12 Weirdest Things You Wouldn’t Believe the Brits Bet On

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Updated Updated: October 29, 2019

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of betting is sports betting, such as football or any other popular sport. But these are not the only things one can bet on, as a matter of fact, there are some incredibly weird and ridiculous things which Brits are willing to bet their hard-earned cash on.

Everything Royal Family Related

✅ Prince Louis v Harry & Meghan’s 1st child – Who’ll go bald first?
✅The Queen announcing her abdication in her Christmas Day message
✅Which tiara will Princess Beatrice wear on her Wedding Day?

This is one which is popular all around the world but especially for the British folks. There have been many different betting specialities revolving around everything which may occur within the Royal Family.

Many of the specialities include what the queen will wear, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy (including genders and names), along with Meghan and Prince Harry’s firstborn. But one may find some weirder things to bet on, for example, who will get higher GCSE scores between Prince Louis and baby Archie.

Elvis Presley Being Alive

It has been over forty years since the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley passed away. Some people believe that his death was fabricated, and he has been hiding away for the past forty years.

As a matter of fact, people have placed bets that the King would be found alive.

  • Odds: This resulted in some very high betting odds such as Paddy Power which set the odds at 2,000/1 for a bet that the Elvis would be found by the end of 2017.

The Size of Trump’s… Manhood

Since we mentioned Trump, might as well talk about the various bets revolved around the US President. But here, we are not talking about boring things like betting on Trump winning elections. One bet actually concerned… the size of Trump’s manhood. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • Odds: People were betting at odds of 50/1 that Trump’s manhood was 4 inches or less.

The Trump bets don’t stop there though, as one could also bet on things like former vice-President Joe Biden punching Trump and a list of ridiculous things which Trump might ban next.

trump and mike pence

The End of the World

Another ridiculous thing people are willing to bet on is the end of the world and… when it will happen. This has been around for years, but there was a huge spike in the number of Brits who went to bookmakers across the country in order to wager on the world ending in 2012 having odds of 5000/1. This was all a result of the Mayan Calendar ending December 21st, 2012.

This novelty bet received another spike of interest with Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States in 2017. Everyone was aware of the tension between the new President and Kim Jong-Un, so bookmakers such as Paddy Power had an the “End of the World’ Special with odds that the world will end in 2017 at 100/1 and 500/1 that the world would end in 2018.

Before you start asking questions, know that we, too, are wondering how would one claim their potential winnings if the world had actually ended.

Proof of Alien Life

Well, believe it or not, you can actually bet on alien life being proven. This has been available for years and it is interesting to see how the odds have changed over the years.

The odds started out as high as 1000/1 but crashed down to 20/1 in 2016. The odds then actually plummeted to an even lower 5/1 in 2018.

This was mainly due to a series of UFO sightings which were reported by several airline pilots, which of course, went viral and spread all over social media. To this day one can still bet on alien life being proven on sites such as Paddy Power and William Hill with odds of around 5/1.

When will alien extraterrestrial life be proven? Settled on the sitting President of the USA making a statement confirming without doubt the existence of alternative, intelligent life beings from another planet.

Betting on Your Own Future. Or YOUR KID’S Future

This may be the twelfth and last ridiculous thing on the list but it surely doesn’t disappoint. There have been occasions where some bookmakers accepted special wagers which concerned the future of the person making it.

For example; people have bet on themselves becoming Prime Ministers and it is said that there are a couple of MPs who have actually made these bets. Along with this, some even decide to bet on their child playing in the Premier League. 

The Next Pope

When a Pope dies or retires from their position, millions of people eagerly wait for a new Pope to be named. Of course, this comes after very secret meetings in the Vatican between the Cardinals which sometimes can last for days even weeks until a decision is made.

Sometimes there are hints of the favourites who may be chosen as the new Pope and this may not seem like a ridiculous betting option, but bookmakers tend to make it interesting by introducing names to the list which are quite far-fetched. This may include Bono, the U2 singer, with odds of 500/1 or even Richard Dawkins with odds of 375/1.

White Christmas

There are many Christmas traditions which one may be into, but at this time of year, many people head to the bookmakers to bet on a white Christmas.

A lot of people hope for a White Christmas as it makes it feel extra special, and here in the UK, there has not been a white Christmas for 15 years. Who knows, maybe this is the year for the white Christmas.

The Super Bowl Gatorade Colour

The Super Bowl wouldn’t be the same without all the uncommon bets that take place during this huge event. Apart from the football side of things, bets can be made on a variety of subjects.

These may include aspects of the huge half-time show and also players touching their crotch during the game. But one of the most popular novelty bets is that of what colour Gatorade will the winning team pour on their coach.

gatorade shower

Suarez Bites Back

As football fans, we all know the biting shenanigans which player Luis Suarez has repeatedly gotten himself into. Before the 2014 World Cup, Suarez had already had two incidents where he tried to take a bite out of other players.

So, Betsson offered a novelty bet at 175/1 that Suarez would end up sinking his teeth into another player. Most football fans will know how this ended, and yes Suarez did, in fact, bit another player resulting in Betsson having to pay out £44,000.

Man Walking On the Moon

Back in the 1960s the race to get the first person on the Moon was in full effect. One man by the name of David Threlfall from England placed a bet that a man will reach the Moon by the end of 1971.

This was the first space-related bet and the odds were set at 1000/1. Well, on 20th July 1969 Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the Moon and Mr Threlfall became £10,000 richer.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

We all love a good hot dog, but once a year on the Independence Day competitive eaters go head to head at the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, which takes place in Coney Island, to see who can eat the biggest amount of hot dogs in 10 minutes.

This contest gets quite a lot of attention and is even broadcast on ESPN. Bookmaker William Hill offers players the option to bet during this contest and these bets usually include local favourite Joey Chestnut who has previously eaten 71 hot dogs in ten minutes.

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