How To Increase the Chances of Winning On Online Casinos? Tips and Advice

Patrycja Patrycja Knows ins and outs of Bingo, Casino & Specials Betting
Updated Updated: September 10, 2020
how to win on online casinos

The world of online casinos is exciting, but also daunting and complex. Money is there to be won, but it requires a clever strategy and the ability to distinguish between different bonuses, as well as selecting the right games while playing online.

Below we have listed some of the best tips and advice to potentially increase your chances at winning (however, we cannot guarantee you will win for sure!)

Take Advantage of Bonuses – But Always Read the Terms and Conditions

Hunting down and taking advantage of the right bonuses is the most important key to become a winning casino player. Most bonuses are surrounded by a complex set of Terms & Conditions, and these are not always entirely transparent.

In case of a dispute with the casino, players tend to blame the casino for its conduct. In some cases, that is obviously true: even though licensed and regulated casinos have a good reputation in the UK, cases do appear of players having their funds withheld illegitimately. 

However, bonuses are most commonly withdrawn due to a breach of the Terms & Conditions. There might be a paragraph saying that certain games are restricted from the promotion, or that your stake cannot surpass a specific amount. If this happens, you might feel you have been treated unfairly, but the casino is in its good right to cancel any winnings if you have breached the terms.

It is equally important to assess the quality of the bonus based on the Terms & Conditions. Using a matched first deposit bonus with a 50x wagering requirement is not necessarily good value.

If you have to prioritise, always look for bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements and the most lucrative terms.

Play Responsibly and Build a Bankroll

Handling your finances in a responsible manner while playing online casino is the best piece of advice you can take. This is not a problem for most players, as they only gamble recreationally, but if you play regularly, you should set aside a certain amount of money for your casino action. Surpassing that amount is not just bad for your household economy, it also breaks down the discipline that is so key to online casino.

If you want to build a proper casino bankroll, you need to think carefully about the decisions you make. Playing out of frustration or with intense emotion do not allow you to do that.

Winning on online casinos is all about patience, finding the right bonuses and promotions, and moving your money around cleverly.

If you forfeit that looking for a quick win, the way towards going bust is already drawn up.

Look for Games with a High RTP

As we grind our way through the inexhaustible world of online casino slots, we sometimes lose track of the most important parameter: the Return to Player rate. Also known as RTP, the percentage rate describes how much of your stake the casino slot is likely to return in the long run. The higher RTP you face, the better an investment you are making.

Most online casino slots have an RTP around 96-97%, but some of the best online slots go even higher. Although some of these games might not be the most interesting, or have the most exciting gameplay, they remain a better investment than an exciting slot with a low RTP.

Ideally, you combine the two while playing online – an entertaining slot with a high RTP. It is also worth considering how much volatility you are willing to face.

Low-variance slots are likely to give you a steady return in the short term, whereas progressive jackpot slots are all about winning the big scores.

How much variance are you willing to accept? That is ultimately something you have to decide for yourself, but having a gameplan is always the best approach.