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Updated Updated: May 25, 2020
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If you haven’t watched the Netflix documentary, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, then where on earth have you been? It has proven to be one of the most popular and controversial shows so far this year and definitely the most meme-worthy.

As such, if you haven’t watched it, you need to do so soon. If you have watched it, then you will be more than aware of the show’s eccentric namesake, the tiger-owning, gun-toting, Carole Baskin-hating star of the show, Joe Exotic.

You will also be aware of the fact that the show is definitely as outrageous and crazy as any storyline that a studio producer could think up.  Therefore, it may not surprise you to know that the docu-series is being turned into a movie.

Who Will Be Cast As Joe Exotic In The Tiger King Movie? Odds

The question is though, who will be playing Mr Exotic? Well, the rumour mill is spinning rapidly on this very question and naturally, one of the world’s leading bookmakers, PaddyPower has picked up on this and is offering odds on which star will embrace the Exotic.

On this page, we detail off some of the top picks offered by Paddy Power for this special.

Favourites to Win

There are three favourites at the moment at Paddy Power.

Edward Norton 4/1

Who hasn’t seen Fight Club, right? This award-winning actor seems almost perfect for the role. He is also a film producer, director and writer.

He hasn’t starred in a movie in a few years – this could potentially add to the high odds.

Kevin Bacon 4/1

The second of these is Kevin Bacon, an actor famously known for being in so many films that you can connect any actor to him – known as six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

He hasn’t bee in a film in 4 years so but this could be the dream match-up between an established cult figure and one of the newest.

Billy Bob Thornton 4/1

It could just as easily be Billy Bob Thornton. He is well known for only appearing in selected films that have a high production value and that he personally believes in so the question is whether or not the story of Joey Exotic entices him enough?

It certainly sounds like a good match-up but who knows.


The following actors have a high chance of starring in the movie according to PaddyPower’s predictions:

David Spade 6/1

The actor and comedian, David Spade, certainly has the Joey Exotic aesthetic. With his long blonde hair and goatee, he would be costume and makeup departments dream in this role.

Plus, by also being a comedian, Spade could certainly bring the necessity tragic-comedy that the Joey Exotic role requires.

Brad Pitt 8/1

One of the more interesting of the higher-ranking options is Brad Pitt. While picturing him in this role is a bit of a stretch at the moment, the bookies don’t agree.

This could be because Pitt has shown a huge amount of diversity in roles in the latter part of his career and perhaps he could really make Exotic his own.  

Johnny Depp  20/1

Considering Depp’s history of playing eccentric roles in the past, it is somewhat surprising that Depp is only 20/1 when it comes to playing one of the most eccentric real-world characters there is.

Although he could be exactly this reason he is not being favoured against others, i.e. fears that his previous flamboyant roles might overshadow Joey’s story.

James Franco 33/1

James Franco is another outsider for this role but could still be worth a punt.

While we have seen plenty of his comedic chops in previous roles which could suit well here, will he be able to tackle the more emotionally-driven sides of Joey?

Inside Tips

Although, at the time of writing, we didn’t see his name currently offered at Paddy Power, news from papers this morning have cited Orlando Bloom as the most likely choice for the role.

These outlets have pointed towards Bloom as the “wanted star” to play Exotic and so his chances will have certainly risen in the last 24 hours. While he is not there at the moment, stay tuned as his odds should soon fly up. 

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