Winning tennis betting strategy relies on the standard winning betting model of finding value and taking the best odds. Beyond the long term winning fundamentals however, there is some key tennis betting strategy advice that can help improve profits for any player.

Fundamental Tennis betting strategy

winning tennis betting strategy modelIn any long term betting strategy, the aim is for the bettor to find value in the betting markets. Put simply, that means finding odds that suggest the selected outcome is less likely than the backer estimates. For example, in a fictional coin toss, if ‘heads’ were priced up at 2.2, that suggest the chances of the coin landing on heads is around 45%. We know the real chance is 50%, and therefore we have found a value bet. It is rarely this simple of course, but that is the principal.

It follows then, that in order to maximise any betting value, backers need to find the best odds available. Tennis betting is extremely competitive, and margin and prices vary. It may seem obvious to some, but tennis odds comparison is an absolute prerequisite for any winning tennis betting strategy.

Discipline is important in any form of betting. If there is no value, there should be no bet. Any other outcome puts the advantage with the layers. Keeping records of all bets is one way to spot any ‘leaks’ of this nature, and is something that all successful professional bettors do, for a variety of reasons.

Tennis betting strategy Analysis

In order find value, it is necessary to price up matches, or put a percentage on each player’s chances of winning, so that betting value can be judged. But there are certain shortcuts that can lead punters to matches that may prove fruitful.

Results from the previous season are very useful – more so than just as a form guide. Ranking points play a huge part in any tennis professionals thinking, and this is something that can form part of a tennis betting strategy model.

For example, if a player performed well at a tournament in the previous year, that may well have resulted in some healthy ranking points. Those points are at risk this year – so the player will be absolutely focused on retaining them. So as well as some of the more obvious causes for players to perform well at certain tournaments (surface, home town, experience, competition format etc) the ranking points issue is one that is often overlooked.

The same issue works the other way too. A player coming into a tournament where they under performed the previous season, almost has a “shot to nothing”. Any ranking points are a bonus. Now this point cannot be taken too far – these are professional sportsmen and women  after all, but psychology plays a huge part in sport and this sort of motivation (or lack of) is worth being on the right side of, from a tennis betting point of view. This sort of analysis also highlights the value in following certain individuals.

If a match has been analysed and some value has been unearthed, it is also worth considering alternative markets. While set betting is not always a direct correlation to the match odds, and needs independent analysis, handicap betting is perhaps a better vehicle to extract betting value from a match.

Handicap tennis betting strategy would benefit from a specialised approach, but can still be used profitably by match odds players. The types of tennis players involved in the match being analysed play a part in judging how appropriate handicap betting might be. For example, a big server represents a more solid option than other styles of player in handicap markets, purely because games are less likely to be given away.

Tennis odds comparison tools

winning tennis betting strategy adviceTennis betting strategy advice would not be complete without some tools for those taking up the challenge. While the actual analysis is in large part subjective, odds comparison is not. A quick look at the tennis odds comparison pages here at Betpal illustrate very quickly, the value of comparing odds before striking a bet. Odds can vary considerably, particularly as analysis moves away from the top seeds and even on to alternative tours. Making up these price differences via superior selection is almost impossible.

Pinnacle are one firm that regularly head the best price tables when it comes to tennis betting. Handicap betting is a specific strength, but run through a handful of games on our comparison pages to judge. (Click here to join Pinnacle today).

Tennis Live betting strategy

In Play tennis betting strategy revolves around the ability of backers to adjust their perception of value as the contest unfolds. They are then able to take advantage of any ‘errors’ in the betting markets that may represent betting value.

Live streaming services are now a staple of most online bookmakers, and the range of events being offered is growing constantly. Nowhere more so than in tennis. This vast array of games represents a huge opportunity for anyone embarking on an in play tennis betting strategy.

Bet365 offer one of the best live streaming and live scores services on the web. Their coverage is excellent, the live betting area is well laid out and they focus much of their attention on tennis. Read a full review of their live streaming service here.

Betfair also provide live tennis streams via their Live video pages. The dynamic nature of the betting exchanges mean that those players looking to trade in and out of a particular match as it ebbs and flows can do so very easily. Trading in and out (backing a selection and then laying it – or vice versa) multiple times is very easy on the betting exchanges, less so with the traditional bookmakers. Join Betfair here.