Responsible Gambling Week: How To Play Safely?

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Updated Updated: November 11, 2019

This post is a part of the series ‘BetPal Supports Responsible Gambling Week 2019‘.

Responsible Gambling Week, running now for the 3rd year in a row is the biggest initiative in the UK and Ireland that aims to promote safer gambling for both operators and consumers. The 2019 edition runs between 7-13 November and BetPal happily joins this country-wide discussion to highlight the importance of responsible gambling.

How to Keep Gambling Under Control

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Online gambling has grown into one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors in the UK, attracting more players than ever before in history.

Together with the development of iGaming, comes the need for ensuring that players know how to manage their gambling and avoid problematic behaviours. The list below features key tips that will help casino and betting enthusiasts play securely.

Know your limits and stick to them


Before engaging with any type of gambling, set strict money and time limits. You can surely do it on your own by using your own consciousness but choosing dedicated tools seems like a more reasonable option.

Most of the gambling sites offer spending limit features thanks to which you’ll be informed when you’ve reached your limit. You can expect to be logged out automatically when the set time’s finished or your set funds have been reached.

Don’t try to fix your problems with gambling

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Gambling when feeling down, angry or anxious can only heat up your emotions and lead to making unwanted decisions.

One extra bet or an additional spin can cost you extra stress but also spending the money you can’t really afford. Don’t decide to play casino or wager money when feeling low, as then gambling can only make you feel worse.

Keep a balance between gambling and your personal life


By spending too much time on playing online, you might miss out on important events and risk damaging relationships with your beloved ones. If you’ve ever happened to lie about your gambling habits to your friends or family then it definitely is a worrying sign. Gambling should never be your only pastime and it’s recommended to balance it with other activities.

Remember, gambling is fun and should never be anything else but pure entertainment. If you feel that it has become a big part of your every-day life, don’t wait and speak to the specialised staff that will happily support you. Contact GamCare by phone (free) on 0808 8020 133 or via online chat.

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