placed bets. Then, one by one, you’ll track their outcome and how much you’ve won/lost. This will help you predict the outcomes of future games as well as give you insight into which strategies tend to fail.

  2. Place single bets. Parlays are recommended for more experienced players, whereas single bets are superb for betting novices. Placing single bets will help you minimize your losses and increase your winning chances.

  3. Implement the flat betting strategy – To keep track of the money you make or lose, we recommend choosing a set bet size. Furthermore, if you’re just starting out in the world of betting, consider wagering 1%-3% of your bankroll, but not more or less.

  4. Place bets on favourites – Statistics show that favourites have almost a 60% chance of winning in some leagues. And while betting on the top dog will earn you less money, your chances of winning are higher. However, betting on underdogs poses a high risk, but it can result in loss of profit.


Betting on sports means placing a wager on your preferred team and waiting for the outcome of the game. If your team wins, you win the bet plus your initial stake. If they lose, you lose the money you invested in the bet.

Fractional odds denote the ratio of profit to the bet size; decimal odds represent how much one will win if they invest C$1; moneyline odds either represent how much one has to bet to win C$100 (top dogs) or the profit one would make if they bet C$100.

Single sports betting or single bets means betting on the outcome of a single event.

A parlay (also known as an accumulator) is a bet that comprises multiple wagers and its worth is multiplied with every bet.

A moneyline bet denotes the top dog and the underdog of a game. The bettor places a wager on who they think will win the game.