How to Prevent Children under 18 from Playing Online Casinos

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Updated Updated: November 11, 2019

This post is a part of the series ‘BetPal Supports Responsible Gambling Week 2019‘.

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According to the most-recent UK Gambling Commission’s study concerning young players, 450,000 children aged 11 to 16 bet regularly in the UK and 39% of 11-16-year-olds have spent their own money on gambling in the week prior to the conducted survey*.

Such shocking statistics do not only raise concerns of the country’s highest authorities but first and foremost scare parents and guardians of the minors.

Online casinos in the UK are legally obligated to ensure secure gambling environment that protects children. Thanks to KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, every customer of an online casino has to provide an identity proof which confirms their age. Yet, the digital-savvy and clever youth find their ways around it and still manage to actively engage in gambling activities.

 Every adult player carries a moral responsibility of protecting the under-18 audience from accessing any kind of gambling products. Read on to find out how you can contribute to creating a secure casino environment and make sure your young relatives stay safe from gambling.

1. Don’t play casino while children are watching

Remember that the innocent eyes of our beloved children see a lot! Watching adults enjoying online casinos can give them a bad example they’ll be willing to follow, so make sure you never play casino games when children are around. The fun-looking, full of colours and funky characters casino games can seem really encouraging for children, so remember to keep gambling to yourself and don’t engage your young relatives in these activities.

2. Secure access to your casino accounts

It seems that nowadays children are born with computer skills and for this reason, you should be extra careful when using your online casino accounts. Always remember to log out from your casino account, as you never know when your child can simply use your laptop or mobile. Switching your device completely might not be the answer – there’s a chance they know the device’s password, too! Remember, there’s no such thing like too much safety!

3. Install casino-blocking software

Currently, there is a good variety of software that allows users to block gambling-related content online. It is divided into 2 sub-categories:

General blocking software – software designed to block sites chosen by a user. It allows for setting access permissions or parental control.

Gambling-specific blocking software – software that blocks gambling-related websites

* NetNanny, one of the most popular anti-gambling software helping reduce gambling activities among minors, is a general blocking software that can be run on Windows computers, iOS and Android phones. It offers an excessive number of features, including monitoring and blocking Internet content depending on its category, creating custom blacklists of websites and monitoring applications installed on devices.

* Gamblock, a gambling-specific blocking software, access to all websites that provide gambling-related content. It has been successfully running since 2000 and has helped thousands of users exclude from gambling promoted online.

* Gamban, another example of gambling blocking software, is available across all platforms and is also supported on social media – it can easily block gambling ads shown on Facebook! Apart from the option of blocking access to thousands of gambling websites, it features helpful on-demand live technical support for anyone who needs extra help with the software.

The above-listed example and plenty of other software available online can be truly helpful so it’s worth considering using at least one of them. Make sure you check the pricing details, as they can vary depending on the chosen software.


* UK Gambling Commission – “Young People & Gambling 2018”; November 2018

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