Great British Bake Off 2019 Winner Odds and Overview [Week by Week]

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Updated Updated: June 24, 2020

The Great British Bake Off 2019 kicked off on Tuesday, August 27.

There are not many television events as anticipated as the yearly launch of the Great British Bake Off on Channel 4. According to the London Evening Standard, the Great British Bake Off launch was seen by an overnight audience of 5.7 million viewers.

Hosts and Judges the Same as the Baking Begins

This is the tenth season of the world-famous programme, with Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig once again returning as the hosts. Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith will do their usual job as the judges.

Who Will Win the Bake Off According to the Bookies

Alice Fevronia great british bake off
Alice Fevronia

Since the Great British Bake Off is a major national event, most of the leading bookies in the UK allow you to bet on it. Alice Fevronia, a 28-year old Geography teacher from London, leads the way at 11/2 at 888 Sports

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Quick Overview of the Contestants

NameAgeFromStar BakerWeek Out
Alice28London⭐ ⭐

Week 1

The Great British Bake Off Week 1 – Cake Week

Star Baker: Michelle

?Who left: Dan

?Aired on: 27th August 2019

Michelle Evans-Fecci was awarded the ‘Star Baker’ in the first episode of the season, and she has been very open about baking on a daily basis. She likes to experiment with different flavours and even uses her own vegetable garden, so you can see why the bookies rate her highly.

Week 2

Week 2 – Biscuit Week

Star Baker: Alice

?Who left: Jamie

?Aired on: 3rd September 2019

The technical task this week was to bake 12 perfectly uniform fig rolls. But probably most interesting was the showstopper: the bakers had to make a giant 3D biscuit sculpture.

bake off 3d sculputers

Week 3

Week 3 – Bread Week

Star Baker: Michael

?Who left: Phil

?Aired on: 10th September 2019

Week 4

Week 4 – Dairy Week

Star Baker: Steph

?Who left: Phil

?Aired on: 17th September 2019

First round of signature bakes saw Michael close to tears as his cheesecake infused creation failed to drop out of the tin. Despite his best efforts to glue something back together, the judges admitted that it looked like a complete mess

The real carnage, however, was reserved for the technical challenge in which the bakes were required to produce 12 identical ‘Maids of Honour’. Yeah, we’ve never heard of them either?! They were basically curd tarts in a layered pasty casing favoured by the marriage addicted Tudor king, Henry VIII.  

Paul took one look at the results and began to walk off, things were really that bad apparently. Not one of the bakers managed to create anything close to what Prue, who set the fiendish challenge, had envisioned. 

After a messy first day in the tent, it was time for some composure for the oncoming showstopper challenge. The bakers were tasked with producing 3 sets of milk-based Indian sweets for the judges to rank. 

There were some truly magical creations in amongst the very average. It was thanks to a solid technical performance that both Michael and Priya were saved from the chop this week. 

That left truck driver Phil Thorne as the 4th baker to leave the tent, defeated by dairy. He looked visibly shocked at the decision, assuming that other bakers have been having a rougher time than him. 

In the end, his final creation was far from ‘showstopping’, being branded childish and dull by the Prue and Paul. 

Odds Update

After week 4, it looks like Alice is still the favourite to conquer all others in the tent at 11/2

She’s closely followed by Amelia at 6/1 and Michael at 7/1.

Week 5

Week 5 – Roaring Twenties

Star Baker: Michael

?Who left: Michelle & Helena

?Aired on: 24th September 2019

Michelle and Helena both left in week 5 due to a surprise double elimination that nobody saw coming.

Michelle managed to be the Star Baker of week 1, but failed to impress with her Prohibition Era showstopper.

Michelle has been emotional and claimed she had loved the whole experience.

I’ve made some friends for life.

Helena came first in the technical challenge, but it wasn’t enough to save her. She was criticised for her Vampire’s Kiss Showstopper.

“I’m actually OK about it,” she said. “And I’ve had an amazing time and learned that I can take criticism and can see the positive side in everything.”

Week 6

Week 6 – Dessert Week

Star Baker: Steph

?Who left: Priya

?Aired on: 1st October 2019

We might have still not recovered after the last episode’s shocking double elimination of Michelle and Helena, but it’s time to move on and see how the lucky seven bakers tackled the Dessert Week’s challenges. 

