Volatility in Slots – Low, Medium & High Volatility Slot Machines

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Updated Updated: October 31, 2019

Ardent slot games lovers are drawn to different games for varying reasons. Some like to play for fun, huge jackpots entice others, and a good number are interested in the regular wins and bonuses.

What a significant number of players never consider when playing their favorite slot is the volatility of the game. Volatility plays a massive role in determining the entertainment or profitability of a game. So what is Volatility?

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Volatility – used interchangeably with variance, is a mathematical concept that is used in slot games to describe how risky a slot game is.

In other words, volatility tells a player the frequency and size of the payout of the slot.

The size of the wins and the frequency are what determines the classification of a slot as high, medium, or slow. Let’s dive into the depth of each of the sections and see the difference and examples.

High Volatility 

High volatility slots are those that have a great disparity between the massive wins and the regular payout amounts. These are the high risk, high adrenaline, and fast-paced games.

High variance games tend to pay out massive jackpots but on a low frequency. Seasoned, daring, and patient players are the best suited to play these types of games since they understand the variance and are sure of eventually winning big.

It’s imperative to understand that these games carry the biggest risk of any other slot machines. There are very high chances of players who opt in to spend huge amounts of cash over a short period of home and still go winless. That is why players are advised to budget accordingly. Many progressive slot games are of high volatility, and winning the jackpots won’t be as often as desired.

Examples of popular high variance slots are:

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Low Volatility

To the opposite of high variance slots, low volatility slots have an insignificant difference between the highest and the lowest payout amounts. These slots games are favorable to the amateur and beginners as well as players whose bankrolls are limited.

Low volatility slots are characterized by a high frequency of low payout amounts. Players who opt into these games hit plenty of small and medium-sized payouts in a relatively low-risk environment.

Since low variance slots are low-risk and pay more often, players should not expect massive wins but are confident that they will not have to spend long periods before hitting a winning combination. These games are full of action and bonus features, contrary to the perception that only high volatility slots are action-packed.

Examples of some popular low variance games are:

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Medium Volatility

As the title suggests, medium volatility – or mid volatility slots, are neither of high or of low variance. These games bridge the gap between the two levels and have the ability to offer occasional big jackpots as well as frequent low payouts.

Medium variance slots cater to a skilled, casual player whose bankroll is limited but has a taste for risk. The vast majority of slots in online casinos are of medium volatility.

It’s worth noting that there are games that are closer to high – or low volatility but are categorized as medium variance slots. These games are very unpredictable, and their performance is hard to determine.

The balance between the size of payouts and the frequency is not predictable. That’s the reason most gamblers accuse these games of lack of character.

Some of the best medium volatility games are:

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