Casino High Rollers – Perks and Strategies

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Updated Updated: July 8, 2020
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If you’re into gambling, you must have heard this term a hundred, if not a thousand times. High rollers this, high rollers that – why are they so popular, why everyone dreams to be one and why do casinos pay so much attention to them? To this and tens of other questions, we’re answering below. Read on to find out more!

Key Characteristics Of Casino High Rollers

From all the titles you can achieve when playing in online casinos, the one of a high roller charms the most. Although there is no fixed definition, a high roller is a player defined by their nearly unlimited betting habits. 

A typical high roller pays significantly more than an average player and doesn’t mind wagering £25 a spin or more. Big budgets, big spending and big wins – these three “big’s” define high rollers the best.

What Perks Can High Rollers Enjoy?

From a casino’s perspective, the more high rollers the better. They can be the most lucrative for the gambling business, as they operate massive budgets. For this exact reason, they can also count on the best treatment from the operator.

Here are some of the benefits guaranteed to the best-paying players in online casinos:

  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal deposits
  • Dedicated VIP programs, including a personal VIP casino manager
  • Exclusive game bonuses
  • Prizes and gifts such as flight tickets and event invitations

What Game Strategies Do High Rollers Use?

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There are different ways to become a proper high roller in a casino but it’s important to start from the very beginning – one doesn’t become a casino shark accidentally! Take into consideration the following steps:

  • Play at smaller online casinos where your bets will be valued – you’ll get noticed more in a casino that has fewer players, especially those who play big.
  • Bet big in the beginning and at the end – this is when the pit boss monitors your wagers and determines what kind of player you are, as well as… what kind of perks you might deserve later.
  • Choose high roller slot games – remember, these are not just table games that welcome the big fish! Choose slots that allow you to wager big money per single spin.

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