Most Popular Online Casino Games Across the World

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Updated Updated: December 23, 2020
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Casino lovers are pretty much everywhere around the world. It doesn’t, however, mean that just because we are located in completely different corners of the globe we play different games. It is true though that some nations have particularly love selected games, which don’t find a massive fanbase in different countries.

Let’s look into a few selected geo locations and see what games are the favourite choices of the given nations.


According to the statistics from 2014, Americans’ most favourite casino game type was a good old slot machine. Over 50% of the research participants have chosen pokies as their top casino choice. Well, it’s not surprising, right?

We can never ignore the power of one-armed bandits. No wonder why most of the operators focus on slots and American casinos are no different. The operators are aware of this phenomenon and hence why most of the lucrative promotions referred to slots.


One of the very most popular choices of Chinese players is baccarat. Unlikely to players from Western countries’, in China casino lovers trees this games mostly because of the strong belief in fate

The game itself is pretty straightforward and its rules are easy to learn however this is not the best choice for players looking for consistency in specific chances of winning. Chinese players are attracted to this game because it allows them to play against chance.

baccarat table


According to the Spanish gambling trade association (CEJUEGO), the lottery is a favourite casino game type to the country’s nation. Together with slots they constitute the majority of choices made when gambling.

Apart from online lotteries, Spain is famous for tons of tournaments taking place throughout the year – the Spanish Christmas Lottery or BonoLoto are only a few of them.

United Kingdom

What about our homeland? We could be listing tens of casino game variants when it comes to the UK but we’ll limit it to one phenomenon. Bingo. The game is extremely popular among Brits and, although the times of land-based bingo halls are fairly gone now, the game found its way around in the online space

In contrast to many beliefs, these are not just elderly, bored folks playing this number-based game but also thousands of youngsters happily play bingo virtually!

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