The contestants at first were tasked with creating their very best meringue cakes in the Signature. Well, they turned out to not be a piece of cake for some…

Michael was accused of over-loving chocolate, as his cake was creaking under the heavy layer of brown coat.

Alice’s black forest flavours did not grow into the judges’ expectations, Rosie’s chocolate simply lacked flavour and Priya’s blueberry buttercream was nothing but ‘a particularly nasty version of mauve’.

Despite being too generous with nuts, Steph’s creation won the appreciation of Paul and Prue who also recognised Henry for his incredibly looking meringue tower cake.

The hassle continued in the Technical, where bakers had to amaze the jury with “six identical, perfectly-layered” verrines.

The task left Rosie in panic, as she admitted to never having made a single verrine. The challenge finished seeing Steph in third, David in second and Alice in the first place.

The Showstopper challenged the bakers with preparing celebratory bombe desserts. After nervous glaze-rescuing moments and mould-saving crises, judges appointed Steph as a Star Baker of the week!

Both Henry and Priya had struggled through the week, but ultimately it was Priya who failed to impress Paul and Prue and had to leave the show.

With the bakers’ tent getting less and less crowded, the competition is getting fierce. Steph seems to be the current favourite, followed by highly praised Alice.

Week 7

Week 7 – Festival Week

Star Baker: Steph

?Who left: Michael

?Aired on: 8th October 2019

The Great British Bake Off – Festival Week

In the seventh episode, we saw the contestants competing at the Festival Week. Well, although the GBBO themes surprise us all and can be understood relatively loosely, the Festival episode had nothing to do with Glastonbury madness…

Starting from the Signature bake, Michael, Steph, Alice, David, Rosie and Henry were asked to make 24 identical festival buns that represent “any country in the world”. It quickly turned out that the contestants associate a festive vibe the most with… hot cross buns

Three-time star Baker Steph, together with Alice and Michael opted for this option while adding personal touches to stand out from the rest. The round finished with Steph and Henry leading the way. They might have not received any prizes but a Hollywood-style handshake received from Paul seemed priceless!

While facing the Technical, bakers struggled to get into the Sicilian spirit and make Cassatelle – an Italian stuffed pastry. Rosie’s creation that resembled a cross between a ravioli and crispy biscuit secured her a top position in the second part of this week’s challenge. Thanks to the “perfect textures both inside and out” that Paul was maundering about, Rosie could move on to the next round with a light heart.

This week’s show-stopper – Sarawak layer cake

Do two first challenges seem to be pretty abstract? Ha, wait for this one! A Malaysian “Kek Lapis Sarawak”! The bakers went on a mission to make cakes that present geometrical, intricate patterns once cut open. Difficult as it sounds, the contestants fought until the last minute to finish up their colourful layers on time and impress the judges.

The Festival Week ended well for Henry who received the Star Baker title, winning laurels for his fluffy buns and the lemon and lime layer cake. Meanwhile, Michael suffered harsh consequences of baking soggy pastries and eventually had to leave the show

Week 8

Week 8 – Pastry Week

Star Baker: Steph

?Who left: Henry

?Aired on: 15th October 2019

The Great British Bake Off – Pastry Week

The temperature in the bakers’ tent was higher than ever as we reached the quarter-finals ofthe Great British Bake Off. And we don’t only mean the crazy hot weather that didn’t make the life of contestants any easier. The stress levels in the Pastry Week were skyrocketing as the bakers heavily struggled to get through the challenges.

The remaining five contestants had three opportunities to please Paul and Prue in the eighth episode of the show. However, savoury tarte Tatins, multi-layered Moroccan pastries and vertical pies didn’t turn out to be no one’s life-savers.

The Signature challenge marked a great start for Henry, who was an undoubted winner in the eyes of Prue. His tarte Tatins with a crab filling surely impressed Paul, too.

In the Technical – the bakers’ most hated challenge – the lucky five was tasked with making extraordinary pies. It surely wasn’t Rosie’s best moment, whose pie actually exploded. Luckily, the taste was good enough to secure her the second place regardless of the pie’s look. David, though, will definitely remember this bake for a long time! For the first time in the program, he managed to win the challenge!

Next, it was time for the Showstopper, where the contestants had to use their creative minds and truly advanced baking skills to make large pies that… consisted of three separate pies. Some bakers took an over-ambitious approach. Alice built a shortcrust treehouse, David shocked the judges with topless fish pies and Henry presented a meaty pie which met with harsh criticism of Paul and Prue.

