New Zealand V Wales | Tips & Live Stream | 1st Nov

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Updated Updated: September 10, 2020
New Zealand V Wales 1st nov 2019

A small final played in a big way

The 2019 Rugby World Cup is coming soon to an end with a final match that will surely give us plenty of reason to be gripping the edge of our seats. But before that happens there is still one pending game that is bound to leave us with some memorable moments. This is to say, the small final match to compete for 3rd place. And nothing can describe this match better than the phrase “small final”, because it truly is.

This year, the match will be between New Zealand and Wales. These two teams went through a lot of ups and downs to get here. Both of them showed their strength and tenacity to advance. Certainly, both teams deserve to be in the final and it might be one of the reasons why people refer to this game as the small final. And what can we expect from this game? Here is what you need to know about these two Rugby teams:

About New Zealand

First of all, the history of past games favours the New Zealand team. That is because they have won most of their encounters with Wales in many other championships since they played for the first time in 1905. They have also won the Rugby World Cup twice in the past. It is not by chance that the All Blacks were one of the favourite teams to win this year, especially given their performance in 2011 and 2015. Fans had been fairly self-assured of seeing a 3rd championship win.

But it is not the only the history that makes it such a good team. Nowadays, its team members demonstrate that they are superior in many ways. Firstly, they have Richard Fou´a Mo´unga and Jordie Barret who are among the top scorers. Then, its Capitan, Cane has been doing an excellent job of keeping the team connected and playing well.

About Wales

Although Wales doesn´t have a Rugby World Cup title yet, there is no doubt it is nowadays an excellent team. It is not by chance they made it to this point either. First of all, it was first in Pool D and would finish undefeated. Secondly, the team relies on exceptional players that include Forwards such as Josh Adams or Neil Jenkins. Also, Wales did pretty well in the semi-final match because they only lost 16-19 against South Africa and won against other almighty teams such as Australia.

What are the odds of this small final match? Well, the audience is already placing its bets and they are a pretty good indicator of what to expect as follows:

Best odds at Betfair
New Zealand 1.06 / Wales 7.00 /

Despite there being no certainty on who is going to win this encounter, especially given the All Black’s recent defeat, we know that any match including New Zealand will give us the Haka, a definite assurance that November 1st will still be a great day.

New Zealand V Wales live streaming

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