Odds on Snow on Christmas Day

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Updated Updated: September 10, 2020
st pauls cathedral in snow london

A little bit of snow has never hurt anyone, and we are hoping for some right here in the UK.

But what are the chances?

With 38 times of snowfall in the last 55 years the likelihood is very high, with a 50% outcome in the past this can be quite an interesting bet.

Bet on Snowing in the UK with a Free Bet at William Hill

William Hill offers specific bets as for where you believe the first snowflake on this year’s Christmas Day will fall. Will it be in Aberdeen (3/1), Manchester (5/1) or maybe even London (6/1)? The odds are there for you to make your decision, a good tip is to have a look at the weather first!

Snow on Christmas Day (William Hill)

Aberdeen (Airport) @ 3/1Edinburgh (Airport) @ 7/2Glasgow (Airport) @ 7/2
Newcastle (Airport) @ 4/1Belfast (Int. Airport) @ 5/1Dublin (Airport) @ 5/1
Leeds (Leeds-Bradford Airport) @ 5/1Manchester (Airport) @ 5/1Birmingham (Airport) @ 6/1
Liverpool (Airport) @ 6/1London (City Airport) @ 6/1Bristol (Airport) @ 7/1
Norwich (Airport) @ 8/1Cardiff (Airport) @ 10/1Penzance (RNAS Culdrose) @ 12/1

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