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Updated Updated: December 11, 2019
The first episode of Strictly Come Dancing 2019 aired on Saturday the 7th of September

The sixteenth season of the popular Strictly Come Dancing has kicked off in the UK, and the bookies have provided us with odds on most likely winners.

As always, the first two weeks were all preparatory with the contestants practicing and getting ready for the live-shows, which began on the 21st of September. The planned date of this edition’s finale is Saturday, 14 December 2019.

What can you bet on in this edition of Strictly Come Dancing?

  • Outright Winner
  • Outright Winner: Male or Female?
  • Top Female
  • Top Male
  • Highest Scorer (Weekly)
  • Lowest Scorer (Weekly)
  • Bottom Two (Weekly)

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 Quick Contestants Overview

Odds are taken from William Hill

CelebrityKnown forProfessional partnerStatusCurrent odds
James CracknellOlympic rowerLuba MushtukEliminated on 29 September 2019n/a
Anneka RiceTelevision & radio presenterKevin CliftonEliminated on 6 October 2019n/a
Dev GriffinBBC Radio 1 presenterDianne BuswellEliminated
on 13 October 2019
David JamesFormer England goalkeeperNadiya BychkovaEliminated
on 20 October 2019
Catherine TyldesleyFormer Coronation Street actressJohannes RadebeEliminated
on 27 October 2019
Will BayleyParalympic table tennis playerJanette ManraraWithdrew
on 30 October 2019
Emma WeymouthFashion model & socialiteAljaž SkorjanecEliminated 6th on 3 November 2019n/a
Mike BushellBBC Breakfast sports presenterKatya JonesEliminated 7th
on 10 November 2019
Michelle VisageRuPaul’s Drag Race judge & singerGiovanni PerniceEliminated 8th on 17 November 2019n/a
Saffron BarkerYouTube personality & authorAJ PritchardsEliminated 9th
on 24 November 2019
Alex ScottFormer England footballerNeil JonesEliminated 10th
on 1 December 2019
Chris RamseyStand-up comedianKaren HauerEliminated 11th
on 8 December 2019
Emma BartonEastEnders actressAnton du BekeParticipating9/4
Karim ZeroualCBBC presenter & actorAmy DowdenParticipating12/1
Kelvin FletcherFormer Emmerdale actor & racing driverOti MabuseParticipating2/5

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Live Show 1

🏆Highest ranked: Oti Mabuse

💔Who left: no elimination in the first Live Show

Live Show 1 – Recap & Insights

It’s time to grab that sequin dress out of the wardrobe, Strictly Come Dancing is back for its 2019 run. It’s the 17th series of the show in its current form and bust onto the scene to show that it is still a firm Saturday night favourite. 

After all the pre-launch razmataz, it was finally time for the new lineup of couples to hit the ballroom floor and show us what they’ve got.

Beyond spotting former treasure hunt star Anika Rice and former Olympic champion James Cracknell amongst the lineup, it’s clear that the definition of the term ‘celebrity’ is getting stretched to the limit. 

That’s not always an issue though, as once the dancing starts, it’s often one of the lesser-known of the cast who tends to shine through and quickly become a household name! 

The most noticeable change to proceeding from week one was a change in the judging lineup with Latino Ballroom champion Motsi Mabuse replacing Darcey Bussell. She certainly impressed in the judges dance segment, leaving the other three in her wake. 

Tess has the honour of reading out the randomly paired couples for this series in a sequence which was more drawn out than the Hogwarts sorting hat ceremony. 

Once paired, the couples took to the floor. It was last-minute replacement Kelvin Fletcher, paired with popular pro dancer Oti Mabuse, who ended up topping the week one leaderboard.

Live Show 2

🏆Highest ranked: Karim Zeroual

💔Who left: James Cracknell

Live Show 2 – Recap & Insights

This was the competition good and proper after all the war-up shows and what felt like false starts. Saying that there were a couple of technical glitches in the first few minutes just to add to the live tension. 

Dev Griffin proved to be the early surprise hit of the series, boasting a muscular strength that played out well on the ballroom floor this week. Ending up 4th on the leaderboard in week two is not be sniffed at! 

Long term fans of the show will also be cheering on Anton du Beke who hasn’t been gifted the best partners in recent years. Who can forget him dragging Ann Widicome around he dancefloor like an unwanted sack of potatoes? It looks like he’ll be in for a longer run this year thanks to his pairing with EastEnder Emma Barton. They didn’t get top of the leaderboard but this show is all about the journey as we know. 

Could it ring true that the more complicated guidance Shirley dishes out, the better she thinks your chances of going far? Way better than getting a pat on the back the ‘emotion’ that you’ve, that could amount to the judges saying ‘enjoy it while you can!’.    

