World Cup 2018

The most important competition in the football world is happening next June! That’s right, the FIFA World Cup is back in 2018!

This time round, it is being hosted in Russia and with so much talent and competition for places already seen in qualifiers, it is building up to being one of the biggest ones yet and we can not wait!

We will be covering all the latest World Cup team news, updates and odds and delivering them directly to your desktop and mobile, so you are in the know all the time and can analyse the teams yourself and make the right choices in your betting.

Here you will also be able to find the complete World Cup schedule, with the dates, fixtures and locations of the game, so you will know where and when it’s happening! You can also find information on where to stream the games live, so you can watch all the action unfold as it happens and never miss single a kick of the World Cup ball!

We will also be re-capping all the teams’ roads to the World Cup in Russia and making sure you know everything there is to know about the teams, players and their form, so that you can get the best idea of which nation is going to win which games and who is going to lift that famous trophy at the end of it all in July!

As well as this, we will be making sure you have as much knowledge as possible in the build up to June, with all the information about the World Cup stadiums and the cities in Russia that will be hosting the games, as well as travel news, to help you out just that little bit more!

We also be reminding you of some of the most memorable moments from previous World Cups, players to watch out for in Russia and loads, loads more, so stay tuned!

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What is the FIFA World Cup 2018?

The World Cup is an international football tournament that pits every eligible Men’s National Football team against one another.

The first tournament took place in 1930 and it has occurred for 87 years since, making it the oldest Football Competition in the World. The 2018 World Cup tournament will be the 21st time the competitions has happened and with a higher calibre in teams than ever before, it promises to be the most exciting one yet.

Except for a 12-year break during World War 2, it has consistently happened every four years, with a different nation hosting the competition each time. The competition use to alternate between being held in the Americas and Europe, up until the World Cup in 2002, where it was hosted in Asia. Nowadays, the host nation is now decided by a vote by the FIFA Council, who voted that the World Cup 2018 will take place in Russia.

Throughout its history, it has come on leaps and bounds, with more and more teams entering as time has gone. Now, it is the most illustrious prize in the footballing world, as well as the most watched sporting event in the World, even more so than the Olympics, with a ninth of the population watching the 2006 World Cup final.

So far, the most successful team ever has been Brazil with five titles and who are also the only team to have participated in every single competition.

The current World Cup holders are Germany, who have competed in all but the two World Cup finals making them the second most frequently appearing team. They will continue this record in the 2018 World Cup also.

Germany, also holds the joint most World Cup titles ever with four titles, tied only with Italy.

They were also joint with Italy as the second most frequently appearing team in the competition, until Italy failed to qualify for the 2018 competition.

There is in fact, only five other teams who have ever won the trophy.

These are Argentina and Uruguay, with two titles each, and England, France and Spain, who each have one title each.

This year the World Cup finals will take place across Russia between July 14-July 15th and will be made up of 32 teams, with a grand total of 68 games taking place over the course of this month.

How Does the World Cup Process Work?

The World Cup is made up of two parts, the World Cup Qualification phase and the World Cup Finals.

It starts with anywhere up to 211 teams. It is the national football authority in each nation whose responsibility it is to apply, of course, if you don’t apply you forfeit eligibility. However, some teams may also be disqualified or refused entry for a specific reason.

Once application is received and approved, they will be entered into the preliminary half of the competition, qualification.

This competition was in fact the only time every single eligible teams registered for the preliminary competition.

The World Cup 2018 Qualification Process

Apart from the host Nation, all nations have to first qualify from their specific continents qualification process before they achieve a place in the World Cup Finals.

The process starts for some teams up to three years before the World Cup Finals is due to take place.

Each continent have a different qualification process, which is set by the governing body of that continent. However, it generally consists of a Group Stage, where each eligible team on the continent were split into groups via a draw, before a playoff round takes place for those who don’t qualify automatically from the group stage.

On some of the continents, the draw is pre-empted or replaced by Preliminary Matches, these consist of two home and away fixtures, of which the winning teams enter the second round, which is either groups or a second round of matches .

In the case of the Draw scenario, teams are separated into seeds which reflects their International FIFA World Ranking, with the better teams placed in one pot and the lesser teams placed in a separate pot. This is to ensure the best teams do not play each other until the finals, maintaining that the level of the finals is high as possible and thus, the games in the final are as exciting as possible.

Within the groups, each team play home and away legs against every other team in their groups, with the standard point system in place, i.e. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

At the end of the group stage, the number 1 team in each group proceeds to the finals with automatic qualification. The winner is determined by who had the most points and in the case of two teams or more being joint on points, the goal difference is considered.

