3 Online Casino Trends For 2020

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Updated Updated: November 21, 2019
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Coming to the end of 2019, it’s time to look into the future and explore the upcoming trends in the iGaming sector. The technology takes over the industry by storm, introducing a totally new gambling experience to players. Let’s try to catch up with this revolution and see what we can expect in the near future.

1. 5G Wireless Technology

With the 5G sweeps over the UK and other countries in the coming year, live casino can finally become an experience we all have dreamt of. Faster download speeds, stronger connections and more reliable accessibility – thanks to these factors we can count on better live streaming technology. 

With the fully incorporated 5G, the full potential of VR casinos can be unlocked. The competition among game developers will surely be fierce, granted that the trend seems to be the key innovation in the current times.

2. Crypto Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency in online casinos might not sound anyhow new and we can now see more and more sites that accept Bitcoin as a form of deposit. The number of crypto only casinos is expected to rise in the upcoming years, as cryptocurrency regulations are soon to be set. 

Once crypto’s completely regulated, the online gambling world can take full advantage of digital currencies and run smoother operations. As it’s already used by government and major companies country-wide, it’s a matter of (short!) time before it’s introduced as a standard transaction method to the UK online casinos.

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3. Interactive Games

Say bye to boring slots and welcome a new, more interactive game offering! As the statistics show, a modern, young player is more interested in a skill-based type of entertainment, rather than repetitive, not particularly demanding games. Also, basic games, such as slots, don’t bring a massive return for online casinos. 

For this reason, game developers invest in providing new, more advanced games with high-quality graphics. The trend seems to echo in the brick-and-mortar environment, too, where floor space is valued on the games’ returns.

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2020, we’re ready!
In 2020 and beyond, we can definitely expect the online casino industry to take a step closer to a more immersive casino gaming experience.

Get ready to embrace the technological revolution and prepare yourself for the omniscient pop-cultural theme. The future looks bright and let’s hope it’ll bring nothing but a positive change!

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