2020 Nobel Peace Prize – Winner Betting Odds

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Updated Updated: August 2, 2020
jacinda ardern
Jacinda Ardern – one of the top favourites to win Nobel Peace Prize 2020

This year’s list of the Nobel Peace Prize candidates has the fourth-highest number of nominees, with 318 of them.

Quick facts:

  • Nobel Peace Prize winner will be announced on Friday 9 October, 11:00 CET
  • There are 6 Nobel Prizes: Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physics, Physiology and Economic Sciences
  • The recipient is selected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a five-member committee appointed by the Parliament of Norway

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Current Odds

Greta Thunberg3/1
World Health Organisation3/1
Jacinda Ardern5/1
David Attenborough12/1
Bill Gates16/1
Black Lives Matter16/1

Favourites to Win

As gamblers are analyzing the candidates to determine who to bet on, bookies have released their odds on favourites. Let’s take a look at the top three favourites according to Ladbrokes.

Jacinda Ardern – 5/1

jacinda ardern

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is the third favorite to win the prize with her odds at 5/1. Alongside Greta Thurnberg, Ardern was in the running last year only to lose out to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and it is clear why she is among the favorites. 

After the devastating March 2019 terrorist attack at Christchurch Mosque in Canterbury that left 49 people dead and threatened to put the country into a tailspin, Ardern was quickly on the scene and did a remarkable job to bring the people together and calm them down. The Labour leader displayed empathy as she spoke with the affected community and took decisive action, putting into action new law that banned all semi-automatic and assault guns.

Jacinda Ardern has also been in the spotlight again after spearheading one of the best responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. New Zealand is holding sporting events in packed stadiums but not in defiance of the WHO directives. The country has less than 2000 positive cases and has been recording less than ten new positive cases of the virus since May, with only a single response reported today, the 28th of July, a fantastic initial response that has managed to flatten the curve.

World Health Organisation (WHO) – 3/1

who logo

Barely two days will pass without hearing from WHO through the current director-general Dr.     Tedros Adhanom. The international public health watchdog has been tasked with steering the world through the Coronavirus pandemic.

During a period in which the world is battling a devastating pandemic while aggressive nationalism is threatening to wipe out the international approach, the health agency has been on the frontline battling hard to guide its 194 member states to mount a united response in a bid to combat the novel virus. 

Even with the efforts, the WHO has been rocked by some controversies that have attracted wide criticism from world leaders. Whether the virus was airborne or not and the flip flop on the effectiveness of wearing masks left the public wondering what to believe. The agency had initially stated that the Chinese authorities had found no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus when the opposite was later confirmed. This was detrimental to their credentials as a global health agency and might cost them the Nobel Peace Prize.

Greta Thunberg – 3/1

greta thunberg

The 17-year-old climate activist is this year’s favorite None Peace Prize winner, after being very vocal on climate change. The Swede has been piling pressure on world leaders to play their part in cleaning and preserving the environment through effecting tough policies. 

The young sensation has inspired many to change their approach to climate and is well-known for camping outside Stockholm’s Parliament House in protest against the negligence of climate issues by leaders. The courageous activist gave a “how dare you” speech that was aimed at – and drew the attention of –  world leaders like Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, in the 2019 United Nations climate summit.

Ms.Thunberg has received praise for her tireless activism and bagged numerous awards including the International Children’s Peace Prize 2019, Swedish Woman of the Year 2019, and Human Act Award 2020, making her the overwhelming favorite for the award that she narrowly missed out on the last year and the best bet as of now.

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