UEFA European Qualifiers Odds & Live Streaming | Matchday 9 | 14-16 Nov

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Updated Updated: November 22, 2019

This weekend we’ve got another set of European Qualifiers to look forward to. Here’s a closer look at some of the most exciting fixtures and a comparison of the odds provided by some of the industry’s leading bookmakers. 

euro qualifiers fixtures 14-16 november 2019

England vs Montenegro

Thursday the 14 November, England and Montenegro will go head-to-head at the Wembley Stadium in London, at 20:45 CET. 

England has won five out of six matches this season. Montenegro, however, has four losses and seven draws and hasn’t been able to win a single game. 

It’s, therefore, no wonder England is a clear-cut favourite in this match. You’ll find the best odds at Bet365, who’s currently offering odds of 1.08 for a British victory.

The Czech Republic vs Kosovo

The match takes place at Struncovy Sady Stadion, Plzen, Czech Republic, at 20:45 on the 14 November.

This game is an interesting clash between two teams currently ranked as number two and three in the Group A Standings. Czech Republic has won four and lost two out of six matches and is currently ranked number two after England in the UEFA Standings. Kosovo has produced somewhat similar results, achieving three wins, two draws and one loss this season

Bookies are heavily favouring Czech Republic in this bout, and you’ll find the best odds at Bet365 who’s currently offerings odds of 1.68 for Czech Republic to win.

Germany vs Belarus

At 20:45 CET, Saturday the 16 November, Germany take on Belarus at the Borussia Park stadium, Monchengladbach, Germany. It’s safe to say that these teams have somewhat different results this season. 

Germany has pulled off five wins in their last six matches, only losing one game to The Netherlands. Furthermore, Germany already bet Belarus when these teams last met on in June. Belarus, on the other hand, has only managed to produce one win in seven matches, suffering five losses and one draw. 

Naturally, the bookies are leaning towards Germany in this bout. You’ll find the best match odds at Bet365, who’s offering odds of 1. 062 for Germany to win.

If you want to a more interesting bet, you could bet on correct score. Bet365’s offering odds of 6.50 for Germany to win by 2.0, which is the same result as last time these two teams met.

Bosnia Herzegovina vs Italy

In this match, the bookies don’t seem to favour any team that heavily, which leads to more exciting odds. Bosnia Herzegovina will face-off against Italy at Stadion Bilino polje, Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the 15 November. Kick-off is at 20:45 CET. 

As far as the stats are concerned, Italy’s had a far better season than Bosnia Herzegovina, boasting a spotless record of eight straight wins and no losses or draws. Bosnia Herzegovina, on the other hand, has only won three out of eight matches, accumulating four losses and one draw. 

These two teams last faced-off at the Juventus Stadium in June. This turned out to be one of Italy’s hardest matches this year, as they only managed to win by one point. The result certainly stands out as Italy more or less has demolished all other opponents this season. And this is probably why most bookmakers have given these two teams somewhat similar odds.

The consensus seems to be that Italy wins the rematch and you’ll find the best odds at Bet365 who’s offering odds of 2.25 for Italy to win the match.

Northern Ireland vs The Netherlands

Saturday, the 16 November, Northern Ireland take on The Netherlands at Windsor Park, Belfast. Kick-off is as usual at 20:45 CET. Both teams have somewhat similar stats. The Netherlands is coming off a win against Belarus and has managed to produce five wins out of six matches. Northern Ireland is also coming off a win against Belarus, although not as impressive as The Netherland’s. 

The last time these two teams met, The Netherlands beat Northern Ireland by 3-1. Based on that result, bookmakers hold The Netherlands as a firm favourite in this bout. 

You can find the best match odds at Betway who’s offering odds of 1.37 for The Netherlands to win this rematch.

If you’re looking for a bigger payday, we’d suggest betting on the correct score instead. Betting on a 3-1 result for The Netherlands would give you odds of 13.00 at Bet365. 

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