As Steph celebrated being crowned the Star Baker for the 4th time in the series, Henry’s unsuccessful baking saw him leave the show.
Next episode the atmosphere in the Tent will really heat up, as it’s the semi-finals and Pâtisserie Week. Will the bakers manage to stay cool?

Week 9

Week 9 – Patisserie Week

Star Baker: Alice

?Who left: Rosie

?Aired on: 22nd October 2019

The Great British Bake Off – Patisserie Week

The emptier the tent gets, the tenser the atmosphere. With only four bakers left in the show, the semi-finals’ pressure got unbearable for some. Who coped with the stress well enough to impress the judges and who lost it all and suffered bitter consequences?

It might be getting really hot in the tent, but it’s not all drama, pain and broken hearts (or shortcrust). Rosie, Alice, Steph and David started the Patisserie Week challenges wearing colourful ties to support their ex-competitor Henry, who left the show last week. However, as the challenges progressed, the moods were getting darker and darker.

Starting with the Signature – the bakers were tasked with creating eight elegantly decorated domed tartlets, encased in a sweet pastry. Rosie struggled through the challenge, as her creme patisserie turned out to be slightly under-baked, while Alice amazed the judges with her chocolate, hazelnut and orange tarts.

In the Technical, the tables turned. As Alice came fourth, Rosie became the challenge’s winner thanks to her close-to-perfect Gateau St. Honoré. It turned out she works well under pressure – not everyone would be able to start a task all over again just minutes before the deadline and finish the challenge on the top position!

The Showstopper surely was the most spectacular part of the episode, where we had a chance to admire edible sugar glass display cases. The bakers’ creations were supposed to depict something close to their hearts. All bakers managed to make truly impressive desserts, however, David and Rosie were accused of a too simple approach that was lacking finesse.

Who left the show?
Alice was announced a Star Baker of the week, despite the difficulties in the Technical. The judges decided to send Rosie home, due to her poor performance in the Showstopper.

Week 10

Week 10 – The Finale

?Aired on: 22nd October 2019

David Atherton wins Great British Bake Off 2019
David Atherton wins Great British Bake Off 2019

10 exhausting weeks, 13 passionate contestants, 30 baking challenges and 1 goal. To win the tenth series of The Great British Bake Off. The final of the show was filled with commitment, tears and disappointment, but also happiness and… pure relief. Who was crowned the winner and who left the tent feeling bitter-sweet?

The final started innocently – a decadent chocolate cake doesn’t really sound like a big deal for experienced and super-skilled bakers. It surely was a simple task until the judges pointed out David’s obsession with Armagnac that made the cake taste too boozy. Alice’s cake resembled The Leaning Tower of Pisa, as it was millimetres away of breaking into pieces due to its uneven shape.

The Signature trouble might have already sounded bad enough but wait for the Technical. This is where the real drama began, as the bakers’ struggled horrendously to make six twice-baked stilton souffles. Alice and David went through the challenge creating very average dishes but Steph, the four-time Star Baker, failed completely showing the judges a tray of puddles, rather than sophisticated souffles. With this one simple mistake, she started a series of truly misfortunate events.

great british bake off the top 3 contestants hugging

The very last baking of the series saw the contestants prepare… a picnic feast consisting of cake, sweet bread and biscuits. Once again, Steph couldn’t take the pressure and delivered tasteless, over-baked treats. This clearly shocked the judges who not only once have been proven that she’s an exceptional baker. David amazed Prue and Paul with his extraordinary basket full of detail-mastered items and Alice was praised for her creative approach. The Showstopper was a deal-breaker for the judges who were torn to choose the winner of the show.

The vivid discussion of the judges led to announcing David as a winner of the GBBO 2019. Always calm and focused, his victory surprised many, as he has never even won a Star Baker title throughout the entire show! Yet, he proved everyone wrong and celebrated a well-deserved prize.

Keep Calm and… Await The GBBO 2020!

The show has come to an end and we can take a deep breath to settle our nerves… but only for a short while! The betting sensation has finished for now but it is bound to be repeated very soon. The GBBO will be officially back in 2020 with the brand new, eleventh series of the show.

As the last edition brought a lot of surprises, including the very least favoured contestant winning the main prize and the unquestionable baking leader failing to secure the title, we definitely can expect some extra level excitement in the months to come!

Watch this space for all the news on the GBBO!


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