When Will Alien Existence Be Proven? Betting Odds

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Updated Updated: October 23, 2019
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Betting on alien existence is not the first thing which comes to mind when one thinks of betting. In fact, most of the time people think that betting is limited to sports such as football, horse racing or basketball.

But in reality, bookmakers provide a much wider range of betting options and one of those categories are novelty/speciality bets.

Here, one can place bets which are both quite uncommon and… ridiculous at the same time. But nonetheless, novelty and speciality bets have gained a lot of popularity amongst the UK audience, as the subjects are simply fun and, if lucky, can boost players’ bank accounts significantly.

Betting on Alien Existence to be Proven

One thing found in novelty categories which have been available to bet on for a while now is alien existence, more specifically, the time when alien existence will be proven.

Humans have always had an obsession with the existence of these small green extra-terrestrial beings (at least this is how we all have imagined it) and has been a subject of debate for a very long time.

So, it comes to no surprise that bookmakers took advantage of this hot topic and made it available for people to be bet on. Over the years the odds on this have gone up and down depending on various circumstances such as sightings, videos going viral on social media and even presidents being elected. 

But What Are the Odds That Aliens Actually Exist?

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When will alien extraterrestrial life be proven? Settled on the sitting President of the USA making a statement confirming without doubt the existence of alternative, intelligent life beings from another planet.

Odds could have been as high as 1000/1 back in the day but saw a drastic fall to around 20/1 in 2016 during the US Presidential election. This was a result of Hilary Clinton declaring she would get to the bottom of extra-terrestrials halfway through her campaign.

Bookies slashed the odds down once again in 2018 after numerous airline pilots reported UFO sightings. This spread all over social media causing the odds to fall to 5/1 in November 2018.

Although the odds may not be as high as they once were, one can still bet on when alien existence will be proven. For example, bookmaker PaddyPower offers odds at 2/1 for alien existence being proven in 2019 and odds at 3/10 of it happening in 2020 or later.

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