Texas Hold’em Poker: 3 Major Mistakes To Avoid

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Updated Updated: January 22, 2020

Texas Hold’em Poker remains the most popular online poker variant and also the most studied one. There is an abundance of knowledge out there on the optimal poker strategy, how to approach different players, and which exact spots you need to exploit as a player.

However, many intermediate players still make key mistakes in their daily grind. In this article, we take a look at some of the most common mistakes that all Texas Hold’em players should avoid.

Not Paying Attention to Bankroll Management 

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Whether you are a recreational or more serious poker player, not paying attention to bankroll management will almost certainly be your downfall.

Poker is a skill game but extreme variance is part and parcel of what it means to be a poker player. No matter how well you game-select and play, you will face dry spells where the all ins go against you in key spots. If you haven’t planned for this with a proper bankroll, you can quickly go bust.

The state of bankroll management depends on the games you play. As a general rule, players who prefer Multi-Table Tournaments will need a far bigger bankroll compared to buy-in than cash players.

MTT-poker is high variance as the majority of money goes to the final table. In cash game, the variance is much lower, but it is still recommended to have a bankroll of at least 50x buy-ins at the level you play.

Bankroll management is the first and most important step towards becoming a winning poker player.

Playing Random Games without Game Selection


Think of online poker as a giant pool of players where only a few can be successful. How do you become part of that group? One key is to plan well.

Recreational players like to shuffle back and forth between different formats: MTTs, SNGs, Cash Games, Heads Up, Full Ring etc. Exploring new formats can be entertaining and you will also learn a lot from it, as you have to adjust to different situations in-game.

However, successful players usually select one specific type of game to specialise in. That could be Multi Table Tournaments or Heads Up, for example. Rather than spreading your action across a variety of formats, you are better off specialising in one particular area to invest your time and energy in.

If you are a Cash Game player, table selection is very important as well. You wouldn’t want to sit down at a table with a bunch of skilled players, if there is a recreational player who makes poor decisions at another table. Selecting the right tables – and games more general – is key to poker success. 

Failing to Practice and Learning from your Mistakes

No matter how good you are at poker, most players make a mistake by thinking they are infallible. That is never the case. All poker players have leaks in their game that can only be addressed by studying the game of poker. The best way do to it is to access the enormous amount of poker knowledge freely available online.

→ For example, numerous professional and skilled poker players stream their sessions on Twitch, while going over and discussing the hands they play.

Looking over these sessions is a free and effective way to learn from some of the game’s finest players. Video training sites are a popular alternative, but they are expensive and perhaps more targeted towards experienced players.

There are also articles, hand history reviews, and poker forums available online, all free of charge. If you want to make serious money from online poker, you will need to dig into these resources.

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