Action resumes this month at Winner Sports and the promotions go beyond sports betting, deep into casino gaming territory. Those who have an account here will be able to use the same funds to play all the games and wager on sports, while taking advantage of the latest promotions.

Wild Bonus Bonanza is such a shining example of a campaign that is aimed a bestowing a bundle of prizes to regular players. The process is not only straightforward but also absolutely random, so everyone has the same chances to win, regardless of how much they wager. A total of 100 players will be the lucky recipients of a prize for simply playing at Winner Casino on a daily basis.

The promotion will include a daily raffle and the only prerequisite for qualifying is to make a real-money wager at the casino in any given day. Basically, winners will be decided every day and all those who played one day before, are eligible for a prize. The Wild Bonus Bonanza has already begun and will run throughout September, so there is plenty of free cash bonuses to go around. The lucky members who end up winning a prize will be formally notified by email, the very next day.