The Circle 2019 Outright Winner Betting Odds 18/10

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Updated Updated: October 23, 2019

Betting on TV-shows is a form of gambling that is becoming more and more popular every year. As more people engage in the shows and in online gambling it’s a natural road for the casinos to take. Now that the Circle 2019

What is The Circle TV Show About?

With it’s new-but-old concept it is one of Channel 4’s most popular TV-shows, it has gathered a lot of viewers since it’s release, one of the most unique reality shows on the British telly.

The Prize

Of course, there is a winning prize for contestants, with it’s 2nd season underway they have doubled the first prize from 50,000 GBP up to 100,000 GBP! That, if something, shows the popularity the show gained within the first season.

Social Media Game – Who Will be Liked the Most?

the circle

The Circle is a show reminding a little bit of the famous Big Brother show, even though they differ a lot in most ways, the concepts are somewhat the same.

You get participants who join in from the start and try to become liked by other competitors, and based on who gets more or fewer votes we find a winner and many sore losers.

But that is pretty much it when it comes to similarities to Big Brother.

In this show participants are not allowed to meet each other. They all live in individual flats from where they communicate with each other via a special voice controlling app.

Competitors stay in their flats for at least 20 days in the same building, but because they only communicate through this app and never meet each others they can take on whatever role or personality they wish, a little bit like how social media functions.

The competition takes form by them portraying themselves in a certain way and then communicating with each other while pretending to be that way (they can also just be themselves if they wish).

Based on their communications and fake social media profiles, each contestant ranks the others. once this is done the 2 favorites become “influencers”, a little bit like how popular people on Instagram or Facebook influence in the real world.

Then influencers can eliminate or block other participants from the show, the remaining people keep rating each other until the finale where the highest rated person takes home the winnings.

Who Are The Favorites for The Circle 2019? – Outright Winner Betting Odds

The finale for this year’s season is almost here, and on the 18th of October we can watch it on Channel 4. Here we are looking at the odds for the different participating people, with a 100,000 GBP in the pot we can expect competition for the price. But who are the favorites to take it home for this year’s season?

We have the latest odds from WilliamHill presented with the favorites first:

Place a Free Bet on The Circle 2019

So who will be the one to bag the big prize of 100,000 GBP? We don’t know but the theories are many, who has played their cards best from the start?

Some think it might be James, he started off with creating a profile of a single mom named Sammie, he started with displaying a picture of the mother and her child so that other participants straight away an emotional connection to his profile. We would not be surprised if he comes out winning.

If The Circle is your show, and you think that you have got the winner in your mind, don’t be late to submit your bets now, odds are great with a lot to win.

As mentioned TV-betting is a type of gambling that is becoming more popular, so be sure to join in on the fun before it is too late, mix both of the best worlds and make a profit while at it, good luck!

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