Emoji Bingo – Exclusive at Mecca

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Updated Updated: December 12, 2019
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Emoji Bingo – Exclusive Room at Mecca

Smiley faces, heart eyes, thumbs up and champagne glasses… Think of any emoji and you will surely find it in Emoji Bingo provided by Mecca.

Launched in 2016, Emoji Bingo quickly attracted tens of players, especially the young and social-media-driven audience, thanks to the game’s multi-coloured theme and the intuitional site navigation. 

Packed with plenty of emojis, Mecca’s bingo is one of the first games available on the market that incorporates the fastest-growing virtual emoji language to the world of online bingo.

Instead of obvious, typical bingo balls, you get to see a whole range of funky characters that we all love and use regularly. Sounds pretty fun, right (wink-wink)?

Why play boring games when you can enjoy a funky bingo made entirely of emoji?

Where and When Can I Play Emoji Bingo?

Emoji Bingo is exclusive to Mecca, so make sure you’re registered to the operator and, if you prefer to play bingo on your mobile devices, download a dedicated Mecca app. Unfortunately for Android users, currently the app is only available on the iOS systems. Don’t worry, though, if your phone or tablet don’t run on iOS, you can still enjoy Emoji Bingo on the go, as Mecca offers a well-optimised mobile version of their website!

The game is open for players from 7am to 2am every day.

Emoji Bingo Features

  • A selection of 50 emoji characters replace standard numbers on bingo balls
  • Players have to match 10 emojis to win a cash prize
  • Players can choose from five different tickets to play with: 25p, 50p, £1, £2 or £3
  • Only one card can be bought per game
  • The higher the ticket price you choose, the higher the prize money you can expect
  • Each bingo card has 10 numbers
  • The aim of the game is to be the first to cover all numbers to win the full house

Emoji Bingo Progressive Jackpots

As a nice addition to the game, Mecca also offers a couple of progressive jackpots. The Emoji Jackpot is won if the house is called in 19 calls. The Emoji Big One, though, is hit when the house is called in 16 calls. They both are community jackpots and 100% of the pot is shared by the game participants when the jackpot is won. 

Now, are you ready to see a smiley face when winning the next jackpot? Head to Mecca to get the proper Emoji Bingo experience!

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