The best runners up in each group are then drawn into Continental Playoff Matches, in which they play home and away legs, with the victorious teams in each going forward.  At this stage, away goals counted, with the possibility of extra time and penalties, if it still remained a tied after both legs were played.

On some continents, there is also more rounds, either in the case of extra rounds of playoffs or a second round of group stages.

Along with their own specific continental qualifying campaign, Asia, Oceania and the Americas, also all partook in Intercontinental Playoffs.

You can find out how the Playoff matches unfolded here! 

Ultimately, by the end of the qualification process, the 211 teams are reduced to just 32 teams.

The 32 teams that have qualified for the World Cup 2018 from each continent are:

Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco

Asia: Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia

North America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama

South America: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Peru

Europe: Russia, France, Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Poland, England, Spain, Belgium, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark

Oceania: None.

The Nations have been drawn into Groups, the World Cup Groups are as follows: 




The World Cup 2018 Finals

The remaining 32 teams are entered in World Cup 2018 Finals Draw which will take place in the capital of the host nation, in this case, Moscow in Russia.

The draw takes place this year on December 1, 2017 and will be hosted by English Footballing legend Gary Lineker and Russian Sports Journalist Maria Komandnay.

There will be four pots in the draw, with the teams separated into these four pots by their World Ranking. This is different in the 2018  tournament to previous years, when there was jut one pot separated in this way, while the rest were separated by Continental Confederations instead.

They are separated into Pot 1, Pot 2, Pot 3 and Pot 4.  The top teams will be in Pot 1 and the weakest in Pot 4. Russia as the host nation, also appears in Pot 1.

Except for the case of Russia, who as hosts will definitely appear in Group A, one ball from each pot will be selected and this will form a group of four. This means there will be eight groups in total, marked from Group A-H.

These teams within each group play one other just once and the top two teams in each group proceed to the second round. If two or more teams are joint on points, then goal difference will come into play. The bottom two teams in each group go home.

In the second round, which is referred to as the “Round of 16”, the competition becomes a knock out process. There is just one leg in each of these games and if the game is tied, there is extra time and if necessary, penalties.

Who plays one another is decided by their group and where they finished in the group. For example, the winner in group A will play the runners up in Group B, while the runners up in group A play the winners of Group B, and so on.

The winners of each of these matches goes through and the loser goes home, narrowing the teams down to just 8.

This leads up to the quarterfinals where the victorious teams out of these games play one another, in some cases, for the second and final time in the process.

Then the winner of these go on to the semi-finals, which now consist of just four teams, who then play each other for a spot in the final.

The losers in these semi-finals games don’t go directly home, rather, they then play one more game for the third and fourth places in the competitions before the final.

Naturally, the winners of the semi-final go on to play each other in the World Cup final, one of which will be crowned champions if they manage to win after one more set of 90 minutes.

Here is how World Cup Finals Fixture Rosta will look:

How You Can Bet and Why You Should Get Involved in the World Cup 2018 Action

As the competition is the most watched sport event in world, it means that millions of people will be betting on the action across the world and you need to be one of them!

With 68 Games spread over 5 Rounds, there is countless ways to get in on the action and make yourself a winner in the competition too.

Of course, the option is available to bet on the eventual outright winner at the World Cup, but there is also loads of other opportunities to win money throughout the competition.

You can bet on practically every stage of the competition, so you can bet on who will qualify for the round of 16, the quarter finals, semi finals and who will be in the final. As well as of course, you can bet on each of the individual game results.

Plus there is of course, the option to bet on more specific aspects of the competition and matches, such as the exact score line for each game that will take place, total goals scored in the whole competition, which team will score the most in the whole competition and player specific betting, for example, who will win the competitions Golden Boot or win Best Young Player of the Tournament.

With so much competition in so many different aspects of the World Cup, the possibilities are endless.  You can stay ahead of the betting action right here, as we will be listing info on the games to give you some background, as well as telling you which ways you can bet and offering you the best possible online betting websites for you to place your bet with best odds.

There will countless bookies offering countless options on what you can bet on which makes it not only the most watched, but you can guarantee between June and July it will be the most bet on event too, so you can’t afford to miss out.

We will be posting up to date odds for the months and weeks before the competition and keeping you up to date with who the favourites are for every single step of the way. Stay tuned to our BETTING ODDS Section for a constant stream of the betting options.

The competition is now just less than 9 months away, which means if you stay connected with us now, we will be able to lead you every step of the way from now until Russia and make sure that you are fully equipped to start the competition in June with a fully comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of the competition.

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