WBSC 02-17 Nov 2019 | Tips, Odds and Live Streaming

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Updated Updated: November 22, 2019

The World Baseball and Softball confederation’s tournament Premier 12 is about to take place, we get to follow the top Baseball teams from all around the world competing for the title.

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The WBSC Premier 12 is the top competition for international baseball with all 12 top teams competing. It’s a relatively new tournament that had it’s first competition back in 2015 in Taiwan and Japan. This year we can follow the tournament starting on the 2nd of November, the tournament takes places in different co-operating countries, this year we see games being held in Japan, Korea, Mexico and Taipei.

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Background of the WBSC Premier 12

The WBSC’s Premier 12 tournament is quite new on the international field. With only 1 tournament held so far we haven’t gotten to see that many winners yet. It all started back in 2013 when the IBAF merged with the ISF to create the WBSC, this because Baseball and Softball was now considered the same sport but with two different disciplines. Before this we had the Baseball World Cup as the sport’s world championship but wit this the new Premier 12 was created. As baseball and softball was removed from the summer Olympics they tried to boost the popularity for the sport with this tournament that is held every 4 years.

The 12 teams competing in this year’s tournament are as follows (with ranking):

1. Japan (3rd in the 1st Premier 12 series)
2. USA (2nd of the last Premier 12 series)
3. South Korea (Current champions of the Premier 12 series)
4. Chinese Taipei
5. Cuba
6. Mexico
7. Australia
8. Netherlands
9. Venezuela
10. Canada
11. Puerto Rico
12. Dominican Republic

Who will win the tournament?

As with every big international competition we have countries competing to the fullest to acquire the title as champions. As baseball is not as big as other sports around the world we can expect to see the same countries in the top unless something unexpected was to happen.

WBSC betting odds

We have compared odds from some of the biggest actors on the market and can see that they have Nr 1 ranked Japan as the favorites. The second favourite is definitely the USA and as the 3rd favourite championship winners South Korea are also expected to do well in this tournament.

These are the 3 favorites to win the competition, as we can see by the odds they don’t believe any other country to be able to level with the 3 baseball countries.

But if you look for other bets. The odds offered for Chinese Taipei to win the tournament are quite interesting.

Don’t miss all the fun this year’s Premier 12 has to offer, the competition is held every 4 years so if you are into baseball you better stay awake!  

WBSC live streaming

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