Over Under Goals Betting is a hugely popular, growing market where backers predict the number of goals scored in a particular match. The Over Under element, is that rather than specify an exact number of goals, punters predict whether the total goals figure will be either Over or Under a pre-set half goal total.


What is an Over Under bet?

The Over/Under bet is literally a stake on whether the total number of goals within a specific match will be Over or Under a particular number. The most common market is Over/Under 2.5 goals. The reason this market is the most popular, is because most major European Football Leagues average around 2.5 goals per game – so it is a ‘coin toss’ or even money betting proposition. Markets will be drawn up for almost any potential goals total, so most firms will offer Over/Under markets from 0.5 goals, up to 6.5 or even 7.5 goals. The ‘half’ goal ensures there is no ‘tie’ and the bet is a simple ’2 outcome’ market. For a more detailed view of this type of bet, and when to use it, read more in our full Over/Under Guide.


Over Under Betting Summary

So the Over/Under bet is a simple total goals bet with a binary outcome. It is a useful market to keep an eye on, particularly where teams show strong scoring trends. Bookmakers prices are listed on the BetPal Odds comparison pages and these are well worth consulting as firms will often price up the Over Under markets very differently.