One of the richest blackjack tournaments of this year is in full swing at Grosvenor Casino, with players being invited to compete both at the premises and over the Internet. The guaranteed prize pool makes it possible for the winner to win a massive amount of £50,000, with the leading pack also lavishly awarded. Anyone can tag along and a total of eight London venues participate in this promotion, with the vast majority of players choosing online registration.

The event has started on April 21 and will only conclude on May 13th, with the online qualifications coming to an end on May 7th. Those who are interested should open a real money account and opt in for the £50k Blackjack Tournament and the best part is that they won’t have to pay any entry fee. They can play any of the games available in the live casino blackjack section and six lucky winners will be invited to participate in the semifinals scheduled for May 13.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, because on a daily basis, a player will receive £250 and these prizes will be awarded until the names of the semifinalists are decided. Those who happen to make it this far, will also receive a £200 bonus to use it for paying for flight and accommodation in London. Assuming one of the winners can’t attend the event, the next qualifying player will have a chance, so even if you finish outside the eligible spots, you still have a shot.