As you guys probably already know, the World Cup Draw will take place this Friday and so by the weekend, each team will officially know who they are up against in the Group Stages in Russia in June!

With 32 Teams heading to Russia and with what has been an exceptionally exciting qualification process, which has seen countless goals, some seriously exceptional players and some big upsets, things are really about to get real now!

All the teams are fully aware that they are just over 6 months away from their chance at glory and they will be looking forward to seeing who is next in their way to lift that famous World Cup Trophy.

Each team will now be eagerly anticipating who they will get, and so are we, stay tuned for team analysis who be hoping for who!

For now, just check out the details of the draw!

Where and When is The World Cup Draw 2018 happening?

The Draw will take place this Friday (December 1) at 4pm (CET) at the State Kremlin Palace, in Moscow, Russia.  The concert hall can hold 6000 guests and “has previously hosted international and locally renowned artists in the past, as well as traditional ballets and operas” according  to a Fifa Spokesman.

The State Kremlin Palace
The State Kremlin Palace

Who will be presenting it The World Cup Draw?

It will be presented by English Footballing Legend and Former World Cup Golden Boot winner, Gary Lineker, alongside Maria Komandnaya, a Russian Sports Journalist. You should expect some other familiar faces from the footballing world to take part too.


Previous Golden Boot Winner Gary Lineker will present alongside Maria Komandnaya

How can I watch the World Cup Draw?

You can watch it online via the FIFA Website or FIFA’s official Youtube page.

Alternatively, you can catch it numerous other TV Channels too.

How will the World Cup Draw work?

The way it works is that all 32 of the teams have already been separated into four separate pots, which have been allocated as a reflection of their FIFA World Rankings. There is eight teams in each pot.

Pot 1 will contain Russia, as host nation, while the rest of the group will be the highest ranked teams left in the competition. These will for the most part be the ones to beat in each of the groups and favourites to qualify through to the Round of 16.

The rest of the Pots from 2-4 are all separated by the World Ranking. The Highest ranked team in the Pots is Germany, the World Number 1, whilst the worst (on paper) is Saudi Arabia which is ranked 63rd.

One team from each pot will be drawn out a time and the four teams draw will form a group. There will be eight groups, named Group A – Group H. We already know that the Group A will contain Russia, as they will play the first game in Moscow, as per tradition, and means they will avoid the toughest teams. There will be three other teams drawn into this group.

The rest of the groups are mostly ambiguous, but there can also be no more than 1 team from each confederation in a group, bar the UEFA teams, where no more than 2 teams allowed in a group. So, for example, in Group A, as Russia are already in this group and are from the UEFA, it meas there can only be one other UEFA Team inside this group, and so if any of the European teams from Pot 2 are drawn, none of the teams in Pot 3 that are European can be entered in to Group A also.

 Check out the  Full Pot Lists Here:

World Cup Pots