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Updated Updated: September 24, 2020

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US Presidential Election 2020 – Winner Betting Odds

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The huge presence of the United States internationally is undeniable with global financial markets and international relations revolving around the country and you will be hard pushed to find a week in the news where the US doesn’t have a mention. It is due to this that the President of The United States is often referred to as the most powerful man in the world.

It is with this considered that the elections in the US are a massively anticipated event and this is reflective in betting markets as hundreds of people wager on who will next lead the states. Below you will find who is being favoured to lead the Nation next when the election rolls around in November according to odds from Skybet.

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Favourites to Win

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As always, the US Presidential election is a two-horse race between the candidates for the Republicans (the current party in control) and the Democrats.

Joe Biden – 8/13

The former Vice President of Barack Obama, Joe Biden is currently the lead runner going into the election at the moment in time.

The 77-year-old is the party nominee of the Democratic party after beating the liberal favourite, Bernie Sanders in the race to be become it by passing the 1,991-delegate threshold needed in order to secure the party’s nomination.

His popularity is largely fueled by the turbulent nature of the Trump administration that includes handling of the current global healthcare situation and most recently, the reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement.

As well as 8/13 odds of him being the President, his party, the Democrats, have 4/7 of being the winning party.

Donald Trump – 6/4

Without doubt, one of the most recognizable figures in the world due to both his actions and his rhetoric, it is likely you do not need to have too much elaboration on who Donald Trump is.

The property mogul turned reality TV star became president in 2016 irrespective of being regarded as a joke at the start of the campaign and very much being an underdog in his role as the Republican candidate.

His current term has been plagued by controversy after controversy but despite this, he remains a popular figure among a significant section of the nation and remains a top contender in the presidential race and remains likely to get a second term.

Trump is now second favourite to win, but his party, the Republicans, have 11/8 odds of winning the election as a party.


One of the above candidates are almost definitely going to win, there are some alternative candidates that you can bet on but be warned, they have high odds for a very good reason Some of the most interesting options for these wilds cards include:

Kanye West 50/1

Kanye West announced that he would run for the presidential election in the United States in early July, but it was not known then if he had submitted official documents on the matter. At that time, billionaire Elon Musk declared his “total support” for the musician in the race for the White House.

One of the most popular rappers in history once became famous for supporting Donald Trump and his presidential candidacy – now he has decided to challenge him. Kanye has just officially joined the 2020 US Presidential Election and he’s just been put on the Oklahoma list of applicants.

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Mike Pence 50/1

The Vice President of the United States under Donald Trump also has 50/1 odds which are actually surprisingly good as he would take control if something were to happen to Donald Trump.

Hilary Clinton 66/1

The candidate for the Democrats in their last presidential campaign and wife of former president Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton is the 3rd favourite to win despite not being a candidate this time around.

Andrew Cuomo 150/1

The governor of New York has 150/1 odds of success at the election.

Michelle Obama 80/1

The former first lady to husband, Barack, Michelle Obama has 100/1 odds to become the first woman president of the United States. 

Bernie Sanders 250/1

Despite ending his presidential campaign after falling too far behind of Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders still have 250/1 odds.

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Most of major UK online bookies offer betting on the 2020 US Presidential Election. Check our list to compare operators and bonuses (free bets).

After you’ve picked an operator and registered your account, you can start betting on the 2020 US Presidential Election:

  • Go to ‘Politics’ section in the sportsbook
  • Locate the ‘2020 Presidential Election’ tab
  • Choose your selections – they will be added to your bet slip
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President-in-Office Donald Trump is seeking re-election for the next 4 years and his main rival at the moment is Joe Biden:

  • Joe Biden @ 8/13
  • Donald Trump @ 6/4

Odds courtesy to Skybet.

General elections are scheduled for November 3, 2020, and the meeting of the Electoral College for December 14, 2020.

Currently Skybet offers the following odds for the winning party:

  • Democrats @ 4/7
  • Republicans @ 11/8
  • Independent @ 50/1