Premier League Odds, Tips & Live Streaming | Matchday 14 | 30 Nov – 01 Dec

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Updated Updated: November 29, 2019
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What would the weekend be without some great Premier League games to look forward to? Several of the league’s top-ranked teams are playing this weekend, and we’ve taken a closer look at some of the most exciting matches. 

Newcastle v Manchester City

Sunday the 30 November, at St. James’ Park, Newcastle. Kick-off is at 12.30.

The teams are quite far apart as far as rankings are concerned, with Manchester City in fourth place and Newcastle currently holding the 12th position.

Manchester’s won 8 out of 12 matches this season, and the team has scored a total of 35 goals.

Newcastle, on the other hand, has had a far less impressive season, with four wins, five losses and three draws. The team’s only been able to score 11 goals this season.

Bearing these stats in mind, it’s no wonder most punters heavily favour Man City in this match.

Best odds on Newcastle v Manchester City:

You’ll find the best odds at Bet365, who are currently offering odds of 1.17 for Man City to win this match.

If you want to make your bet more interesting, you could bet on over/under markets, correct score or result in the first half. Man City has an average of 2.92 goals per match this season, which means it’s not unlikely for us to see a lot of action in this match. 

Liverpool vs Brighton

Top-ranked Liverpool take on number-seven-ranked Brighton at the Anfield stadium, Liverpool, on the 30 November. Kick-off is at 16:00. 

So far, Liverpool’s had an excellent season, and the team currently holds the number 1 position in the rankings. Liverpool has won 11 out of 12 matches and played one draw.

Brighton’s had a more challenging season with four wins, five losses and three raws. The teams scored a total of 15 goals throughout this season.

As you would expect, the bookies have Liverpool as a clear-cut favourite in this match.

Best odds on Liverpool vs Brighton:

You’ll find the best odds at Paddy Power who’s offering odds of 1.22 for Liverpool to come out victorious. 

Chelsea vs West Ham

Chelsea faces off against West Ham at Stamford Bridge, London, on the 30 November. The match starts at 16:00. 

These two teams are worlds apart in the rankings. Chelsea currently holds second place, while West Ham is ranked as the 16th team in the division. 

Chelsea’s won 8 out of 12 matches, suffering two losses and two draws. The team has scored 27 goals this season and has an average of 2.25 goals per game.

Looking at previous fixtures, we can see that Chelsea’s almost always scored at least two goals in the matches they’ve won.

West Ham has had a rather tough season. The team’s only won 3 out of 12 matches, suffering five losses and several draws. In total, they’ve scored 14 goals, with an average of 1.17 goals per game. 

Best odds on Chelsea vs West Ham

Despite the statistics speaking clearly for Chelsea, the match odds for this fixture are slightly higher than in the previous matches we’ve looked at. Bet365 are offering odds of 1.33 for Chelsea to win this match.

If you think Chelsea takes the lead early and score in the first half, you stand to win 19 times your stake.

Burnley vs Crystal Palace

Kick-off is at 16:00, and the match takes place at the Turf Moor stadium in Burnley.

This is an exciting match as these two teams are next to each other in the rankings.  Both sides have had a decent season, and they currently hold the eighth and ninth position in the league rankings.

Burnley and Crystal Palace have produced almost identical results this season. Both teams have won 4 out of 12 matches and accumulated five losses. However, with 17 goals to Crystal Palace’s 10, Burnley has managed to get ahead in the rankings. 

Best odds on Burnley vs Crystal Palace:

The odds for this match are much more similar than in the previous fixtures we’ve talked looked at. Bookmakers favour Burnley, and you’ll find odds of 2.20 at Bet365.

Norwich vs Arsenal

Game starts at 15:00, on Sunday the 1 December, Norwich take on Arsenal at Carrow Road, Norwich.

This is a tough task for Norwich who currently holds the 17th position in the Premier League rankings. Arsenal, on the other hand, is ranked as number four in the league.

Norwich has won two matches this season, suffering nine losses and one draw. Arsenal has come out victorious on four occasions, suffering only three losses and five draws. 

Best odds on Norwich vs Arsenal:

Bookmakers favour Arsenal rather heavily in this match, and the odds are quite similar. That said, you’ll find the best odds at Paddy Power, who’s currently offering odds of 1.70 for Arsenal to win.

Leicester vs Everton

Leicester faces off against Everton at the King Power Stadium in Leicester on the 1 December, and the match starts at 17:30.

Seven places separate these two teams in the rankings:

Everton’s hoovering on the 10th spot and Leicester are currently the league’s third most successful team.

Leicester has gathered eight wins this season, which is twice as many as Everton. The team has only lost two matches, while Everton has suffered defeat six times this far. And with 23 to 13 scored goals, it’s no surprise to see bookies favouring Leicester in this match.

Best odds on Leicester vs Everton:

Despite the tremendous statistical differences, the odds aren’t too shabby. You can get a quite decent return betting on the favourite in this fixture, as Bet365 offers odds of 1.80 for Leicester to win.

Manchester United vs Aston Villa

Manchester United take on Aston Villa at the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester. 

These teams are relatively close as far as rankings are concerned:

Man United holds the 11th  spot and Aston Villa currently ranked as number 14 in the league.

The teams have similar stats in the winning column. Man United has won four out of eleven matches, and Aston Villa has come out victorious on three occasions. However, Man United has only suffered four losses while Aston Villa has faced defeat seven times. 

Best odds on Manchester United vs Aston Villa:

Manchester United is the favourite in this match. You’ll find match odds of 1.40 at Betfair.

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