What Casino Superstitions Players Believe In?

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Updated Updated: September 10, 2020
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Keeping our fingers crossed for good luck, knocking on unpainted wood or believing in bad luck brought by a black cat – superstitions accompany us every day. We believe in the power of superstitions, especially where we have to be at the mercy or disgrace of fate. 

Casinos are places where we luck is as much needed as nowhere else. No wonder the gambling world is full of superstitions and customs that are supposed to bring good luck. Check what are the most popular casino superstitions and beliefs.

Casino Superstitions – What Brings Bad Luck?

⇨ Number 13

Thirteen is considered an unlucky number by most of us, but casino players especially try to avoid it. Thirteen should not appear in the bets placed, on the 13th of the month it is better not to play, and the casino with this number in the address will certainly be unlucky. It is worth knowing that in some countries the number 13 is not unlucky, but 17! The people of Italy believe in the unluckiness of the seventeen.

⇨ Counting money/chips

Many players are convinced that counting money or tokens has an unlucky effect on the further course of the game. If you want to take your luck away, leave yourself counting winnings for later.

⇨ A 50-dollar note

Bad luck money? At least that’s what some American players think. In many casinos, $50 notes are not used to exchange or withdraw a chip. The superstition comes from the legend that gangsters used to put a 50-dollar note into the pockets of their victims, whose bodies were buried in the desert. Thankfully, in an online casino, it’s hard to imagine this scenario…

Good Luck Casino Superstitions

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Among the many superstitions, there was also a belief in things that should bring happiness in the game. What things are considered lucky?

⇨ Number 7

If there is an unlucky number, it must also be lucky! And this is what the seven is considered to be.

⇨ Blowing on the dice

This action is to make the numbers appear on the dice during the roll. Some players rub their dice against their hands or ask someone they think is lucky to be blown at them. Well, imagine doing that when playing online – no one said you can’t blow at the virtual dice, right?

⇨ Red colour

This colour is considered lucky by many. Players should be helped by wearing red underwear or an outfit of this colour. The genesis of this belief comes from Chinese beliefs, where red is considered a colour that brings good luck, good luck and big money. Consider this colour the next time you play roulette!

As you can see, there are many superstitions that are supposed to bring bad luck or luck. Their use will certainly not hurt, and who knows, maybe some of them will work for you?

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