The Results 

Topping the leaderboard with an impressive 63 points was Karim Zeroual after the Foxtrot. 

The lowest-ranked celebrities in Sunday’s results were David and James who had to dance again for the judges and their survival. 

The decision was unanimous, with the judges all saving David which left James Cracknell as the first contestant to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing 2019.

Live Show 3

🏆Highest ranked: Karim Zeroual

💔Who left: Anneka Rice

Live Show 3 – Recap & Insights

leaderboard strictyl come dancing

Odds after Live Show 3 – Outright Winner

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Live Show 4

🏆Highest ranked: Karim Zeoul

💔Who left: Dev Griffin

Live Show 4 – Recap & Insights

It’s only the 4th week of this series, and the temperature in the ballroom is already getting high! Following the last week’s elimination, the contestants tried their very best to not end up in the bottom two positions in the show’s results. So, who managed to strut their stuff and who ended up failing to impress the jury?

Judges, as always, marked all the dances out of 40 and the episode ended with lows of 23 and highs of 38. For the second time, it was Karim Zeroual who scored the top grade. In the danger zone, however, we saw Alex Scott who got to the very bottom of the list.

The scores of the judges have helped determine the bottom two couples together with the results of the third, public’s vote. It turned out that the two celebrity pairs, who had to leave their comfort zones and try extra hard to stay in the program, were Dev Griffin and his professional partner Dianne Buswell and Viscountess Emma Weymouth and partner Aljaž Škorjanec.

Unfortunately for the Radio One DJ and his professional partner, Dev and Dianne had to leave the show. Surprised? Ha, it turns out there are quite a few other people who also could not believe it.

The results must have made hundreds of fans across the country pretty angry, as there has been launched a petition in hopes of forcing the BBC to release the voting results from Sunday night’s results show. The real outrage was taken to social media, where the disappointed audience could not believe the shocking results. The petition also calls BBC to release each contestant vote volumes in order to assure the public that they “do not seek to influence results in any way”.

A few statistics so far:
Average scores were 22.4 in Live Show 1, and 30.08 in Live Show 4 – it’s fair to say standards are rising overall.
So far five couples have scored above average each week: Kelvin and Oti, Michelle and Giovanni, Karim and Amy, Saffron and AJ, Emma and Anton

Live Show 5

🏆Highest ranked: Saffron Barker

💔Who left: David James

Live Show 5 – Recap & Insights

In the 5th week of Strictly Come Dancing, social media celebrity Saffron Barker and her partner AJ Pritchard got right on the top of the leaderboard, thanks to their spectacular foxtrot. Karim Zeroual, CBBC presenter, together with Amy Dowden didn’t opt for an option and danced salsa to “Who Let The Dogs Out”. Although it wasn’t a complete failure, the performance didn’t quite pay off. The couple, previously placed at the top of the leaderboard, was displaced by Barker And Pritchard. 

On the jury’s bench, we saw a temporary turn-out, as regular judge Bruno Tonioli missed this week’s show due to his commitments to Dancing With The Stars in the US. Instead, we welcomed Alfonso Ribeiro, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor, who made a return appearance alongside Shirley Ballas, Craig Revel Horwood and Motsi Mabuse.

How did the leaderboard present after the end of the show? The episode’s heroes, Barker and Pritchard, were followed by Emma Weymouth and Aljaž Škorjanec who earned well-deserved 36 points. On the third place, we saw Zeroual and Dowden. The poor 16 points scored by David James and Nadiya Bychkova secured them the very last place on the list, with Mike Bushell and Katya Jones right above them, with 21 points on their account.

Week five turned out to be the last one for David James and Nadiya Bychkova, who had to say goodbye to Strictly. The jive definitely wasn’t David’s best performance. Although the shy ex-goalkeeper surely put extra effort to stay aboard and fight his insecurities, the countless mistakes he had made saw him leave the show. 

Strictly Come Dancing continues next Saturday and Sunday (October 26 and 27) for the Halloween special. Let’s just hope the dance show won’t be spooky but magical instead…

Live Show 6

🏆Highest ranked: Michelle Visage

💔Who left: Catherine Tyldesley

Live Show 6 – Recap & Insights

Strictly Come Dancing – Halloween Special

Johannes Radebe and partner Catherine Tyldesley left the show

Witches, vampires and zombies… Strictly’s Halloween special was packed with extravagant costumes and it surely didn’t lack some truly scary moments, too. The Saturday show, although a real spooktacle, found an unfortunate victim ready to be sent home.

This week the dancers didn’t leave us bored in front of tellies and instead served some first-class show… which resulted in a real drama. We saw Alex Scott’s professional partner Neil Jones injured and Will Bayley, a successful table tennis player, being given an immunity until the next episode due to his injury. Alex and Neil’s fans were furious, as the couple, found in a pretty similar situation as Will and his partner Janette Manrara, weren’t offered the same opportunity. Another case of favouritism in the show… ?

