Bookmakers are falling over themselves to offer punters the quickest and easiest ways to bet, and William Hill have created a new service that makes placing a bet very quick and very simple, just send a single line text message. Hills have even ensured the service can be used abroad. Read on to find out more.

Text Betting

William Hill now offer a text betting services which makes placing a bet extremely simple. Once registered, the account holder simply sends an SMS message containing both the stake and the selection, and Hills do the rest. A confirmation message is sent back to confirm the bet is placed and that is it. For Example;

Message Sent:
20 Camelot

William Hill Bet Placed
£20 3.00 Doncaster
Camelot @ 7/4. Best Odds Apply.
New Balance £250.00. Good Luck

Hills will also confirm any winners with a second response:

Your Bet returned £55.
Camelot @ 7/4.
Your New Balance is £305.00

This simple process means there is no need to download or login to an Application on a handset, simply register and send a two word SMS text message.

On occasion, Hills will ring the account holder to verify details, but generally all that is needed is the stake (in GBP unless specified) and the selection. William Hill actually request that no other information is added as this can slow down the process – even niceties like Please and Thank You!

This is a good innovation by Hills and the other major bookmakers are likely to follow suit. It is also possible to deposit funds and withdraw money via text assuming the necessary setup has been completed on the account. Although Mobile betting applications have made getting bets on very simple, this messaging service makes even those look cumbersome. As well as the direct UK number, William Hill also provide a number that can be used internationally, so there really is no excuse for missing out on a bet. Normal network charges for text messages will apply.