World Cup 2018 Draw Result

After Fridays Draw, some teams would have been happier and more content then others with the result than others, find out all the details here:

World Cup Groups

Group A

The Home Nation, Russia, will have fans who are hopeful and content with the draw after their nation got probably the easiest group in the tournament. They have drawn both Egypt, who haven’t attended a World Cup since 1990, and Saudi Arabia, who haven’t won a World Cup game since 1994, both of whom, also don’t have much quality in their ranks to really put in a challenge. This means they only have to worry about Uruguay, who will definitely be gunning for that top spot and are without doubt, the favourites to top it. They should easily proceed through to the next round with a full record, perhaps only drawing against the Russians. Even if this does happen in the last game of the group, both teams should have already as good as qualified as neither should drop points against Egypt or Tunisia, so it might go down to goal difference. However, ultimately, it is fair to say that this is a foregone conclusion, with Uruguay topping the group, followed by Russia, with Egypt and Saudi Arabia battling it out for third and Egypt edging it with a tad more quality.

Russian Football

The Russians will happy with the result of the Draw.


1) Uruguay

2) Russia

3) Egypt

4) Saudi Arabia

Group B

In this group, which will pit European neighbours Portugal and Spain against each other, it looks like one of the toughest groups of the bunch. Euro 2016 winner Portugal last played Spain back in Euro 2012, where they lost on Penalties and so will be looking to take the bragging rights back. It won’t be easy, as Spain are in exceptional form and dropped just 2 points, whilst Portugal only qualified on their last game and have an aging squad. However, this will be the only tough one to call, as Morocco and Iran, shouldn’t be too much of a challenge and are in a very hard group to qualify from. They have each other in the first match, so this will pretty much determine who is going to pose a threat to get through, but expect Iran to triumph here as they have the experience and a bit more quality. Although again, it is difficult to picture either of them seeing off either Spain or Portugal for second, so it will be an arbitrary result for Iran.


1) Spain

2) Portugal

3) Iran

4) Morocco

Group C

At a tournament with a hugely high level of quality in every group, this one will be the toughest, with France, Peru and Denmark all battling it out for the top two spots. Australia, have been the most unfortunate of all the lesser teams in the draw and its easy to see them finishing bottom, which is a shame after such a long and gruelling qualifying campaign. France have the most quality and in theory, should finish this group in good stead by topping the group undefeated.  Therefore, it will be Peru and Denmark battling it out for second. They play each other in the first match of the group and so this will be decisive. They both have very prominent players who can change a game, in the form of Eriksson for Denmark and Guerrero for Peru. If one side can keep the other top player quiet, then this could be the difference. However, Peru have more calibre throughout their attack and so more options going forward, which Denmark doesn’t have, so I think Peru will edge the second-place position by winning the first game of the group.

Australia football

The Aussies will have to cause some major upsets to survive their group.


1) France

2) Peru

3) Denmark

4) Australia

Group D

Argentina in this group will be clear favourites to qualify to the Round of 16 and it will be a major upset if they don’t, despite an uneasy qualifying campaign. Meanwhile, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria, will be battling it out for the second place. Of course, Iceland edged Croatia in the qualifying group stage, but they won one and lost one against them in the process, so it is by no means a clear indicator that they will finish above them again. Iceland have to face of Argentina in the first game, so they can get the toughest game out of the way first, which might be a benefit if they get a result, but a loss could cost them everything. Plus, this is their first World Cup, so it will be whether or not they can rise to the occasion.  Meanwhile, Nigeria are no strangers to the World Cup or getting through Group stages and have played against Argentina in 5 other World Cups, so know what they are up against. As such, I wouldn’t rule them out at all, if they can get a good win against Croatia in their opening game I can see them going through, with a draw against Iceland too. Croatia haven’t got out of a group stage since 1998 either, so going out on a limb, it would have to be Nigeria who get through..,..just.


1) Argentina

2) Nigeria

3) Croatia

4) Iceland

Group E

Brazil should qualify if they come out fighting and don’t have a repeat of the disastrous efforts of 2014 when they were hosts. If they come out in good form, they should have no problems against Serbia or Costa Rica and should also get a good result against Switzerland in their first game. It is also hard to see the Swiss losing out to Costa Rica or Serbia either and so I think they should come out second, if not first, if they can get a good result against Brazil, maybe even a draw and acquired a good goal difference in their other two games. Serbia will struggle in this group, and so it means Costa Rica could get third spot, which in reality means little.


1) Brazil

2) Switzerland

3) Costa Rica

4) Serbia

Group F

Germany Football

Germany should breeze through their group in their bid to retain the title.

Current champions and favourites to be again, Germany, should sweep aside the competition in this group and finish top with ease, as there is simply not a team with the same calibre to compete. It will be Mexico and Sweden therefore battling it out for third place, as I can’t see South Korea getting a look in against a very tough set of teams for them. In any other year, Mexico would be favourites to beat the Swedes, but this time round, Sweden have shown tremendous form and ability to see off bigger teams in high pressure situation which bodes well for them in this group. They have Korea in the first game, which means they can kick things off with a clean win, whilst Mexico have to face Germany, in a game they are likely to lose. Sweden are also likely to lose against Germany, which means it may come down to the last game between the pair. It will be close, but everything considered this Swedish team would be a fair bet to go through.


1) Germany

2) Sweden

3) Mexico

4) South Korea

Group G

Belgium and England have very landed on their feet in this group with debutantes Panama and Tunisia, who haven’t won a game since 1978. This means that it is the Europeans team to fight over first and second, whilst Panama and Tunisia will fight it out for third, with Tunisia most likely edging it. Although both have some tremendous talent in their ranks, England is one of the most inconsistent teams in International competitions there is so I wouldn’t fancy them beating Belgium in the final game of the group stage. This said, they kick things off against Tunisia in a game they should win and then play Panama which means by then, the hard work should be done anyway for them. However, first place will come down to the last game against the Belgians and unless England turn up for once at a big tournament, Belgium will come out on top for sure.


1) Belgium

2) England

3) Tunisia

4) Panama

Group H

The two-top qualifying goal scorers are both in this group and it will be between their nations, Poland and Colombia, for top spot here, but it is very plausible that Colombia will be able to edge it. Colombia should ease past Japan and Senegal and so, they only really have to worry about the Poles who, World Ranking aside, don’t have the calibre in their ranks to match up. Poland were probably hoping for a something a little bit more routine, but they should still breeze past Japan, with qualifying top scorer Lewandowski being tough to close down and should be no match for the Japanese defence. The same goes for Senegal, who could get a win against Japan, and maybe a draw against Poland, but probably won’t cause an upset like they did in 2002 in a difficult group. Poland and Colombia play each other in the second match of the group and it will be close, but Colombia should have the quality to win against them fairly comfortably and take the top spot.


1) Colombia


Colombia will be the team to beat in Group H

2) Poland

3) Senegal

4) Japan