As the episode marked the halfway point in the competition, the hosts Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman were back live in the show supporting the brave dancers and comforting those who didn’t take the judges’ criticism too well. We saw the celebrities putting extra effort to please the fans, as they performed alongside the professional dancers in the opening group dance. The show continued with the couples dancing a variety of styles, including cha-cha, street and tango.

At the end of Saturday evening, Michelle Visage was on top of the leaderboard with the highest score of this series so far, receiving spectacular 39 points!

Right at the bottom of the list, we saw Chris Ramsey and Catherine Tyldesley who scored 24 and then 23 points

Eventually, the judges’ scores combined with the public voting results determined the bottom two couples in the leaderboard. Mike Bushell and his partner Katya Jones, together with Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe ended the Halloween special on the bottom two positions. 

Unfortunately, after the judges voted, it was Catherine Tyldesley who shockingly had to leave the show.

Live Show 7

🏆Highest ranked: Karim Zeroual

💔Who left: Emma Weymouth

Live Show 7 – Recap & Insights

Scoring chart so far:

  • orange: couple eliminated that week     
  • blue: couple that was in the bottom two that week but not eliminated     
  • pink: couple withdrew from the competition that week     
  • yellow: the winning couple     
  • grey: indicates the runner-up couple(s)     

Live Show 8

🏆Highest ranked: Saffron Barker

💔Who left: Mike Bushell

Live Show 8 – Average Chart so Far

Rank by averagePlaceCoupleTotal pointsNumber of dancesTotal average
1Kelvin & Oti272834.0
2Michelle & Giovanni266833.3
3Karim & Amy261832.6
4Saffron & AJ248831.0
513Dev & Dianne120430.0
6Alex & Neil218827.3
6Emma B. & Anton218827.3
89Emma W. & Aljaž189727.0
910Will & Janette129525.8
1011Catherine & Johannes153625.5
11Chris & Karen195824.4
128Mike & Katya188823.5
1312David & Nadiya87517.4
1414Anneka & Kevin44314.7
1515James & Luba24212.0

Live Show 9

🏆Highest ranked: Karim Zeroual & Kelvin Fletcher both at 39 points

💔Who left: Michelle Visage

Live Show 9 – Recap

We have made it to the Blackpool week.

Karim Zeroual and Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher did amazing well in this episode, both ending up with 39 points (with the maximum being 40!).

We saw some tears when Saffron Baker found out she was in this week’s episode. She was lost for words, but her supporters gave her a warm cheer and she had to fight through it.

The judges loved her determination and the improvement they saw week by week since the show started.

Sadly, there must have been a losing pair to the dance-off. We had to say goodbye to Michelle Visage and dance partner Giovanni Pernice.

Live Show 10

🏆Highest ranked: Karim Zeroual & Kelvin Fletcher both at 38 points

💔Who left: Saffron Barker

Live Show 10 – Average Chart so Far

Rank by averagePlaceCoupleTotal pointsNumber of dancesTotal average
1Kelvin & Oti3491034.9
2Karim & Amy3381033.8
37Michelle & Giovanni298933.1
46Saffron & AJ3091030.9
513Dev & Dianne120430.0
6Alex & Neil2781027.8
7Emma B. & Anton2841027.3
89Emma W. & Aljaž189727.0
910Will & Janette129525.8
1011Catherine & Johannes153625.5
11Chris & Karen2591025.9
128Mike & Katya188823.5
1312David & Nadiya87517.4
1414Anneka & Kevin44314.7
1515James & Luba24212.0

Live Show 11

🏆Highest ranked: Karim Zeroual

💔Who left: Alex Scott

Live Show 11 – Recap

Alex Scott and her partner Neil Jones are the last couple who left Strictly Come Dancing.

 During the “Musicals Week”, they performed the Samba dance, winning the not-so-great score of 27. They ended up in the dance-off next to Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer, who got a slightly better score of 28 when dancing the Foxtrot.

The judges seemed to be torn this week – no unanimous decisions were made, as Craig Revel-Horwood and Motsi Mabuse chose to save Neil and Alex, while Bruno Tonioli voted to save Chris and Karen. It was all up to head judge who had a tough time deciding on the final result. Surprisingly for many, she chose to put smiles on Chris and Karen, who passed to the next week’s episode.

The rest of the contestant is safe, having secured places in the semi-finals! The episode’s heroes were the regular leaders – Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden, who scored their first 40 of the series performing a breath-taking Jive! Second on the leaderboard, we saw Kelvin Fletcher and Oti Mabuse, who danced the American Smooth.
Alex Scott, although extremely upset to leave the show, commented that she had “loved every moment” of the Stricly adventure and said she had “lived out another dream”.


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