The Winner Sports live streaming and live scores area of the website is an area of rapid expansion and development. Winner are yet to make their mark in the live streaming arena but have made significant strides very quickly with their ‘Winner live betting’ area. The revamped Live scores page includes a number of useful features and is well worth a visit.

Winner Sports Live Betting

Winner Live betting areaWinner have attempted to improve their position in the inplay betting market, by providing a feature rich live betting page. Dedicated to ensuring punters can stay up to date on the action as it unfolds – across a range of events and markets. This is delivered via the Winner Live betting and Live score services within the in play area.

There is a huge array of information available, and the first port of call for visitors will be to narrow down the list of potential events. This is an easy task; simply add particular sports, leagues or matches to the list of ’favourites’ as required. Once the page is tailored to the individual needs of the customer, there is a variety of helpful tools available.

Live betting with Winner Sports

Most bookmakers offer live betting, and Winner have joined that list. The Live betting tab within contains a list of events currently “live”, as well as those events due to start shortly in the ‘upcoming events’ menu. All the major sports are listed and specific events can be marked as ‘favourites’. They then remain on the display while other menus are explored or navigated.

There are three ‘view’ choices within the Winner Live betting area. The first is the ‘Regular‘ view, with events down the left and one event shown in the main window. The ‘Overall‘ view, shows numerous events simultaneously, but only the headline betting markets within each one. The ‘Multiview‘ option allows users to select up to 9 events, across a range of sports and keep an eye on all of them. Visitors can then also see all the key betting markets on those events.

winner live scoresWinner Live Scores

The real strength of the Winner in play area is however, the live scores. Scores update from around the globe, and many matches or events will have the match clock ticking on them. No need to bash the F5 key refreshing the screen.

As ever with online betting, the devil is in the detail. Within a specific event, all the relevant information is there for the user. Using a football match as an example, every in play market is listed below a visual display of the match. This dashboard shows all the main betting statistics – goals (obviously), corners, cards and penalties. The area can then be toggled to show either the detailed events within the match, or the lineups. The teams list view also shows any relevant points noted next to the player concerned (cards or goals etc).  Then there is also a third choice of tab which shows even more in depth statistics within the game.

With one click access to other matches, live betting in play or detailed stats, the Winner Sports portal is extremely useful for any punter wanting to stay abreast of any in play positions. Winner are keen to improve their reputation for live betting and in play betting and have done all they can to keep customers on their site – and betting. The Winner Live Betting pages are a big step in the right direction.