No-Deal Brexit – Current Betting Odds

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Updated Updated: May 24, 2020
no deal brexit

Boris Johnson is working hard to impose the will of the people, the voting was done long ago and now we just wait for the action. Johnson has said that Britain will leave with or without a deal, we hope they will leave in the best way possible.

As Brexit is coming closer and closer, bookmakers are not late to be in with the action. Of course they have presented odds for the different option and here we will have a look at the odds for a No-deal Brexit.

We have gathered odds from some of the best bookies around:

As we can see most odds are quite similar. You can raise or lower the odds by going into more specific bets regarding the date. If you want more markets about Brexit you won’t be disappointed as all given bookmakers have a couple of other markets too.

Will Boris get the job done in time and how will the exit take form? We hope with all of our hearts that he will deliver the people’s will in time, and without negative effects on the national economy. Why don’t you make sure and place your bets so that you are a winner either way! Good luck. 

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