Manchester United v Astana odds | 19.09.2019

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Updated Updated: June 24, 2020

On Thursday, Manchester United will have the pleasure of playing Astana at Old Trafford. This match is one that is already delighting the bookkeepers, with predictions all over the place and plenty of traffic coming in.

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The Teams

Never before have we seen an English side and a Kazakhstan side competing at this level together so both teams are guaranteed to bring their all to this match. At the moment, we can see the following things occurring in both teams:

Manchester United

If we look at the previous season, we can see that Manchester United will have a lot to prove this time around. We do already know that Daniel James will be missing the match, as will Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and Paul Pogba. Daniel picked up a knock during Saturday’s match, while Shaw and Pogba have been training on their own.


Over the past few years, Astana has successfully proven that they can play against some of the biggest team in the world. They have won a handful of domestic titles and they have played more than a dozen European matches over the last 12 months. We are actually quite excited to see how they play in the EUFA Europa League this year.

Game Predictions

This game is important because it will be Manchester United’s first match in their at-home Europa League campaign. Last season, they showed a disappointing finish so we can expect them to come back full force this season. But, that doesn’t mean that they will perform well.

At this moment in time, we can see that the odds are laid in favour of Manchester United, but the Kazakh champions could really test them.

The Odds

The odds are definitely laid in favour of Manchester United with the bookkeepers, with Betfair offering 1/4 odds on Manchester United winning, 12/1 odds on Astana winning and 9/2 odds on a draw between the two teams.

William Hill is also offering some pretty to the point odds, with 2/9 odds on Manchester United winning, 24/5 odds on a draw and 14/1 odds on Astana winning. There are also a number of enhanced odds, including 5/1 odds on whether or not Manchester will win by a specific number of goals.

Placing Bets

Before you place any bets on this match, we would highly recommend that you shop around. There are plenty of different odds available, although most of them do lean towards Manchester United winning the match.

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