Top Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Slot Games Online

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Updated Updated: September 10, 2020
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Slot games are the most popular online casino variant, but even experienced players are prone to mistakes. In this article, we take a look at some of the top mistakes to avoid when playing online slot games.

Not Paying Attention to Bankroll Management

Slot games are some of the most volatile online casino games, which makes proper bankroll management absolutely key. Even low volatility slots are far more volatile games than, for example, Blackjack or the Roulette.

Bankroll management allows you to cope with the volatility you can expect when playing slot games online. The basic principle is to have a maximum stake to play for – and only increase it if your bankroll increases. Players who swear to bankroll management adjust their stake frequently, depending on how healthy the bankroll is.

Ignoring bankroll management is the safest way a bust online casino account. If you are a recreational player, this is not the biggest problem, as you are probably comfortable with a new deposit once a while. However, if you wan’t to make the best investment for your money, you should always stick to bankroll management when playing online slot games.

  • Don’t commit to auto-spins without a loss limit. This could see your bankroll reduced dramatically.
  • Adjust your stake in accordance with your bankroll.
  • Put aside some winnings once a while. After all, we like online slots because it allows us to win some extra money!

Playing at a Slot Casino Without a License

All legal casinos in the UK are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and therefore safe to play at. However, players might be enticed to play at a slot without a UK license because it offers a sizeable jackpot or an attractive bonus. 

This is the one of the costliest mistakes casino players can make. Always stray away from unlicensed casino slots and go for the licensed alternative.

All the casinos we promote at own the official UKGC license.

Not Finding the Right Slot Game

There are hundreds of online slot games, all with widely different characteristics. Are you looking for low, medium or high volatility? A relaxed game or one packed with lots of bonus features? Take this into consideration when you select your favoured slots.

Most importantly, you should make sure the slot has a competitive RTP. The market has been stacked with slots that might seem spectacular, but which tends to have a low payout rate. Whether you are looking for a low volatility slot or one with a progressive jackpot, you should find a slot with a high and competitive RTP – ideally above the slot industry average of 96%.